How to Answer Interview Question | What are your Strength and Weakness?

To demonstrate how to give an answer for strenth and weaknesses please do not write anything What i m going to share is am going to share some examples from my personal life I will assume that you will do some homework before you prepare for an interview preparation for an interview itself is very important task So i m saying that whatever i m going to say right now Please do not use it in your interview directly Do not use it the use the words i m using But use the idea the strategy the factors that are included in that answer i m going to give please listen to it very carefully That The way i m going to answer You need to first prepare your own answer at home Right Go home Observe yourself Find out Incidents which are showing your strenths do a good amt of reaserch and understand yourself ask your family member ask your friend and relatives what are your strenths and what are your areas of improvement and atleast come up with two to incidents supporting each parameter then create a story and then put your points the way i m going to put the points clear is that clear So all of you need to promise yourself that you are not going to use it word to word the way i m going to say that is just to share and demonstrate to you how effective you can be in telling your strengths and weaknesses and other answers also clear And its applies for all the answers that are able to come Pritesh So you are the HR Manager and i m going to So you ask Piyush what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses So Piyush What your strengths i m unable to hear you can you tell me little louder Yaa Piyush what are your strengths and weakness Sir Since childhood i have habit Once i decide to do something I dont care how much effort How much energy how much work goes into doing somthing It may be solving a mathematical problem Arranging a picnic Or anything else once i decide to do something I put in all my efforts to doing that So you can say that my first strengths i m a determined person Before i tell you about my second strength Let me tell you one thing Let me give you one example It was my dad 25th birthday And we were decorating our house All of my family members Stopped decorating Because it was a surprise for my dad But i was not happy with the decoration So i went on n on for all alone for next 4 hrs And when the decoration was over everybody was very happy And my dad who gotted surprise was extremely happy So you can say That if i do a job i do it perfectly well This also applies in my professional life Whichever assignments and projects i worked on I always aim for perfection until it is not perfect I dont stop As i told you earlier That i m a determined person Once i decide to do something I dont care how much effort How much time How much energy goes into doing that Because i m determined person My strength of being determined is also my weakness Sometimes i work so hard on the projects I have work so long on the projects That i have neglected sometimes my health My personal life My family life I can say that i sometimes not attended some marriage functions because i was to involved in my work So i would like to say that my strength of being a determined person is also my weakness My family members tell me that i spend a lot of money and i think they are right and that is my 2 weakness but i would like to justify why i spend lot of money whenever i buy clothes a mobile phone, shoes a watch for myself or my family members i always go for quality products and quality products are always expensive that you will agree So I would like to justify my second weakness Of spending a lot of money By saying that i go for quality thats what i say about my strengths and weakness Good one Again I m saying please do not use the words that i m using We will be giving you printed notes of the answer exactly what i m given ok Dont worry right so what were there in the answer did you like the answer Ok now why did you like the answer that is important what was there in the answer that you liked it or anybody would like it what is there yaa tell me is very politely and convinced to interviwer yaa So why is it convincing that is what what there in one answer that anybody would like it it is very descriptive and elobrate right elobrate means it is in detail what else That is point no 1 second examples extremely important if you look at trainers All the trainers are very good at giving examples all the trainers are excellent at communication because they always give examples so when you are expressing something always support what you are saying with real life examples thats why i said when you prepare for your interview list out your strengths and find out examples that really prove that these are your strengths dont just say i m hardworking person and hardworking is very old fashion so you will say i m determine person i m commited person dont just say that i m perfectionist person dont just say i m very good at my work right supported with example the promotion that you got the feedback you got in profesional life the communication you got from your clients the feedback got from whoever you got from principal you have been class teacher class representative right cr is it called right you have been class representative the feedback you got from professors exactly their feedback speaks a lot we run a spoken english institute your feedback speaks a lot about us not that what we speak is important correct so prepare very well your strengths and weakness that was second parameter what else was there in the answer that you like why did you like the answer yaa so you need to show your drawback very wisely you dont have to be wise smart anything it is always remember my friend they are not your weakness they are your area of improvement right we all are learning somthing new everyday so the you need to say you need to show a very balanced approach to your negative even to your positive as he very nicely said very respectfully and very humbly you say about your positives same way you dont get carried away when you even talking about your negetives do not get carried away by your positives and do not get carried away by your negetives so you say that these are my negetives and please do not say lot of people say that i get agitated or i get angry very fast correct that is that is very harmful if you get very angry very fast right so you can say i m a perfectionist until a job is not perfect i dont get satified ofcourse you may be getting angry but you dont have to say that right ok so that was a third parameter what else was the parameter what else was the factor that answer was effective no you need to divide into part 1 then strengths, 2 strengths then 1 weakness, then 2nd weakness right clear yaa that’s why you need to divide into parts so you need to have certain flow what else so you not noticing i never give conclusion in the start i always give conclusion in the end why does it help how does it help how does it help to review the argument any strengths also when you are saying do not start with the strengths do not say i m a determined person why he is thinking thta what you are haa so the person is curiously so you maintain the curiosity that is one reason second when you complete the example then you give the conclusion by that time the person already got it very clearly that this person is very determined right the person is listening very clearly picturising what your are saying is almost got the conclusion when then you said that i m very determined person it has very high impact clear yes or no yes right so thank you very much Suketu yaa i got your name right thak you very much you are selected

