HOW TO RUN A MARATHON | My Training – Mileage & Strength Training | Episode 2

hey guys and welcome back to my channel
and welcome back to my marathon series you if you guys are new here hello and
welcome my name is Becca I’m a registered dietitian so I make lots of
nutrition and health as well as some lifestyle videos and now I’ll be making
some frequency running videos here on my channel because I am gearing up to run
my second marathon in a few months and I wanted to kind of share with share with
you guys this process that I am going through so if you guys haven’t seen the
first episode in my series yet definitely go over and watch that I
shared my top tips on health to get into running and if you’re going to run
basically all the things that you really want to know and be aware of so they are
super helpful so definitely go watch that video if you have first but for
today’s video the topic is going to be all about my training program what
exactly I’m doing what I’m using how I’m building mileage and then of course if
I’m doing any other exercise other than running like strength training which I
am and I will get into but just to give you guys a quick rundown how these
episodes are going to go from here on out every episode or video will have its
own topic like today is going to be all about how I’m training I also want to do
a whole video on how to eat and fuel for running also like you know how to get
good at run and how to actually enjoy it water all my tips for that I have so
many topics that I can’t wait to dive into and kind of discuss with you guys
and teach you guys about but also in every video I’m going to be sharing one
tip just something that I’m learning kind of along the way or something I
think is just really important to know I already shared all of my top tips in
that first episode but I’m also going to share an additional tip of each video
and at the end of the video I will just kind of give you guys an update on where
I am my training how I’m feeling I thought all of that good stuff okay so
now to actually jump into the video so as far as my training I am following one
of the hell higdon guys I mentioned this in the first episode and I said I was
going to be following the novice Wan guide which is what I used and followed
for my first marathon but actually I changed my mind in like first week and
I’m actually going to follow the novice to that
so not that much more difficult nothing crazy but it is just a little bit of a
step up and I just decided that I wanted to just kick it up a notch with this
next marathon and just challenge myself to slightly more so I will be following
the novice to guide I will link it down below underneath every single one of
these videos in this series so you can always go on there if you’re curious to
see like where I’m at in my training and what I’m going to be running that week
my first week was the week of June 5th so from there on out the weeks will just
kind of follow along so for the training basically I have four runs every single
week I have three midweek runs that are shorter and then there is always a long
run on the weekend so typically the shorter runs in the midweek there’s like
two short runs one medium run and then the long run is all the weekend so you
kind of gradually build mileage as far as the midweek runs and with the long
run especially but there are a few longer runs that are like drop back
weeks so you’ll run like a little bit less but for example I am in week two
right now I’m not totally sure when this video is going up because I’m pre
filming a lot of videos are announced we’re about to communication so I’m not
sure which week I’ll be in when this goes live but right now I’m going week
two so I have a three mile run a five mile run another three mile run and then
a nine mile run so obviously that leaves three other days where you’re not
running so one of those days I do a strength training workout I mainly just
work my legs and then also do some core exercises and then there are other two
other days that aren’t taken up and those are like cross-training days you
could do you know elliptical or you know I personally just do walking it’s just
something that’s not running you don’t want it to be something that
high-intensity like for example tennis would be a terrible idea it’s a lot of
like you know it’s hard on your knees so you want to do something that’s easy
it’s not running and it’s not going to put too much stress on your body but
basically just to get you moving so if you look at like the help Higden guide
he you know assigned certain run to certain days I don’t follow that exactly
I do follow the mileage for the week and distances of the runs but I don’t follow
it exactly so for example my training breakdown every Monday I view a short
run so for example this week would be three miles every Tuesday I do the
medium run this week would be five miles on Wednesday I do my strength training
workout legs and AB and then on Thursday I do the other short run Friday is a
cross-training day and then Saturdays are when I do my long runs and then
Sunday is another cross-training day so basically just try and go for a little
half an hour walk is usually my goal so obviously the running part is pretty
straightforward I just go out and run however many miles or whatever the
distance is required for that particular day but as far as the strength training
goes I choose to work my legs and my ABS legs obviously are a huge part of
