How To Keep Your Goldfish Alive For 15 Years

The longest-living goldfish on record was 43 years old. But chances are your goldfish didn’t even live a quarter that long. In fact, most goldfish don’t survive past their fifth birthday,
and that’s a major problem since they’re supposed to live for about as long as your cat. So why are goldfish dying so young? The usual culprit behind your
goldfish’s untimely demise is, well, poop. You see, goldfish waste
contains toxins like ammonia that can burn gills and
even damage the brain. In the wild, this isn’t a problem. Freshwater lakes and
ponds are home to armies of bacteria that break it down into less harmful chemicals.
But in your home tank, there’s no bacteria to be found. You have to introduce it,
and that’s where a lot of goldfish owners slip
up because you can’t just buy a fish the same
day you get your tank. The process of growing
bacteria takes patience. First, you’ll need to remove chlorine from your tank water using a conditioner. Chlorinated tap water
is fine for you to drink since it kills off germs,
but it’s not so great for the bacteria you want to cultivate. Once you’ve created a safe
space for the bacteria to grow, they’ll come from all over: the air, the outside of the tank, and any rocks or plants you stick in
the tank for decoration. You can also buy commercially
sold bacteria cultures grown in labs. After that,
all they need is dinner. Fish food will do. As the food breaks down,
it releases ammonia for the bacteria to eat, and
finally, you wait for a while. Depending on how much
bacteria you start with, the process can take about two months. That’s right, two months. But then there should be enough bacteria. You can double-check with
a simple water test kit. But here’s the thing, all
the bacteria in the world won’t keep your fish alive
if the tank is too small. You see, as these bacteria
gobble up goldfish poop, they produce some waste of their own, and if it’s not sufficiently diluted, it can kill your goldfish. A dinky, single-gallon
bowl is much too small, and even the 10-gallon tank you see in every pet store won’t cut it. A single adult goldfish
needs at least twice that much water to thrive. That’s almost 40 kilograms of water, 2000 times heavier than your goldfish, and even with a huge
tank, you’ll still need to replace about 30% of
the water every two weeks because besides poop,
goldfish release hormones and pheromones into their environment, which, if left unchecked,
can stunt their growth. That might help explain why goldfish in healthy environments can reach the size of an American football,
while your last goldfish wasn’t much bigger than your index finger. Once you have a big, detoxified tank, Goldie just needs one more
thing: your attention. Because you’re not swimming
in the tank with her, it’s hard to notice if
something’s wrong with, say, the water quality. So
oftentimes new goldfish owners don’t realize anything’s
amiss until it’s too late, and common diseases like
fin rot, white spot disease, and fungal infections
have already taken hold. So it’s a good idea to
pay careful attention to how the water looks and smells, and anyway, spending time
with your goldfish will be worth it since you can teach Goldie to swim through hoops
and eat from your hand.

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  1. You guys should make a video on how to take care of beta because a lot of people don't really know how different beta are from most fish

  2. I had a goldfish for close to 12 years once that was one tough SOB one time my sister was painting and her ladder fell and broke his fish tank and she grabbed him with her hands and ran and put him in my other sisters fish tank. Ah good times. RIP George

  3. My mom got goldfish for me to look at and to entertain myself when I was 3 and I loved them to their death 10 years later when I turned 13

  4. This is all excellent information, but why the heck are there blood parrot cichlids shown as well? They are gold, but they are not gold fish. 😂

  5. Hmm did I get lucky then? I cleaned out my tank once a month for my 6 inch gold fish for 8 years. He was big, lived a good life. But honestly I didn’t really have to do much other then clean the filter and that’s it.

  6. Back in the old days were my mum has buyed me more then 29293838 Gold fishes

    Woman- The worlds living gold fish lived for 43 YEARS

    My past has left the size 😉

  7. I just got a cat and now I know that she could die in 16 freaking years and I'll said that it is she's only four months old

  8. 15 years? Ha at my old kinder garden their gold fish was alive for 20 years add another 5 years to 15 ha

  9. Well, fudge.
    I’ve had a lot of pets, mostly ones that are on the more exotic side. But I’ve never had a common goldfish. I’ve always wanted one though. I’d been planning on getting one soon but I knew that they weren’t bowl pets like a lot of people think. However, I have six pets right now and that seems like a lot of work. 😭 Dangit, I was really excited.

