How to LOSE WEIGHT FAST & MAINTAIN IT | Diet and Burn Fat Tips

Hey everyone, welcome back! Today I’m talking about how to lose weight! And when I say loosing weight, I mean – loosing
fat! Not our precious muscles because those are
very important for our metabolism. So loosing fat is not an easy process and
I know it! It is a lifestyle change, it takes time, dedication,
you know, it takes alot of effort to change your habits, because you’ve built these habits
over a long time! And now that you want to change it, it takes
time as well! I’ve seen so many videos that say you can
lose like, “5 or 10 pounds in a week”, it is, absolutely, bull *beep!*. Technically you can lose 5 pounds in a week,
but, you’re going to gain it back like straight away, and it’s mostly just water weight! You want to lose fat and not just water. So, it doesn’t really do anything if your
aim is to lose fat.I can restrict my carb intake for a week and I’ll lose 5 pounds. And I’m very very petite, so if you’re larger
than me, you can lose up to 10 pounds! So there’s barely any fat loss for the first
week since you’re body needs to learn how to use you fat as a fuel, so it takes time
for your body to learn how to burn fat. So all these burn “x amount of pounds in a
week” is not a sustainable option, it is not a long term solution. So for today’s video, I wanna cover habits
and food choices that you can change, to help you to lose weight and maintain it, in a long
run, and also I’m going to give you three additional tips, that’s going to really help
you to accelerate your fat loss. You will see great results, very quickly,
and with the new habits and food choices, you can definitely maintain your weight. First, is to eat more wholefoods and not processed
foods. I know you have heard it before, but it is
very important because the way your body process whole foods and processed foods is quite different. Not all calories are treated the same way. Calories from whole foods and calories from
Maccas (McDonalds) or junk food are not treated the same way. Although the amount of calories can be the
same, your body doesn’t actually treated it the same way. Especially those packaged food that has high
fructose corn syrup, and that is one of the main reasons of obesity. And also if you’re counting calories, the
package food calories are just an estimate. It is not 100% accurate and Casey (Neistat)
made a very great video about that, so I’ll link that down in the description box so you
can check it out. The second tip is to cut sugar out from your
diet. Sugar is one of the main reasons why we gain
fat. It causes a spike in insulin, and a long term
exposure to sugar is going to cause you to be insulin resistance. I don’t really want to get too technical about
it cause I’ve talked about it before. I’ll just put some related links in the description
box so you can check it out. So basically having high blood sugar causes
inflammation, which then causes you to be insulin resistant. And when you’re insulin resistant, you can
lose weight. You’re actually going to gain weight. Being insulin resistant, is going to result
in more inflammation. So it is just a vicious cycle, and look I
know it is really really hard to cut sugar, because I have a sweet tooth, I love my chocolates,
my ice cream, they are my weakness.So i know it’s hard. You just have to try, you just have to try
to cut down your sugar. Number 3, is to limit your fruit intake. Most fruits are very high in fructose. Fructose acts quite differently to glucose. Too much fructose is going to be stored as
fat, and on top of that, fructose reduces hormones called leptin, and this hormone is
basically the hormone that tells you that you are full, and it also raises the other
hormone called ghrelin. And this is the hormone that tells you that
you are hungry. So it’s basically telling you that you’re
not full, and also that you’re hungry at the same time. Again, I’m not telling you not eat fruits
ever again, you can have some fruits before a workout because you’ll use those glycogen
straight away and also it doesn’t cause any cravings, so that’s an option. Number 4, is to sleep at least 7-9 hours a
day. I didn’t know about this like back in the
days but, it is so important to sleep 7 – 9 hours a day because if you don’t, it’s going
to mess up your hormones. So your leptin hormones and your ghrelin hormones
is going to be out of whack, and your going to feel hungry and be overeating, and that’s
not great. On top of that, your cortisol level is going
to increase and that’s one of the main reasons of weight gain as well. Stress. Stress causes weight gain and I’m sure you
hear this all the time, but why? why does it cause weight gain? High cortisol levels causes weight gain. Because it’s going to cause inflammation in
your body, and your body is going to try to fight that, it causes insulin resistance,
it causes more inflammation, and it’s just like a, like I said, it’s a vicious cycle,
so stress is a very important factor. So this is the main reason why I gained weight
recently. I’ve been really stressed out due to like
family issues, personal life, there’s just so many things going on so I haven’t been
sleeping well so I’ve been overstressed so I’ve gained some weight on my belly, on my
face, everywhere. So I’m trying to take it easy, trying to relax
a little bit more, trying to meditate, just try to avoid stressful situations, stressful
people, try to surround yourself with positive energy, that’s quite important. Number 6 is to stay hydrated everyday. You might think this is not very important,
but sometimes, we confuse thirst with hunger. Because we are so used to just going to our
