How RESICAP Gained Robustness and Scale with Sage Intacct

The thing I like the best about Sage Intacct
is the robustness and the scalability of the product. That was not there with Quickbooks. I’m Tan Tam, the VP of Accounting. I work for RESICAP. When I joined RESICAP in October 2016, we
were using Quickbooks and as we grew in 2017 and now, we realize Quickbook was not the
solution for us going forward. Within two years time, our company grew from
50 employees when I joined, to 800+ employees. So because of that growth, we outgrew Quickbooks. Well, we chose Sage Intacct; we saw it as a much
more user-friendly product. We had looked at NetSuite. We realized when we were talking with the
solution partner like Trusted CFO, the level of detail and planning and execution was a
lot more robust than the partner that we had talked to, that partner with NetSuite. Trusted CFO not only, sort of, provided the
knowledge, but they actually used the same product as well. So that’s important because after implementation,
we actually seeked their help to come in and actually be at our office and help answer
and teach us how to use the software. Sage Intacct has helped me basically streamline
our financial reporting. Before with Quickbooks, we have 10 entities
and we have to manually download everything into Excel and consolidate it and install a
very manual process. We get into a point where we can run a report
and our financials is in one place. I’m able to take some of the time that I saved
from manual process and now work it into automating and finding efficiency throughout the accounting
in our business operations. I’ve started using the dashboard to have a
monthly meeting with the CEO to go through financials. And I’ll allow them to actually log in, go
to their dashboards, and look at our numbers on a real-time basis. Sage Intacct as a tool, allowed me that flexibility
to do things I would have never thought I could. It makes my job a lot easier.

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