How To Bring On The Vibration Of Strength | Michael Beckwith

♪ [music] ♪I want to talk to you about
a couple of things. One, in the context of your growth development
and unfoldment that you’re participating in, that you’re generating a field around, I want
you to understand about Kensho and I want you to understand about Satori. There are moments in which we are little by
little by little eradicating the filters, the obstructions, the hindrances against us
seeing what life really is, seeing reality, reality with a capital R. Sometimes it seems
like it’s taking a long time. That’s called Kensho. ♪ [music] ♪In other words, there’s a deliberate
letting go of the filters, deliberating letting go of that that is hindering us from fully
participating in life. And then there’s something called Satori. ♪ [music] ♪That’s an ah-ha moment. That’s a radical insight, where suddenly,
eureka, you know what you have believed previously. That which you have believed, you suddenly
got it. Oh, my God. I finally see it. I’ve been hearing this for so long. I now know, and I now feel it, and I now see
it. So there’s Kensho, which is the slow unfoldment,
the slow letting go of that which is hindering us, and then there is Satori. Now, all of us go back and forth between the
two. You may be participating in your spiritual
growth development and unfoldment. It feels like nothing is happening, but when
you look back, you read back on your journals, and you realize the person that wrote something
previously a few months ago does not exist anymore. There’s been a slow releasing of that which
does not serve you, releasing of the filters. Kensho has taken place. And sometimes, many of us have moments where
there’s been a sudden insight, a revelation. We’re no longer the same. We can not unsee what we have seen, and it
affects our life forever. Now, what I want to bring to you today is
that there are areas in your life that you consider weak points, you consider hindrances
or liabilities. And then there are other areas in your life
where they are assets. You feel like they add to your life, they’re
life enhancing. So you have weaknesses and you have strengths. What I want you to begin to catch is those
weaknesses are really your strengths in embryonic states. Life is everywhere in its fullness, and so
what you consider a strength, it’s just something that’s undeveloped. It’s something that hasn’t come to its fruition
yet, but it is still a strength there waiting to express itself. Now, how do we activate those strengths that
you’re now calling weaknesses? I want you to think about the areas of your
life that when you think of these areas, you feel strong in these areas, you vibrate high
in these areas. Perhaps you have a tremendous amount of confidence. Perhaps your body temple is very strong. Perhaps you’re very creative. Perhaps on the weak side, you feel like there’s
a scarcity in your life, there’s a lack. Perhaps you feel like for some reason you
don’t really love and appreciate yourself. You have a lack of self-esteem, there’s a
lower frequency there. What you have to know is, one, you are a vibrational
being, you are a thought idea held in the mind of the universe. You’re a vibration. Then you are an electrical being, then you
are a chemical being. But primarily, you’re vibrational. So everything within you is vibrating. The thoughts you have are vibrational frequencies
at a very rapid high pace or slow down. You can be in the alpha range or you can be
in the beta range of thinking. Now, here’s the deal. You can actually embrace an area of your life
where you are vibrating very high and you can begin to feel into that, and you can begin
to take that vibration and shift it over into an area where you feel very low. It’s called Energetic Shapeshifting. ♪ [music] ♪So you can take…perhaps you
feel confident. Perhaps you feel very creative. How do you feel? What do you think about that? There’s an expansion. And then when you think about an area where
you’re weak, there’s a contraction. But you can take the area where you’re strong
and mentally begin to see that vibration going into the area of seeming weakness, and begin
to feel the expansion. So you’re actually activating the strength
that’s already there, but it’s in its incipiency, its embryonic state. It’s not quite developed. And you can begin to feel strong where there’s
an apparent weakness. Let’s do it right now. Close your eyes. I’m going to guide you. Put your attention on an area of strength
in your life. And feel the expansion when you think about
that area of your life. Just place your attention there, take a deep
breath. Release the sound of ah. Ah. And feel the expansion when you consider the
area of strength. Now, as you’re considering the area of strength,
mentally shapeshift that vibration into the seeming area of weakness. Do not allow yourself to contract. Take a breath. Deep breath. Release the sound of ah. Ah. And place that vibration right where that
area of weakness is. So you’re feeling strong in the area of seeming
weakness. You are a vibrational being. So the vibration of strength is now invading
the seeming area of contraction. And since you are a feeling vibrational being,
we are activating the strength in what appears to be weakness. Now, take another breath. Deep breath. Feel the vibration of expansion. Feel yourself strong in that area. And right now allow for a mental picture to
come into your mind as to what you look like on strength, on what you look like vibrating
high. Just a little mental picture. So you have the mental picture, you have the
feeling, and you have the technology. I want you to practice that, and you will
either have Kensho, a slow removal of limiting filters, or you will have a eureka Satori
experience. Oh, I see myself as I really am. I want you to go for it. I want you to feel into it. You’re a vibrational feeling being. You have dominion over your own awareness. And you are here to set yourself free, or
to set yourself on fire. And the world will come watch you burn. Peace and righteous blessings. ♪ [music] ♪

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  12. Release what doesn’t serve you
    You don’t have a weakness; it’s a strength that you haven’t yet utilized and practiced.
    Because when you are aware that it’s a “weakness” and you start developing it; it cease to be a weakness and it becomes a strength. So you don’t have a weakness; you have strength, and developing strength.
    Stop calling yourself weak, and Stop talking about your weakness. You’re developing, you’re transforming, you’re becoming what you want to be 💙

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