How to Program Strength & Skill Training in Calisthenics (TOP 3 METHODS)

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  1. Your channel will get big, it is just a matter of time. Even tho you alreadt have 50k subs, u deserve more

  2. Hi! Thank you for tips. I've found myself at "Alternated sessions", however I am wondering about the split:
    For instance, I have skill – strength – rest – skill – strength – legs – rest. For strength training I am doing fullbody workouts to maximize muscle grows (training each muscle group twice a week), but it seems like I can not be "fresh" on "skills" days.
    Would you recommend to have split for both skills and strength days (push skill – push strength – rest – pull skill – pull strength ) or just to reduce volume of fullbody routines with current scheduler?

  3. Hi gabo , you have amazing channel bro <3 keep it up , it would be very nice if you give us some info about how to train hypertrophy and skills both together , thank you very much man

  4. what's up man, you looked massive in Thenx videos, whatever happened since then? Obviously you lost quite a bit of weight. What's the deal with Thenx also? You quit?

  5. Awesome video! Thank you!
    Should I do hiit right after strength training or when? I plan to do hiit 2-3 times a week is it necessary? My body% is around 16%

  6. How about a double session? Push in the morning, pull in the afternoon. Personally I prefer this method because it allows me to distribute my training better.

  7. Great video, Gabo. It's a topic that get's into the mind of calisthenics practicioners rather quickly, but not one that get usually addressed in much videos. I'd love to see this turn into a series of videos on how to focus on statics, dynamic, mixed, skills. Keep that content coming. Regards from México.

  8. Sacarás algún libro rutinas de estiramientos o entrenamientos?, me gustaría mezclar ejercicio de “skill” + fuerza y luego complementarlos con estiramientos para un cuerpo completo y q no sea desproporcionado. Si sacas un libro o lo has sacado sin duda lo compraría porque se nota q sabes lo q haces y practicas un saludo

  9. this is such an awesome video! learned so much! this was really a problem for me how to balance both training. thanks for sharing all of this with us!

  10. Gabo, I have a question, but first congrats that's a great videos.
    If I want learn planche, I can put another day off skill for planche in the same week, or is better do orther skill like front Lever? Thanks

  11. y gabo como haría si quiero practicar muscle up 2 veces igual que plancha y front lever/back lever como podría hacer

  12. Can you combine bodyweight training and martial/boxing skills how would you do it. I think they go better together loads of people would benefit from this

  13. This is the kind of information I've been looking for the longest time, thank you so much for sharing. Keep up the good work!

  14. I want to learn front lever but i am little fat also and trying to burn the excessive fat but my workout routine and availability of time is not allowing to practice front lever. Please guide me.

  15. Am I the only one on the planet who doesn't have anywhere near the amount of time to workout as recommended? Only young people without kids and work are able to workout everyday.

  16. Subscribers Are Driving Up. I've been here before 30K and contents are getting even better. Sure its gonna go really high ,

  17. Could you do a video on building muscular endurance along with muscular strength? Part of my goal is to be able to preform high strength skills as well as high rep feats of strength. And to de this with putting as little muscle mass as possible would be amazing. I am just confused because hypertrophy is inevitable but I want to minimize it. Thanks Saturno, love love love these videos.

  18. I want to increase number of bar muscle up, I do weighted pull up twice in a week and weighted parallel bar dips twice a week. I do also weight training twice a week and rest days I practice calisthenics. I'm a beginner so what should I do?

  19. I've had this problem for a long long time ,thank you so much. I was confused on how to implement skill training with my strength this was what I needed

  20. Gabo, muchas gracias por el vídeo es buenisimo
    Una pregunta, me gustaría cambiar mi método de entrenamiento y me gustaría uno de los días hacer dedicado solo a dominadas y fondos lastrados a bajas reps, como puedo organizarlo, cuantas series, reps…
    Por cierto, se me ha ocurrido que podría ser un buen vídeo para subir, ya que la mayoría q subes son circuitos
    Y Muchas gracias x tu contenido, me ha ayudado muchísimo a progresar, eres un grande bro☺

  21. Gabo,

    First of all, thanks for ALL the hard work you put into those videos. I consider you together with Calimovemenent the absolute top on YouTube.

    I've got a quick question. Say I want to do you skill – strength training approach (so every day except for sunday). Where and how do I fit in my mobility routine? I miss this part in a lot of videos while I thing this is essential to get better at skills too. For example. Monday I do planche/push workout, is it wise to do my full body hour long mobility routine in the evening? Or is that too much activity for the muscles on one day?