pantry to just look for something when we’re kinda hungry but sometimes we’re just thirsty. You just gotta drink some water, you’re body’s
asking for some water. So these are all the little things you can
change, you don’t have to change your habits overnight, not everything in one go, because
that’s probably that’s going to be a little stressful for you and stress is a factor! So all these little changes are going to make
a big impact in a long run. Your going to see weight loss, your going
to feel healthier, and you’re going to be happier. So just hang in there and try your best. So the next 3 tips are going to help you to
accelerate your fat loss. They’re not the healthiest option if your
not in a healthy condition. So it doesn’t apply for everyone. But it works, and its fine for a lot of people. So first is fasted cardio in the morning. It can be a jog, or a walk, so why cardio
and why in the morning and why does it promote the most fat loss? Well it’s because its the best time for your
body to access your fat storage after not consuming anything for the entire night. So after fasting for about 10 to 12 hours,
your body is more likely going to use your fatty acids as a source of energy. So the type of cardio you can do is fasted
walk, or jogging. So you just gotta make sure your targeted
heart rate is about this range. I’m going to give you an example, so if you’re
30 years old, you’re going to take 220 – 30, and you’re going to times that by 0.6 and
0.7. So that is your targeted heart rate that is
going to help you access your fat storage. If you’re exercising way above that, your
going to be using your muscle glycogen, and it is a different fuel source. Number 2 is intermittent fasting. I have talked about this before, it is basically
eating for 8 hours, and fasting for 16 hours. So for example if your last meal is at 8 o
clock, your next meal is going to be 12pm the next day. So that is intermittent fasting. You’re not eating for the entire 16 hours. So this is going to help to let your body
to understand how to use fat a little bit better. And this also depends on how insulin resistant
you are. So if you’re not insulin resistant, your pretty
insulin sensitive, you can lose the weight so easily on intermittent fasting. So I personally prefer intermittent fasting
because I don’t have to restrict my calories to lose weight, it is quite different to the
conventional calories restriction of being in calorie deficit to lose weight. Because in my opinion that’s not very sustainable
in the long run because there’s only so much calories you can reduce. Because every time when you reduce your weight,
your metabolic rate is going to reduce a little, and eventually you’ll be eating nothing. You’ll be eating so little, you’ll be so HANGRY!
and that’s the reason why I prefer intermittent fasting. But it can be quite hard for some people,
because I’m quite fat adapted I reckon, so I can go really long without eating, but if
you do get hungry after 10 hours, you gotta eat. You can’t cause so much stress on your body. You gotta eat when your hungry. Because your going to start binging when you
get hungry after you break your fast. So you just gotta make sure to listen to your
body as well. So I got a feeling that I’m going to get ask
these questions, about what you can eat and what you can drink when your fasting. So you can have some tea, but it’s gotta be
plain tea. Plain green tea or black tea. Plain black coffee, so no solid food, no bone
broth, or soup or anything. Just water, coffee, or tea. The final tip is caffeine! Caffeine helps to promote fat loss. You can find that in green tea or black coffee,
and the idea behind that is that when your ingesting caffeine, it’s going to activate
the process of lipolysis. That’s basically when your body releases fatty
acids into the blood stream, and your liver is going to use that to produce more Beta-Hydroxybutyrate. So that is basically the energy molecules
that your body is going to produce when your burning fat. and not carbs. And this is what we want in our body when
your burning fat. I know this sounds very science-y. I’m really trying to make it not so science-y
but I want you to understand how this works. It is not all sunshine and rainbows ingesting
caffeine. It’s going to make you feel really good cause
it’s going to increase your dopamine, but, it also is a stimulant or stressor to the
body. So yeah there’s positive and negative sides
of caffeine. So yeah those are my, 9 tips. The last 3 tips are going to help you to accelerate
your fat loss. I hope you guys find this video helpful and
please don’t forget to smash the like button down below, turn on the notification bell,
and I’ll see you guys very soon. Bye!

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  4. Just letting you guys know, you don't have to exactly follow these tips. I myself hate doing workouts in the morning, love me some processed foods every once in a while, and get stressed pretty often. However, I've lost 30 pounds overall. It has just taken me quite a bit longer than others. (6 months is how long I took to lose all the weight.) Currently, I am 138.0 lbs and aiming to be 130 in a month. Trust me when I say I have had weeks where I cheat days on end and get back on my diet for 3 days and I am back to my weight before all the bingeing. I do not have a fast metabolism, so to lose weight I eat around 1,200. That is usually what keeps me satisfied.

  5. This week I have been fasting for at least 15 hours a day and today I did 22 hours I’m so proud of myself 😁☺️☺️🥺❤️❤️

  6. This week I have been fasting for at least 15 hours a day and today I did 22 hours I’m so proud of myself 😁☺️☺️🥺❤️❤️

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