How to find reliable information about your healthcare professionals.

When it comes to the health of you and your
family, you want to find trusted information quickly and easily. Ontario’s Health Regulators understand your
concerns, and we’re here for you. Our number one goal is to protect you and
ensure all healthcare professionals have the necessary education and training to deliver
high quality care. We’re proud to introduce;
a website designed to help you find reliable contact information and resources on health
care professionals in Ontario. Take for example Monique. She is a wife and mother of two. Her daughter needs the care of a dietitian,
and her father needs the help of a kinesiologist. The OHR website gave her reliable information
on how to find the people she needed and review their conduct history, giving her peace of
mind. We know how important it is for you to protect
yourself and your family. That’s why exists
to connect people like you to over 300,000 regulated health care professionals. All the information, all from one place. Visit us online at
for all the information you need. We’re here to help.

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