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most guys think that giving gifts are the best way to impress a girl but it’s
not there are actually other better ways to win a girl’s heart and make her fall
in love it’s not just about giving chocolates and roses to wooly girl it’s
all about keeping her truly happy and complete hence more than material things
your girl will be happier and more impressed if you follow the tips below
here are 15 ways to impress your girlfriend 1 respect her family this is
a must because family is something very close to her heart showing disrespect to
her family means disrespecting her treat them the way you treat your girlfriend
don’t even think about making rude or insulting comments about them and also
make sure to find time hanging out with them so you’ll get to know them better
and if you have the permission to enter into their house don’t ever forget to
impress and show that you care for them too to get clean and fit
clean up all the mess in your room without being told to do it become a mr.
tidy keep fit keep yourself clean wash and iron your clothes and take good care
of yourself your girlfriend will surely be amazed by
such a rapid and positive change 3 cook a meal for her even if you don’t know
how to cook there are a lot of cookbooks out there so you have no reason to not
whip up a culinary feast it doesn’t matter if the end result is not what she
expect for she’ll appreciate your efforts for trying hard to cook for her
anyway they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
well the way to a woman’s heart can be paved through your culinary experiments
you can also ask help from her to teach you how to cook she will be happier and
impressed knowing that you’re trying to learn things to make her happy
4 do something she likes you probably hate going on her shopping
with your girlfriend listening to her favorite music or watching movies she
likes but try to put up with at least for a few hours you should learn to
compromise to build up fulfilling relationship let her choose the movie
you’re going to watch together music she likes or accompany her when she go on a
shopping at times just let her plays the main role and pretend to like it or at
least don’t hate it maybe you will find out something new
and nice 5 ask her opinions if you want to impress your girl ask for her opinion
when you do something and get her involved in every decision you’re going
to make this only shows that you really trust her opinion and judgment after all
your girlfriend will be flattered that you trust her 6 show her that chivalry
isn’t dead open doors for her pullout chair for her don’t be afraid to say
sorry or give her honest sincere compliments let her know that
you still honor those old-fashioned habits of showing your love towards her
by doing these things do it without putting pressure on her or having
expectations 7 be good around kids guys are sometimes thought of as being
terrible with kids but try to act great around them even if you’re not into kids
and your girl will be impressed just treat them the way you treat any new
person play with them and you’ll be having fun with them before you know it
8 make her laugh the old saying is true girls do love guys with a sense of humor
so try making her laugh often even if you are not that good in this tease her
nicely be playful tell her jokes make use of your body language just be
yourself and don’t pressure yourself 9 listen to her girls are the most
sensitive and emotional creatures they spend the whole day thinking things
which are senseless in your sense even if you have interest or not just listen
to her carefully you need to have good ears and don’t forget to give her some
proper advice this way she will feel very soothing talking to you just always
remember that talking and listening to each other will make your relationship
stronger 10 surprise her give her simple surprises like a short handwritten love
letter a dozen roses her favorite chocolate or take her to a dinner and
arrange everything for her these small things will surely make your girl happy
and impressed girls always want their boyfriend to be unpredictable so give
her surprises she deserves 11 respect her if there is love there ought to be
respect being respectful is one of the top hat tributes girls look for a guy so
as much as possible respect her feelings decisions her life and in return she
will respect you even more 12 give her your attention if you want to impress
your girlfriend shower her with your attention take her on a date
send her sweet notes call and text her everyday or ask her how was her day she
will love the gestures and love you even more for treating her like she’s the
most important girl in your life 13 compliment and appreciate her never lose
a chance to appreciate and compliment your girl appreciate all the small
things she does for you like a simple thank you every time she cooks meals for
you compliment her looks tell her she looked beautiful every day
tell her all the good things about her and build up her self-esteem by praising
her 14 be considerate be the guy who’ll take care of his girl and consider all
her needs and desires that’s all you really need to impress her your muscles
or physical features can’t do it only care kindness compassion and
responsibility can 15 shows some ambition girls are attracted to guys who
have ambition and willing to pursue their dreams in life show her your
passion to reach your dreams like consistently practicing your talents and
skills whether it’s about music art culinary or even business then pursue it
by setting goals taking a little step towards it and keeping the motivation
sustained these are just few tips on how to impress your girlfriend you can still
think of a million more personal ways you don’t have to be a Superman or a
rich man in order to follow them you just have to seriously work on it and
then both of you can be happy even when you’re many years down the
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