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  1. explanation of strengths are quite longer, i think the best ans can be, my strength is my education and the life i lived, and every day i learnt some thing good or bad. but i had learnt some thing. this i call as real time experience, thought my experience is my strength, in regarding to weakness i don't have any weakness,
    may be you would have any weakness, but why to tell. there is not only you for this job, the employer can find in thousands, and he will choose the best for it….

  2. Dear Sir,

    As you must acquiesce that the interviewer has to conduct many interviews on the same day.Sorry to say, it's ridiculous as you have stretched the matter in single query if the interviewer puts 20 queries how long he has to conduct single interview.

    ***Please reply to the point and don't explain if he doesn't ask you to elaborate.
    *** You have repetition which is not required there.

  3. Hey faizal – you can't decide whether interviewer has patience or not to hear so much, it depends.. actually you have to decide this when you are on interview.. you can look around and see if there are lot of people standing in q then you can say that interviewer might not in position to hear a lot from you – but when you are the only one person who had got call for interview then you must have to elaborate a lot because interviewer is expecting more from you.
    i think i'm making sense…

  4. dear sir, sorry to say this that you were just prolonging the introduction which is unnecessary because the interviewer will not show much interest in that topics it should be much related to the work.

  5. Sir, how to pick examples, i am not good at picking on the spot … there are so many instances sometimes doesn't comes to your mind so how to identify?
    Secondly how to handle questions based on situations and other type ..
    questions related to your achievements and creativity creates problem to me?

  6. sir yesterday i attend interview ,,,, i have stage fear so i didnt handle with interviewer
    how to handle with stage fear on interview

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  8. hello sir, i have a thick Scottish accent as i was in Scotland for long time, and now i am in India and thinking to give interview but whenever i speak in English its get very hard to speak in a neutral accent… What do you think, is that can be a problem? if yes then what should i do?


  9. You need professional training in Neutral Accent. Join an institute where accent neutralization course is conducted.

    We conduct these courses at our four centers in Mumbai. Contact 022-28611515

  10. my college professor says are having a creative and innovative vision…so will it be better to include this feedback that they have given to me as my strength.

  11. if interviewer doesn't ask for examples then it's not good to give much longer examples coz they may get board,so if they ask why u call is it your strength and weaknesses then it's beneficial to go in brief description about it..

  12. how i give interview in school tomorrow i go in new school for interview of class 9 what i do and tomorrow, sir help…

    how i give private school exam

  13. thank you sir ur videos helps me a lot in preparing for interview. plz sir make one video on how to answer "what do you know about our company"

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