How To Make the Master Cleanse Diet Recipe | Maple Valley Cooperative

Hi! We’re here with Maple Valley
Cooperative and we’re going to teach you how to make the Master Cleanse lemonade.
The ingredients that you’ll need to make the Master Cleanse lemonade are organic
maple valley syrup, organic lemons, purified water, sea salt, cayenne pepper,
smooth move laxative tea, peppermint tea and the Master Cleanse book. All these
ingredients are found in the Master Cleanse kit sold through Maple Valley.
These come in 5-day 10-day and 16 plus day kits. Before starting any
Master Cleanse Maple Valley Cooperative recommends that you read the complete
Master Cleanse by Tom Wolshon. Also please consult your doctor if any
issue should arise before during or after your cleanse. To begin the Master
Cleanse you’ll need to start every day with a salt water flush. To make this
you’ll mix 2 teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt with a quart of water. Keep in
mind the point is to flush your system so you will want to stay near a restroom
for the next hour. To make the Master Cleanse lemonade you’ll need to juice lemons until you have about two tablespoons of organic lemon juice.
You’ll add to that two tablespoons of organic Maple Valley syrup, 1/10 of
teaspoon of cayenne pepper and eight to ten ounces of purified water. This will make roughly a 10 ounce glass. As part of the Master Cleanse you need to drink one cup of Smooth Move tea in the evening. There is
an option to drink a cup of peppermint tea throughout the day as well. Both of
these are available in the Master Cleanse kit. The type of syrup that you use in your Master Cleanse is very important. At Maple Valley cooperative we team up with small family farms to bring quality organic syrup straight from the
tree to you. Thank you for joining us today to make the Master Cleanse. If any
question should come up feel free to reach out to Maple Valley Cooperative. Remember, today is the day your health matters most.

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