How to answer “What is Your Greatest Strength?”

[TITLE: What is your greatest strength?] [ON-SCREEN: Scene: At the Office-Boss Office]>>Boss: What is your greatest strength?>>First interviewee: My greatest strength
is my eyesight. I have 20/16 vision, I have eyes like a hawk. [ON-SCREEN: Scene Freezes, Narrator Appears
in foreground]>>Narrator: Well, that might be a great strength,
but unless you are interviewing for a job as a professional referee, employers might
not feel the same way. When answering the question, what is your
greatest strength, try to find a skill or core value that you feel you have that matches
up with the job description or from the research you have done on the company. You might not know what your greatest professional
strength is, so go over the job description and look at each responsibility for the job. Do you have a trait or skill that makes you
a strong candidate? [ON-SCREEN: At the Office-Boss Office, Interviewee
1 has been replaced by Interviewee 2, Narrator in foreground]>>Narrator: Let’s use an example. This candidate is applying for a job in Accounts
Receivable for ABC Co. In her preparation for the interview she notices
“Data Entry” as one of the main job responsibilities. She knows that she has a high attention to
detail and a high level of accuracy from her previous experiences and time in school. [ON-SCREEN: Narrator disappears, scene begins]>>Boss: What is your greatest strength?>>Second interviewee: I feel that two of
my greatest strengths are my attention to detail and high rate of accuracy when inputting
data. [ON-SCREEN: Scene Freezes, Narrator appears
in foreground]>>Narrator: Next, think about where you have
used this strength in order to do your job or assignments to the best of your ability,
whether it be in a previous position or in your education and training. Finally, how are you going to apply this same
strength to the job in question? You want to show them that the company will
benefit by hiring you. [ON-SCREEN: Narrator disappears, scene resumes]>>Second Interviewee: I feel that two of
my greatest strengths are my attention to detail and high rate of accuracy when inputting
data. In my previous role as a bank teller I was
frequently responsible for transposing client data from paper files and forms into the database
where I did so with minimal errors and frequently received praise from my superiors. Furthermore, while studying accounting and
business administration in school, I received extensive training in entering data into spreadsheets
and other related software. Based on the job description I see that you
listed data entry as a key responsibility in this role and I believe that these strengths
will directly assist me in doing the job as efficiently and accurately as possible. [ON-SCREEN: New scene, Simple Layout, Character]>>Narrator: Remember, use a strength that
is relevant to the position you are interviewing for. Make sure it is something that you have demonstrated
previously and will allow you to excel in the role.

18 Replies to “How to answer “What is Your Greatest Strength?””

  1. Strenght? " I can eat many food as I can, I can go sleep all day, I can do nothing all day, I can masterbate Riley Ried all day, I can fuck up people all day, I can drink 10 bottles of rum in one night, I can smoke weed many times as I want, I can see people, I can walk, and many thing so stop asking many fucking questions you moron!"

  2. these videos are so sexist! why is it always the man who gives a shit answer but the woman who gives a perfect response? EVERY TIME!

  3. i'd never hire someone who just recites something that's obviously been rehearsed a million times, with a bunch of fancy words and with a flat voice. the way the girl talked and linked the sentences (furthermore, subsequently and crap like that) is the way you do it if you're writing a cover letter, but that's not the way any real person speaks.if you're young and talk like that (unless you're a phd in literature or something, i don't know), then you're most likely a stupid person that's overcompensating. either way i wouldn't have any of that around in the workplace.

  4. I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.

  5. Jobspeaker, thank you for sharing these quick tips on how to answer the greatest strength interview question. I love that you mentioned to find a trait that demonstrates that research you've done on the company.

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