How to: advanced strength exercises for cyclists

These exercises follow on from our standard
strength routine. If you feel like you’re ready to make that step up then here’s
Joe and Scott with everything you need to know. Who are these exercises for? Because
these exercises are more advanced than our standard routine it’s for anyone who’s
previously done the standard routine and feels that they are good enough to be
able to move on and progress and because the exercise is slightly more difficult
and therefore have heavier loads on them probably also recommend that you get
a qualified trainer to instruct you properly. This is the barbell back squat and this is
a progression from the goblet squat we used in the standard routine and it
uses very similar muscles from around your knee hip ankle and trunk. To do this
properly Joe is going to stand towards the bar, hands around about
shoulder-width apart he’s going to step under so the bar
rests on the natural ridge formed by shoulders and upper traps. From here
we’re going to stand up and step back slightly to get a normal get away from
the lifting rack. Make sure he’s hit his feet are about shoulder-width apart
and toes are pointing forwards or slightly out to the side. From here he’s going to take a nice
braced position and sit back and down lowering his hips keeping his chest up
ideally until his hips go lower than his knees, or his thighs are parallel. And
stand up. In addition as it goes down again he’s going to make sure he keeps
his knees tracking over his toes so we don’t get what’s called a knee valgus or
knees squishing together position. It’s important that he keeps a nice brisk
torso and doesn’t collapse through the middle. When he’s finished he’s going to
step forward and re-rack the bar safely on the lifting platform Should we be doing this in addition to
the standard routine? No so the barbell variations replace the beginner
variations of the goblet squat lateral squat and stiff legs deadlift. This is the
barbell deadlift and this is a progression from the stiff leg deadlift
within the standard version. It involves obviously a much heavier weight and
therefore it’s significantly more advanced. From here Joe is going to stand
in front of the bar, stand with his feet pointing forwards around about hip-width
apart. And then lower his hands to the bar and his hands should be around about shoulder
width apart. Get in a sitting position with a nice flat back looking forwards
heels on the ground. And when he starts to lift the bar off the floor
it’s important his hips and shoulders raise at the same speed and as he rounds
his knee he’s going to drive his hips forwards emphasizing the work around the
hip. The bar path on the way down should be
exactly the same as on the way up so it begins by drawing your hips back and
then lowering around all of your knees. Should we structure this session
differently to the standard? In principle no because of the nature of the
exercises they’re likely to be heavier loads so you might want to reduce the
repetitions in the first instance. Once you are used to the exercises and you
can manage the weight then you can progress in every which way you feel you
need to so you can increase the load again, you can increase the repetitions
you can increase the range of movement you can increase the speed at which you
lift the bar and it can reduce the rest in between sets. This is the split squat, this is a great
exercise for working the muscles predominately around your knee but
it also challenges your balance. It’s a great exercise because it works each leg
individually. The way to do it, Joe’s going to address the bars just like you
would a back squat, so his hands shoulder-width apart, press the bar on
his shoulders. You’re going to take a step back and from here he’s going to take a split
stance position so one leg behind the other. And his goal is to sink straight
down so he’s going to drop his knees directly to the floor making sure his
front shin keeps straight up and down and as he lowers down he’s going to lower to a
depth that his thigh is horizontal with the floor making sure his torso is nice and
tight and his chest nice and upright Once you finish on one leg exactly same
on the other

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  1. Recommended sets and reps? Also is heavy lifting counterproductive to cardio. For example, if I deadlift 225 for 5 reps 3x and do this for the squat as well is this helpful or not?

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