    I would love to hear this man. Thanks SO much again.

    Cheers from Amsterdam.

  22. Gabo, I understand it is important to have a full range of motion in the joints for calisthenics practice. However, through surgeries the last two years I am permanently unable to get normal full shoulder and scapula range of motion. Is it worthwhile or potentially injurious to return to regressed movements done with a partial range of motion? I don't want to keep shrinking and feeling weak. I am 53 and turning to mush without real strength training.

  23. Awesome Video! I've never seen a video like this before on Calisthenics. Exactly what i needed right now. Subscribed! Greeitings from Germany; keep going Gabo! 😀

  24. Gabo quiero ser como tú! bueno luego de ese inevitable alago te hago mi pregunta hahah. Como sería lo ideal para organizar entrenamiento de fuerza/hipertrofia junto con entrenamiento de flexibilidad o "stretching"? seria primero fuerza y a finalizar hacer estiramientos profundos de mínimo un minuto o más? Para ganar flexibilidad estilo gimnasta/bailarin, y seguí ganando fuerza y masa muscular porsupuesto.
    eso muchas gracias!

  25. Hi Gabo, awesome content!!
    I’m not so sure how to combine the informations from all your videos into my training though.
    For example in the video of how to train for skill you recommend a routine to practice for front lever to do 2 to 3 times a week.
    On the video around skill training vs strength training the first week example only have 1 day to train for front lever, together with the back workout (which would be a very long training if I rest between 2-5 min to gain strength).
    In the pull routine video you recommend do it 2-3 times a week and same thing for the push routine video.
    I’m confused on which video and routines to follow. Specially where should I focus if I only have 1 hour to workout 4 times per week (doesn’t seem enough to do the skill and strength training).

  26. In the world of physical challenge strength is what you enjoy while your skill is enjoyed by others. In weight lifting you enjoy ,but your gymnastics skills are ENJOYING by many.

  27. Hi Gabo. i am new to this movement and i am enjoying it tremendously. Question in my morning session i am doing pushups and pull ups, is this a good thing or a bad thing

  28. Gabo, en el día de habilidades debería entrenar pseudo pushps como ejercicio complementario para plancha, o debería hacerlo en el día de entrenamiento de fuerza(básicos)?? Muchas gracias!

  29. Thank you for this video. My biggest struggle has always been trying to combine skill and strength training in the most optimal way.

  30. Hey Gabo good video👍but I have a question about the second method: when you say high reps to you mean endurance workout?

  31. I watched because I was confuse how to structure my training for my strength and skills training. Method 2 would work for me. Lets see. Thank you Gabo for this video.

  32. I was recently thinking about doing one day of skills followed by one day of full body routine, which is exactly the second routine that you mentioned in the video. Is a full body routine good or bad if it's after skill day? Currently training for tuck planche and for mastering the L-sit(can hold for 7 seconds max but shaky).

    Thank you 🙂

  33. Hello, in one day where I train skill and strength as two sessions as you mentioned with your training, when do you train mobility and flexibility? Before skill, before strength, in between rest times or right after? Could you please let me know where to put flexibility and mobility routines?

  34. Great video Gabo. You cleared many doubts I had for months.This channel's content is different than other calisthenics channels out there and also more detailed

  35. Is muscle ups
    Pistol squats
    Dragom flag raises
    Good example of Full body workout just thoose 3 exercises? AND how Many Set would you do GABO ?

  36. You mentioned grease the groove method. What specific styles should i approach if i want strength. Most of the info i got for gtg is that It's only designed for skill building (frequency of practice.)

  37. Bro I literally never comment on videos but I've been working out about a year now and shit I've never seen such a perfect video :
    – soothing background music (don't know why I put that 1st)
    – super detailed information
    – very logical and easy to understand
    – so many useful tips
    – and finally, cool chill nice guy

    Anyway, just thought I should share my opinion

    (Edits : typos)

  38. Gabo, the quality of your content is incredible. The most helpful channel on YouTube for calisthenics and general optimum fitness. Extremely well done. I can most certainly see your channel reaching 1 million subs in the near future. Thank you.

  39. Beautiful Gabo. I was doing just that. Only question i have is: after skill training ( planche,handstand)when im doing strenght for the same muscles used,how many sets,reps per excercise and how many excercises should i do? Answer would be much apriciated,Thank you. 🙏

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