How to answer, “What is your greatest strength?”

Watch this video for tips on how to
answer the common interview question: “What is your greatest strength?”.
Interviewers are often interested in hearing about your strengths to
determine your assets as a candidate and see where you fit with the others at
the organization. This information will often be asked in the form of a question
like “What is your greatest strength?”. When discussing a strength in an interview
be sure to focus on a transferable skill that is relevant to the position you’re
interviewing for rather than a personality trait such as hard-working or
dedicated. A transferable skill is an ability or attribute obtained during
your prior studies and experiences that you can use across industry lines. When
picking a transferable skill to highlight, it is a good idea to look at
the job or internship position description and choose a skill they are
asking for specifically. It is also important to be ready to share examples
of how you’ve used this transferable skill in the past. Sharing stories can
help you show the employer that you have the skill rather than just tell them.
Finally, it may be a good idea to have two to three transferable skills and
supporting stories prepared in the case the interviewer asks for more than one.

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