How to Add Strength and Stability to a Courtyard Wall

Adding strength to walls, How-to sheet number
one fifty The Courtyard Collection allows you build
a variety of walls. When building taller walls,the easiest way to create stability with curves,
corners and posts. These design features create built-in strength without any added steps.
For added reinforcement, you can insert metal pipes down through the walls.To do this, you
will need a sledge hammer, a one and 3/8 inch diameter pipe and a large diameter pipe cutter.To
begin, determine the length of the pipe you’ll need by adding two feet to the finished wall
height. Cut the pipe and insert it down through one of the large diameter holes Then remove
the surrounding blocks on the top course to allow room for pounding the pipe into the
ground. Using the sledge hammer, drive the pipe approximately 2 feet deep or until the
pipe is firmly embedded. The top of the pipe should be below the level of the wall caps.
Then, return the top course blocks to their original position. Add additional pipes as
necessary. Now finish your walls with caps.To add strength to any wall, secure the Wall
Caps in place with a bead of masonry adhesive along both sides of the raised rings and between
the wall caps. This increases the the wall’s strength and prevents the caps from being
moved out of position. For walls over five courses high, you can
also interlock the walls and posts together. See how-to sheet number two thirty for more
information. Now you can choose the reinforcement option that compliments the design and style
of your project. For a complete library of Courtyard how-to sheets, visit us at

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