How One Mom Found the Strength to Carry On After Losing a Child | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

– My first child was a boy. And my third child was a boy. And Andre had
pulmonary hypertension and a complete AV canal. So he only lived– Until six. –two weeks from
being six years old. That was the most
devastating situation, ordeal, that I have ever gone
through in my entire life. I lost all my strength. I couldn’t even lift my hand. They picked my hand up,
my hand would go down when they finally got me home. And I just wouldn’t eat. I just couldn’t talk to anybody. Because you’re here
because my son is dead. You said that because
my son is dead. You guys are bringing
this food over here because my son is dead. My mother came in the room. She leaned over to me,
she said, now, Tommy. This is your mama talking. If you lay up here and lose
your mind, the husband you got ain’t gonna want you. Another one ain’t
gonna want you. And somebody else is
going to raise your kids. The first two things she
said didn’t hit as hard. But when she said
somebody else was going to be raising my kids,
I knew I had to come to. Because nobody was going to
raise my children except me. And nobody raised
us except you. Absolutely. Nobody raised my children. Because I came out of it. I might not have jumped all
the way up, and you know, OK! No, it wasn’t that
kind of party. But I knew I was
coming out of this. And I thank God for
my mama to this day.

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  1. I really wish I knew how she did it. The misery everyday I can't stand it. I was pregnant with twins my first boy died within hours as I held him in my arms as he took his last breath. My second son died 3 weeks later in the NICU after I prayed and believed he would survive. What God allows a mother to lose her child? What happened to having faith the size of a mustard seed? I hate that I ever believed in God it literally destroyed my soul! I think if I never believed such nonsense I wouldn't have been so caught off guard. I believed "god" would save my son but as it turns out there doesn't seem to be a god that can do anything. So many tragedies in this world daily mothers losing their children in the worst way. How does your god allow this?

  2. 😭Mrs. Honey, I love you mam ! There is so much love and wisdom that flows effortlessly from your Heart and Spirit, I admire just who you are, the little that we were able to see from the Mary Mary show, and honestly was more than enough to be touched greatly for good, the same for all of your daughters (specially 😍Erica and Tina😍, beautiful and Christ like women of God, I know you are both thankful and proud of all of them) but there is something soooo special about you Mrs. Honey, we need more of that love and wisdom that you so effortlessly give…I Would love if you had a YouTube channel were you can talk to us from the comfort of your home…is just I look as us women today and I can’t help to notice a disconnect from the wisdom that your generation has that we soooooooooo😭 desperately neeeed🙂💗. I pray that as you pray about this God will touch your heart and lead you to impart to the world the wisdom and genuine love that you have imparted to your children through your wise counsel…I pray you get this message .
    A Generation hungry for true love&wisdom

  3. I love miss Honey she's always that mom that helps her children and gives them great advice along with wisdom I'm so sorry for the loss of her baby boy my heart goes out to this sweet beautiful special lady

  4. When someone you love die it's an indescribable feeling. I remember sitting in one of my psychology classes and the professor began to talk about her husband that died. Her eyes were filled with tears …..this man had died years ago yet she felt the pain as if it was a recent death. I taught to myself why she is so emotional like having her eyes filled with tears. Little did I know I too would be experiencing this indescribable pain five months later. It's amazing how something seems so unimportant to you in class but once life approach you with pain and sorry…. it makes you have empathy for someone else.

  5. Their mother and my mother have alot in common. From the death of her son and my mother's son who died at 6 yrs old. My mother had 6 boys and 2 girls.

  6. My twin brother died when we were 11 months old. I was just a baby as I got older I never got over it after all these years it's still hard it's going on 47 years. I always feel like a piece of me is missing no matter what anybody says,but God keeps me going through it all.

  7. This is why I don’t want kids & im thinking about getting a hysterectomy because the thought of losing a child will kill me physically. After losing my father , I don’t want to lose no one else. I just want to do my time here on earth and go on to be with Christ and my father who passed in 2017 which was a major tragedy.

  8. I love my baby girl so much. I can only imagine the pain I'd feel if I lost her. I think I'd be spiritually, emotionally and mentally paralyzed for awhile but those words that her mom spoke about someone else raising her kids would wake me up to. I don't want anyone else raising my babies. I'm the mom. They need and deserve my love, nurturing and all I got in me. I'll need time to grieve but best believe Mommy's stepping back up to the plate.

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  10. Oh wow! I was diagnosed with PAH in 2009. I have 30% total lung function. I have lupus as well. I’m on 6 Liters of oxygen and people say how?!! That’s not possible. I tell you to meet someone who had it being so young has saddened me…he was so young..for me it’s been very painful
    I’m in a great place with my faith and my church family has wrapped their arms around. I don’t have living parents. I’m 46 years old and I’m 100% active taking care of my grand baby for my daughter to work full time..
    Whoever is reading this know God is still healing people. HE healed me of kidney disease stage 2 and RA. HE is supernatural breathing air in my lungs to keep up with my gbaby who will be two years old next week. God is able….

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