How to Perform the 3 point drill (women’s health)

all right we’ve talked a lot about
alignment as we go through all of our movements at the gym playing sports etc
and we use the word stacked a lot so what we mean there is that ribcage is
stacked over your pelvis meaning that it’s not flared up here or that you’re
kind of crashing down in this position so a nice way to kind of prime that
before movement at the gym or when you’re you’re playing sports is to use
something like a broomstick PVC pipe to help you stack this position and go
through some movements so I’ll show you an example first of it just a hip hinge
so if you use the PVC pipe and you put it on your back I want to make sure that
it’s on my hips my mid-back about here and then back of my head and stays there
through the whole movement okay so I have all three points in position I’m
going to go through just a hip hinge and make sure that I keep those points in
contact okay so if you’re here and you send your pelvis back you see how my
mid-back came off that’s a cue to you that you need to keep that pelvis under
your rib cage so that as you go through it stays on your mid-back okay so a good
rep is here all three points in contact the bad rep is here how this goes back
it’s not touching my mid-back okay now another thing that can happen that
you’re a crasher so you’re here you flex you kind of look leaning forward it
comes off of your hips we see here that that’s not a good position all right you
want to be nice and stacked as you go through okay so you can do that for a
hinge and if you want to take it one step further you can do it for an air
squat as well so same rules apply all three points in contact I’m here and it
goes you’re an air squat everything stays contact come back up if you are
extending your hips back too far or overextending your look your lumbar
spine it comes off your mid-back we’re at the bottom you crash down you see it
comes off with my hips right so this is a good practice for good form staying
stacked and having control with a barbell okay so this is called a
three-point drill go ahead and try it out

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