How To Disable Stamina for Multiplayer Missions in Arma 3 – Super Easy – Arma 3

Hey guys, welcome back to another video Today, I’ll be showing you how to disable stamina inside of ARMA while creating mission First things first if if you’re starting from scratch, like literally just loading into the editor Go ahead and Make a save Which I named mine testing stuff because you know, why not Now then you need a place a unit Right here if you’re just wanting it for a single-player mission, all you would have to do is go and go in here and click on this but this will be telling you how to Disable stamina for multiplayer missions Just to let you guys know it does require a little bit of coding but it’s easy it’s one line of code It’s easy copy and paste these is that even a five-year-old can do it now You need to find your mission your mission Folder where you have your mission for me. It’s an inside of this PC documents ARMA 3 other profiles Which that’s literally the full name if that confuses you its ARMA 3 – other profiles not the ARMA 3 And then you go into your your mission your name which for me it’s xKobyMacx You have to mission and mission things here, depending where you saved your mission It depends on where you these missions are if it’s a multiplayer mission, which you could say (I have no clue what i just said there) It will be an either on this one. Your mission will be in here Or inside of this one for me. It’s It’ll be right here testing stuff. That’s why I named it because Now I’ve already did it just to have memory and whatnot, but I’ll go ahead and redo it because you know, why scrap not Now the first thing you need to do Is go up make a new text document which right click new right click new text document and Then once you’re done with that You will have to Open it up again File save as and then put InitPlayerLocal make sure you make sure you have the make sure you make sure you have the capital letters because if you don’t they’ll goof it up one way or another and then instead of putting .txt put .sqf and then once you do that go down to save as type and Then go to all files You should pull up the mission .SQM Don’t worry about that the .SQM And then you click Save and It should pop up into your folder now do the same thing Same thing again Text document save as now remove remove Basically do the same thing again from but this time put OnPlayerRespawn.sqf That make sure you knew capitalized like I said and then make sure you put all files all files Like this like then and player Save and there you go. Now do The this one piece of code will have to go into both of these files Which is like I said, you’ll be yeah, it’ll be in down in the description So because I know a lot of people probably hate the fact that you have to stare at the screen pause video Read this especially if it’s low quality. I hate that. But anyway back to the point make sure you like I said down description copy and Then you go. It’s here and InitPlayerLocal and Paste it Don’t end plus. All right, don’t panic. I’m using notepad plus plus Notepad plus plus or Just a normal notepad. It works because Like and how I was I used both of them

(I am glad I have sat here and edited the CC for you guys) But I do strongly suggest you get notepad plus plus due to the fact it’s a lot easier and everything But make sure you put the exact same code inside inside both Both to the sqf that you made and then save them let me make sure i actually did that Yeah, all right now you’re done with that let’s go back into the game Now we’re back now if everything is correct, we our character should not have any kind of stamina So let’s load into the single player And now You should now you’ll be able to you know run around and all that And you can run for miles and miles as you can see at the top right there is no stamina bar And actually and yeah Now and That’s that so if if it didn’t work Start over watch the video again if it still doesn’t work drop a comment and I would definitely help hope you the best I can and Yeah, thank you for watching please ehh Leave a thumbs up If you want more tutorials like this, I’ll be more than happy to do them Please consider subscribing make sure you click the bell and so you can get a notification every time I upload And yeah, thank you for watching now and talk to you all in the next video

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