How to Kegel With Correct Technique for Strength

Hi, I’m Michelle and welcome to Pelvic Exercises.
This is the third episode in our series to help you strengthen your pelvic floor, and
today we’re looking at how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercise technique,
and how many exercises you need to do to get your pelvic floor muscles in shape before
we do our little workout next week. So, I’ve got a great little workout planned for you,
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So, let’s just review what we’ve learned so far: We’ve learned some techniques on how
to feel your pelvic floor muscles. We’ve learned some and where the pelvic floor muscles
are, in and around the area where you sit. So let’s start to do Kegel exercises at home.
So what I want you to do if you’re in a chair, I want you to move away from the back of the
chair. I’m going to sit nice and tall, so posture is really vital, for really good Kegel
exercises. It’s important that you have the crown of your head lifted towards the ceiling
where you are, and a small inward curve (or the normal curve) in your back, so you’re
nice and tall. Your chest should be lifted. So you can merely imagine two strings: one
pulling up through the crown of your head and one pulling out through your chest, so
your body’s nice and tall. And this is the optimal position to help your abdominal muscles
and pelvic floor muscles work together. So, in that position now, what I want you
to do at home is to start to feel your pelvic floor muscles in and around the area where
you sit (so, in and around the pelvic openings, in between your sit bones and between the
pubic bone at the front and the tail bone at the back. So remember we’re going for that
action a lifting and squeezing action inside and then going for a lowering down and relaxing
action. So let’s start often it’s easiest to feel
in and around the anal area if you lift and squeeze in that area. So, at home, nice and
tall, relaxed breathing and I want you to lift and squeeze inside (as if you’re stopping
wind from passing,) keep lifting, keep squeezing, stay tall lift and squeeze relax, lower
down and let go. And I’m hoping at home that you felt a slight tightening sensation in
and around the anal area. Let’s now move in and around the vagina. So
I want you to lift and squeeze in and around the vagina, and in and around the vagina and
urethra can be quite hard to feel. So let’s try now at home again. Nice tall posture.
Lifting through the crown of your head. Lifting through your chest. All right, so, draw up,
lift and squeeze, keep lifting, keep lifting, keep lifting, relax the muscle slowly, let
go and relax. Now, I’m hoping that your buttocks weren’t squeezing. Inside thighs should never
be squeezing. Your tummy shouldn’t have been drawing in strongly (although you might have
felt a gentle tummy activation.) And that’s quite normal if your lower abdominal muscles
become just slightly tensioned as you actually activate your pelvic floor.
Now, let’s try all three pelvic openings together. So we’re trying the anal area, the vagina,
and we’re trying to localize in and around the urethra as well. Will all those areas
to lift and squeeze inside, and relax down. So you shouldn’t be lifting higher in your
chair; that’s when your buttocks work. Remember this is an exercise that takes place inside,
in and around the area where you sit. So nice and tall. Here we go. So normal breathing
ready and lift. So lift and squeeze nice and tall keep lifting and breathing, lifting
and breathing all three pelvic openings lifting and squeezing inside. Keep your fingers
as high as you can relax right back down. Take a big breath in and out, and let your
pelvic floor muscles relax. Now that is how you do a Kegel.
Now how many of these exercises do you need to do to get your pelvic floor muscles strong?
Well really, you start at what you can do. So if you can contract your pelvic floor muscles
then, for two seconds, three seconds, that’s where you start at. And if you can do that
three times in a row, that’s what you do. And you try and repeat that three times throughout
the day. Ideally, you’re trying to aim for ten second holds, so really quite long holds,
lifting and squeezing and lowering down throughout that whole time. And you’re trying to repeat
that eight to twelve times in a row. So that’s ten long holds so ten second holds, eight
to twelve times in a row. And then, what we try to recommend is that ladies do those two
to three times a day. So really you’re getting about twenty-four to thirty-six lifts and
lowers every day. Now, strengthening can take quite a period
of time, if your pelvic floor muscles are weak it can take five to six months to really
strengthen your pelvic floor. It’s a matter of daily exercise and adhering to
your exercises on a regular basis. So let’s review what we’ve talked about today
before we go into our workout next week. So we’ve talked about finding our pelvic floor
muscles (in and around the area where we sit.) We’ve talked about contracting, and just trying
to localize in and around the anal area, in and around the vagina, in and around the urethra.
And some of you at home will feel those areas more than others. Sometimes you can feel strong
contraction, sometimes you feel very little at all, depending on the strength of your
pelvic floor muscles. So we talked about activating those areas, nice tall posture, lifting and
squeezing and relaxing fully (that’s a very important part of the exercise,) and relaxing
altogether. Then we talked about doing twenty-four to thirty-six long holds every day, up to
ten seconds for each hold. Well, look forward to exercising with you
in our workout next session. I hope you’ve enjoyed our session today. I’ll look forward
to speaking with you again soon. Bye for now.

