How to Improve Range w/ Vocal Exercises | Singing Lessons

Hi. I’m Anya Singleton, and this is my friend
and accompanist, Matt Gallagher. We’re going to do a couple of vocal exercises
to help you improve range. The important thing, before we start, that
you want to stress, is that if you’re doing a vocal exercise and it feels
like you’re straining or your voice hurts, then that’s probably a good time
for you to stop, take a breath, and come back to it later. It may not be the right range for you or
maybe you’re not quite ready to go there yet. You never want to feel like
you’re pushing or straining. Here we go. This is a simple vocal exercise to
improve range. The important thing about that, we basically
spanned 2 octaves. We started
on a low G and ended on a high G The important thing to note there is it’s
very tempting to focus on the bottom note and the high note, and you are
going to go there mentally because that’s what you’re thinking about, but
it’s the middle notes that are the challenging bits. We all try to gloss
over that and get through it as quickly as possible. I know I didn’t do it
as perfectly, but that’s okay, because you’re making sure that you’re
working through in order to get the high note and get the bottom note. That
is how you would work on improving vocal range. Basically, making sure
you’re listening, again, you’re in tune, you’re not pushing anything. When you’re doing anything to increase range,
it’s about the breathing. You
really want to make sure, especially the higher you go, that you’re taking
enough breath in and that you’re supporting. You’re breathing from your
diaphragm, so no raising your . . . it’s very tempting to raise your
shoulders and want to raise your chin, that’s what a lot of people do when
they’re trying to hit a high note because you’re projecting up, but all
that does is increase tension, both in your neck and your throat. You want
to keep those open so that as you get higher, everything’s relaxed and it’s
easier for you.

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  1. I am a soprano mezzo. How can I train my voice to go higher? I believe it is possible if I do the correct exercises for it. Thank you!

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  4. You are disconnecting from your chest voice to hit the high notes. You’re teaching this badly. I’m sorry but it’s true. Why don’t you use appoggio? And teach how to stay connected with the body so that the high notes don’t sound disjointed from the rest of the voice. That’s the only way to achieve a robust resonant high note. Your high notes sound so tentative and disjointed from the rest and this is why.


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  8. I want to improve my voice and I came up with this lesson😃 it makes me smile singing eeeeeeeeeeeeeer BUT I am willing to do this and other lessons available in you tube. Thank you for this lesson👍I know I can do this👍

  9. basically the whole vids

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    and i heard some, i dont do it perfectly things that dont describe everything.

    and some words like relax and easier that create the whole new understanding.

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