How to Arm Wrestle : Arm Wrestling Stamina Requirements

Hi, this is Johnny Rambo of New York City
and today on behalf of expert village I’m going to teach you how to arm wrestle. Another
form of technique is the art of stamina: maintaining your stamina. Some of the worlds greatest
arm wrestlers are so powerful and so intimidating that they can actually stop you with lighting
speed. They can play possum and then blow you away with lighting power. But there are
other arm wrestlers who will take their time and wait out their opponent. Say Rich has
got me and I’m out of gas, and I’m holding on and holding on. I’ve just got to keep my
wrist bent and remember that my strength is still in reserve. So Rich can lay out all
he wants and he thinks he’s in for the killing blow when I suddenly squeeze my grip, tighten,
bend my wrist even more and come back and that’s how we can conserve our energy. It’s
like a marathon. Because we are not professionals, we can’t afford to just blow it out because
we could underestimate our opponent. We simply want to ride out and feel out our opponent
and this way we know what we’re up against. Let him burn himself out. All we need to do
is win the match. Let him do all the movement, all the physical movement that he wants, but
in the end when he gets tired if we know just to hang in there and then come in in the last
round and poof, we end up winning that little bout.

9 Replies to “How to Arm Wrestle : Arm Wrestling Stamina Requirements”

  1. Wow. Just wow. Awesome tips for kitchen armwrestlers. Next time I find myself in the midst of a brutal 'bout' at the kitchen table I'll refer back to the lesson I've learned in this video.

    On a more serious note, have you ever tried REAL armwrestling, in a REAL tournament?

  2. That's not real armwrestling an he isn't a professional. I bet if he tried to conserve some energy against one of us REAL armwrestlers he would be pinned in under a second. We don't do it on kitchen tables. Send me a message man I'll get you into real armwrestling instead of the fake kitchen table stuff.

  3. Make your grip higher than the stronger oppponent and lean slightly, these things should give you an edge ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I arm wrestled this big rugby player, much bigger than me in muscle size and strength. I believe he underestimated me, as I'm quite tall and not very muscle bound. I used my favorite technique, which is to keep your forearm as close to your body as you can, wrist bent away from opponent, and literally move your body with your arm. This way ur using your own body weight against their one arm, which obviously means they stand very little chance of winning.
    Hope this helps buddy ๐Ÿ™‚

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