How Long Should A Strength Training Session Last? Strength Training for Beginners Tutorial

How long should a strength training session
last?  Today I want to talk to you about the duration of a strength training session.  And
it’s dependent on the desired goal and I also want to talk to you how work rest ratios
influence session lengths, stay tuned. A very common question is how long should
the strength training session be? And there’s also a simple answer as long as it has to
be, and as short as it needs to be.  So again it’s not one size fits all.  But you
can say this amount of minutes or this amount of hours it very much depends on your goal
and what you want to get out of that session.  Generally speaking your desired outcome, the goal dictates
the training methods you choose.  So if for example you choose to work on muscle size
and strength endurance you tend to have low work to rest ratios. What that means it’s
the amount of work you do in relation to the rest is lower.  So that can mean you work
for twenty seconds and you rest for forty seconds.  If for example we work on strength
and power development the work to rest ratio is a bit higher so we might do ten seconds
of work and because it’s so attacking on the nervous system we need to give the nervous
system as well as the energy system the creation and phosphate system. A bit longer rest to recover
and to replenish energy.  We need to rest three minutes, four minutes, five minutes. So
again depending on your goal you choose the method.  So if you’re working on strength
endurance and you choose to do some kind of circuit training where you do thirty seconds
of work and thirty seconds of rest to go to the next station.  You can be done with
your workout pretty quickly.  If you choose to do a strength development maximum strength
session, or power development.  It might take a bit longer because you do a set and
then you rest for a longer period of time. So that it adds up to more minutes of training.  Another
important factor to consider is what I spoke in previous episodes is that depending on
where you are in the season that also has an influence on your training.  So if the
strength training is a priority and you really want to develop the qualities of strength
and power the sessions will be a bit longer.  If you are in season and your goal is on maintaining
what you have and prioritizing more of the sport specific training.  And the competition.  The
duration of the training might be a bit lower, it is documented in the literature and the
scientific literature that the longer a session last.  The hormonal environment changes
and what that means is, if the session last longer than forty five to sixty minutes we
see stress hormones going up and the good hormones testosterone, growth hormones are
going down.  That will tell us that our sessions should not exceed forty five to sixty
minutes.  As a practitioner I have to actually say that is not always possible.  As I mentioned
before a session needs to be as long as it has to be and as short as it needs to be.  And
sometimes we don’t get away with forty five to sixty minutes there’s no way.  So it’s
always a bit of a balancing act between science and practice, but again you want to have some
quantifiable numbers and I’m going to give you some of these numbers now.  Sorry for
the interruption I just got disturbed by Niek Kimmann coming in half an hour before his
training starts.  But that’s how it is.  It’s, you don’t become world champion by nothing
right, so that’s a good example for commitment and dedication to training, he’s here half
an hour before the training starts to get ready, anyways sorry for getting off track
I wanted to give you some quantifiable numbers on strength training and how long a session
should last.  If the goal is maintaining strength, so for example we are in the in
season a session might last forty five to seventy five minutes.  If the goal is really
to develop strengths qualities then a session might last a bit longer.  And it can be
up to two hours and two and a half hours.  But again it depends on the desired outcome where
you are in the season and many other factors that I.  Which I will be discussing in following
episodes, stay tuned.

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