33 Replies to “How to Kegel With Correct Technique for Strength”

  1. Hi Michelle
    Loving the "How to Kegel" series. Looking forward to the next installment.
    Staying strong and in control

  2. I think I've got quite a strong pelvic floor tho I just began lately to exercise it on a daily basis. I'm 56, never had children and quite in good shape, do you think I should take it more seriously if I want to improve the strenght of my orgasms?

  3. Yes unfortunately pelvic floor strength decreases with menopause so pelvic exercises are recommended life-long for all women regardless of whether they have had children or not. We do know that these exercises when done effectively can improve a woman's sexual sensation and response so they good to do them now and in the future, best of luck

  4. Hi Honey – yes but if you are starting out use light kegal balls, they shoudl be lifted with the pelvic floor muscles rather than just inserted and hoping for some reflex muscle contraction as this just doesn't happen. You can try to actively lift the balls with your pelvic floor muscles, you may notice a slight inward movement of the balls, then relax and lower then back to resting, good luck!

  5. Hi, I'm really confused about the exercises. I don't think I'm doing them correctly. How do I know which is the correct muscle to use?

  6. Both of my stomach muscles and my anus muscle work at the same time and I can't seem to separate them!!

  7. Hi, this is actually quite normal, the abdominal & pelvic floor PF) muscles do work together so when you contract your PF, you will feel some abdominal contraction too. What needs to be avoided is a strong upper abdominal indraw, like with your 6 pack abdominal contracting strongly at the same time. The focus is on the PF – some gentle abdominal contraction will occur but that's all that should happen. If your abs draw is strongly stop, take a deep breath, start again & activate PF gently

  8. Hi again, contact lock prevents me from message reply my apologies

    Yes the pelvic floor muscles are similar in both men and women, some differences do exist (the number of pelvic openings through the muscles).
    The idea is to start slowly, do your exercises daily, and progress them as you are able to by making the contractions stronger. It will take up to 5-6 mths if the pelvic floor muscles are weak.Best of luck Michelle

  9. Hi
    I have seen some of your videos and you explain quiet well, i was wondering if you have any e-mail address or something where i can ask you few questions. It would be great if that could be possible.

  10. Yes sure there is a contact page at my pelvicexercises site I am happy to help with questions where I can – if they are general physio qns you can post anonymously at my site so that others can read too Cheers

  11. Thank you so much for doing these videos. It seems very hard to find good information about these exercises that isn't overly sexualized. Your instruction is clear and delivered personably. I'm 29 and hoping to get pregnant soon, ask this is hugely helpful. Keep up the good work!

  12. Thanks Ms Dino Gal, great idea to be doing these exercises before becoming pregnant, and during pregnancy to so that your pelvic floor stays strong as your baby grows and your body changes. Kegel exercises also help you recover your pelvic floor strength faster after childbirth. Best of luck to you Dino, M

  13. I came upon these Kegel exercises on youtube and cannot change the name on my computer, so hope you don't mind me getting the subscription under your name, sorry, you'll have to change it for me next time at my place, puszi Zs

  14. Thank u so much. U are a better teacher. I tried to do kegel before but only focusing on how many I can do it (I followed instruction from a Jane Fonda video). People keep saying a 100 a day or more and u can do it anywhere! I tried doing it while driving in car and at work but there is no focus! I doubt that I did it properly, and so hard to sustain so I end up not doing it.
    U teach about posture while doing it and focus..and don't take much reps too. I think more reps of doing kegel but not doing it properly, there is NO point, from my experience. Now I am going to try it your way, properly with focus and good posture. (I also bought ben wah balls now to make my kegel exercise exciting)

  15. My therapist says to do 3 belly breaths for each hold. Is this better than 1 breath for each hold. I am just starting but by the time I get to the 3rd breath I find I am tensing too much trying to maintain the hold.

  16. how do you know if it's getting stronger without having sex? I feel like mine are already very strong.

  17. hello michelle thank u so much for these informations u just said to lift for 10 seconds each. i've lasted more up to 50 seconds and i've just started exercising. plz tell me if the longest i hold is better? or should i stop at 10 seconds mxm?

  18. hello michelle thank u so much for these informations u just said to lift for 10 seconds each. i've lasted more up to 50 seconds and i've just started exercising. plz tell me if the longest i hold is better? or should i stop at 10 seconds mxm? and the more i do it the better or i shouldn't exercise more times than u said?

  19. I still confused, liftting when we inhale and relaxed when exhale or lifting when we exhale, anx relaxed when we inhale? Pls tell me

  20. Can I do this exercise during my menstrual cycle and I heard of some vagina tightening gel can I use that is it useful or harmful please guide me

  21. Hi this is a global proplem women suffers from . Not only baby dilivery and ciserian cause it its pragnancy and not taking care after delivery

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