10 Replies to “How to Have Health for Women”

  1. TO ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS ~ I encourage, beg, plead each of you to watch this video about Women's Health by Dr. John Bergman — AND PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION to the discussion about "BREAST SCREENING," which starts at 25:17 minute mark…!! However, I also highly recommend you watch in its entirety… it's jammed-packed full of "ah ha" moments. 🙂 Dr. Bergman is a breath of fresh air… renewing our hope in living a healthy, happy, and quality life… Thanks Dr. B…!! xo <3

  2. Instead of mammography (because of radiation) what do you recommend for ladies older with dense breasts. None of your videos tell us an alternative. How do we help digestion if stomach acid lessons as we age? Thank you for your reply. 4.12.2016

  3. Thank you for the information about cysts. I developed a large ovarian cyst, CA125=47. (Some other medical history prior, nothing deadly) was sent to UCONN where they insisted I have a full hysterectomy. I firmly repeated I did not want one, just remove the one ovary. I talked to my sisters who both said follow your doctors advice. I did and regret it every day. I'm almost 6 months since hysterectomy and never felt so sick in my life. I had NO pain or digestive problems before the operation. I could eat anything, move about freely and had a great sex life. All that is gone.

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