How to Breakdance : Breakdancing Strength Drills

Hey! How you doing? This is Jonathan Escotto,
also known as B-boy Xcel, on behalf of Expert Village, and today we’re showing breaking
tips. Alright, now we’re going to talk a little bit about drills to build up strength; strengthening
drills. The first drill I’m going to show you is basically a baby freeze to a handstand,
back to a baby freeze. I’m going to demonstrate what it looks like. Start off at a baby freeze,
here, push up to a handstand, back to a baby freeze. That’s a really, really great drill
to strengthen not only your freezes and your handstands, but it builds up your upper body
and helps with your power moves, your foot works, your flips, your freezes. Pretty much
everything overall. When you get a little bit more advanced, you can actually try the
same thing. Baby freeze, push out the handstand, do one rotation, and come back to a handstand
if you want to get a little more technical with it. What I would personally do is make
a drill of it. Let’s say you do 3 or 4 repetitions at once, so basically we would go baby freeze,
handstand, baby freeze, handstand. Make sets of it, so this is what it looks like. Another good drill to build up your upper
body strength would be planches. A planche is basically a handstand with your body at
a horizontal angle. I’m going to do what we call an elbow planche just to give you an
example of what I mean. This is what it looks like. Start off from here, come on your elbows
and you’re just going to hold it. That again, helps build up your upper body. You can do
one of those from a baby freeze as well. Another drill you can do. Baby freeze, elbow planche.
That is a basic strengthening drill to get your upper body up to par.

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  1. The only thing is that when you do the excersises people are going to look or think you are stupid same with freeruning in a park just for training

  2. if u want to watch dragon ball … or street fighter … keep pressing 4 .. and after u are done with this strike … keep pressing 5 !! …. boy , uer dead πŸ˜› …… K.O

  3. Great tips, but i was wondering if you have any simpler tips because i tried these and they are far too advanced for me πŸ˜› but i will just keep on trying for now.

  4. @98hima i am able to do a hand stand because i don't weigh much and also i do boxing and do alot of exercises like push ups and stuff,try to lose weight and at the same time do push ups,only thing that sux about my handstand is balance

  5. @kegannff to strength ur triceps do…Push ups with ur hands next to ur waist..or a little high than ur waist.maan just look up some Triceps workouts

  6. @MUZiKatron You just didn't listen properly and did not at all know how to do it. You think you're funny? Bet you can't even get down a good baby freeze. Be grateful and appreciative.

  7. i freeze with my right arm im trying to strenghten my left part of my upper body for flares and air flares what helps for that?

  8. "I want to incorporate in my sets a baby freeze to a handstand… but I don't have enough strength…"
    "Oh maybe this video can help…"
    Dammit -.-

  9. Elbow planche or not, you're HORIZONTAL during a planche. What is an e-boy? I don't claim to know anything about bboying or whatever you wanna call that cute shit lol I just stumbled upon this video randomly.

  10. I do this a lot. It actually helps quite a bit…
    I recommend that people learn this especially if they get into a lot of power/freeze transitions.

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  12. I'm surprised he didn't mention at all that to get from the baby freeze to the handstand position that 90% of the work comes from shooting your legs up.Β 

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