    Also, thank you for watching this video. It means you care about even simple pets and you’re trying to put in effort to learn about them. A lot of people think, “oh it’s 15¢ at petsmart, if it dies I’ll just buy a new one until I get one that likes me” but that is SUCH a bad idea. They are living things, not toys. Thanks for actually caring.

  10. Also, I read that if you keep goldfish in a bowl, they die not only because of the acids that they produce. Their lungs never stop growing, but their bodies grow according to how much space you give them. (I’m not saying they’ll fill a ten gallon tank if that’s what you give them, more of, if they have a lot of room their body will say “oh, I can get a little bigger in here.”) so if you keep them in a bowl, even if you change the water daily and feed them properly etc, their lungs will eventually outgrow their body because there isn’t room for the rest of its body to grow and still have swimming space. And they need room to move around, people!

  11. How about changing the water every two days? I do that and have a one gallon and my fish is still a live five years later. The longest I kept a gold fish alive.

  12. 4 years … 4 years my goldfish was she died yesterday and this came in my recommended today you missed the timing YouTube😢

  13. Once I had a gold fish, They where AWSOME then fin rot came along…… they survived it! Then it returned, immobilizing them, they still ate, but died later that month

  14. My goldfish…
    Goldie. (I know I was little)

    Only lived for a day…
    We did everything and we only got to feed it once.
    I’ve never had a pet since.

  15. I had a goldfish that lived for about 10 years, and the reason being is because she actually lived in a koipond with koi fish.

    She and the Koi Fish actually got along, even when our koi fish had babies the gold fish and koi fish got along. The only reason why she and the koi fish died was because we moved to texas and they died while being transported

    RIP Goldy, you will be missed 🙁

  16. My gold fish only lived 3 days we cleaned its tank and we did not know we needed to put stuff in it and yeah I was really sad 😔 also we feed it to much I feed it them my mum then my sister then my brother and then we fix’s all the problems and we did do all they needed also they had a disease on there tail and all our fish got it so we had to freeze them because they where in lots of pain I felt so bad for them they only lasted 1 year but I got guinea pigs now and I am getting a puppy 🐶 so hopefully I do all the right things but I have research all about puppy’s and guinea pigs I have 2 guinea pigs I have 4 but one died of old ness and the other of heart problems. 💔😭😔😖😬

  17. Mine died when it was 8 years old, but it jumped out of the tank apparently, i was at school, and my mom just told me a couple months ago. Its been 2 years since it died.

  18. When u watch videos on how to take care of goldfish
    Yet u can’t even take care of ur self 😂😂 ok fine not funnny? Here’s another

    When u watch vids on how to take care of your gold fish yet u can’t even keep the Area 51 raid goin’ 😂

    Funny ? Not? 🙂

  19. I've done all of this, while having a filter, air pump, and so on, and they still die. I even bought medicine and it didn't help… I think they come with problems from the store..

  20. Oh, so that's why my goldfish died! It cost more than 100$ or so and 2 months of wait, just to keep something for 15 years, that you won't really bond with.

  21. My goldfish has a smaller than the pet store tank, little to no bacteria in her tank, and an air stone. She’s lived over a third of her life happy and healthy. And she was a fair fish. Those things last for like 2 months.

    I guess I’m just magic

  22. As someone who owns fish, I say check them every time they get fed, and clean the tank fully every two weeks. This may not apply to goldfish, but it works for other fish. And seperate and sick or injured fish, so that they can heal in a safer envoriment. Also buy the stress coat thing for the main fish brand, as it will help sick fish.

  23. All the goldfishes I owned died at 3-5 days. I feel that fishes are more like living decorations than pets.Beside if you need to literally wait two months to grow bacteria in water before buying a fish, you might as well catch water from a river and pouring it into a tank.

  24. I didn't have a goldfish that lived for 15 years. But I did have one that I got in June and died in October in the same year.

  25. Anyone who knows anything about fish should know this… people who don’t do their homework on a new pet are annoying as hell :/

  26. I have 3 goldfish I bought at a pet store for 25 cents each. They were small little things. Now I have had them for over 5 years and they are about 10 inches long and real big. I have a real big tank for them, and they can eat warms now as treats. They let me pet their foreheads and will eat from my hand.

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