How to Dress with an Ostomy with Shield HealthCare’s OstomyLife Specialist Laura Cox

Hi my name is Laura Cox and I am Shield HealthCare’s Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist. Today
we’re going to be talking about how to dress with an ostomy. When I first got an ostomy, I thought that
I couldn’t wear any tight clothes. I thought I was destined to wearing a
baggy t-shirt and baggy sweatpants, and I was wrong. I started off with wearing those baggy
clothes and then, when I started feeling better, I started
to look for solutions. And I think that the secret is underneath the clothes. First up are Spanx. Spanx are great
because they’re a little bit tighter and they
secure your ostomy in one place. They also apply an even pressure to your ostomy
pouch so the output is flattened. If you have a diverting ileostomy, it’s
important to note that if you let your pouch to get too full the pressure from the
Spanx can actually cause output to go back into your stoma and discharge through your rectum. Also like the Spanx, spandex biker shorts
are a good option especially if they’re high waisted. Just
like the Spanx, they apply even pressure on the stoma and really make discreet and can be worn under clothing. For a less tight option, bandos are great. They’re really meant as tube tops for women. I like to put them around my abdomen to
keep the ostomy pouch close and tucked in. You can get them at
department stores or any Target near you. If your abdomen is sore or distended, it’s really good to wear a less tight option underneath your clothing. So tank tops or camisoles help to keep everything close to the abdomen and really just
smooth it over and make your ostomy pouch less noticeable underneath your clothing. Belly bands, usually worn by pregnant women, are also a great option to keep your ostomy pouch close and concealed underneath the clothing. You
can tuck them into your trousers, or your skirt, or your jeans,
and they’re just a perfect size to completely cover up the ostomy pouch. Lastly, there are especially designed
products for people with ostomies. These are products like the Stealth Belt,
ostomy wraps, and ostomy undergarments. Ostomy undergarments have pockets sewn in, so that your pouch can fit into
the pocket and it keeps it away from your skin. These are designed by “Awestomy” spelled like “Awesome.” And these you can find at Ostomy Secrets. Links will be down
below. These products help to keep your ostomy pouch close to your abdomen so even when it’s filling up, it’s very
hard to see underneath clothing. I find I can wear anything when I wear
these products. If you don’t want to wear any of these
undergarments, some clothing options conceal ostomies better than others. Dark colors conceal better than light colors. Patterns are distracting and can take
the focus away from any bulges that occur underneath your clothing. Loose t-shirts hang away from your abdomen. Any cinched waist item shows off the
figure and then flows away from the body. High-waisted
pants, shorts, or skirts draw the attention up above the ostomy bag. Just make sure
that the waistline does not hit directly on your stoma. Pleated trousers allow for more room for
the bag to expand. Bring a light jacket, loose sweatshirt or scarf
to put on if your bag starts to fill up and become noticeable.
This will cover up the area and you can continue to go about your day. So these outfits were for women. Some of the
tips and tricks for undergarments will work for men as well, but if you’re interested in seeing some
great examples for outfits for men with ostomies, I will link
down below to a video by Eric from VeganOstomy
all about how to dress with an ostomy for men.

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