running and the stronger your legs are obviously the more powerful you can be
in your run and also just the better that you can potentially feel if your
legs are stronger of course and then also core is really important in running
as well I will be honest I freaking hate ab workouts I just do not enjoy them but
the stronger your core is the better your form is and it really does help
with running so it’s important to do it so at this point in time I’m just
dedicating one day of the week because let’s be honest I don’t get too crazy
with my memory training I did it the first time around I just followed the
novice one tell me the guide and I thought all about how my first marathon
went in the first episode but basically it went amazing and it felt great so I’m
not trying to break any records here or you know totally kill myself with
training I’m just trying to do what’s right for my body and for our strength
training and then also just following the mileage so like I said I’ve used
this strength training workout once a week I watched it look down below
exactly what I do if you guys are curious to see like what moves I’m
actually doing and I basically just have like a leg circuit and an AB circuit and
I repeat each of them twice and it’s a good workout I get really sweaty and I
definitely do feel it I do also have I use either 5 or 10 pound dumbbells
depending on the exercise that’s just what I have in my house so that is what
I use so yes that is it as far as my training break down that is pretty
straightforward you just I put the effort in and actions all
along so again it’s four days of running one day of strength training and a two
days of cross-training I will list and link everything down below so if you’re
curious to see actual details as far as the running I am following that schedule
three much to achieve but then as far as the strength training I personally
sometimes get bored so I may switch it up throughout the marathon training
journey and if I do I will let you guys know in like an updated video and just
list whatever is a new workout so I’m doing down below in that description box
so next I want to share with you guys my tip for this video and that is getting
adequate sleep so I know that this can be difficult it is sometimes so hard to
just get in bed and then also there are outside factors like having kids or
babies or dogs that wake you up in the middle the night so obviously I know
this is difficult for anyone but it is so freaking important it’s crazy so we
all know that getting adequate sleep is important but it didn’t really occur to
me like how much a bad night’s sleep or not getting access we can really take a
toll on your body until a run that I had the other week I just had a terrible
night’s sleep really I it was my own fault because I decided to sit down like
9 o’clock at night start working at my computer which was just a terrible
terrible idea because then I like to have been around 10:00 and when I
finally went to bed my head was spinning I was just like I was not calm at all
and when I finally did fall asleep I just had the most restless at night’s
sleep ever and woke up feeling so groggy and like I was driving with feet on the
ground but it is hot here so I need to get out the door and get my run in in
the morning so off I went and I felt so sluggish and so horrible and it’s just
really interesting to me like this you know this happens all the time and
normally you know we just get ourselves out of bed and we get off to work and
whatever and that’s it maybe we’ll have a little extra coffee or you know
whatever it is to kind of just stimulate ourselves and kind of just cancel out
that really sleepy grogginess but when you have to get up and get out the door
and like immediately get into some intense physical activity it really
shows you a or it you can’t just you know caffeinate
yourself more to mask it so it’s just really interesting it was like very
eye-opening for me so that is my tip make sure you are getting a good night’s
sleep before all of your runs but especially your long run because that is
obviously your most difficult runs of the week and then lastly I just wanted
to tell you guys a little bit about how I’m doing as far as my training am i
running so we are still in the very early stages like I said I’m currently
in week two not sure what week I will be honest when this goes live I’ll just put
it here so you guys can know but yeah in a nutshell things are going well I did
have that one run that was just a little sluggish and tough to get through just
need to be careful of how I’m sleeping from here on out but everything has been
going well other than that the brunch I felt felt pretty good I did have my long
retorts to date with eight miles and a little nervous about it because I’ve
just I haven’t run that long in I mean since the last marathon training over a
year ago so I didn’t really know how gonna go but it turned out to be great
the weather was pretty good it wasn’t too hot because I got out early and I
felt honestly really great the whole time better than I would have expected
so that was kind of nice to like set the tone for the rest of the training so we
will see how the rest of the run go like I said we are going on vacation very
soon we will probably be there by the time you’re watching this video so you
can go my Instagram and snapchat and see where we are but I will be doing a lot
of runs over there of course is we’re going to be there for a decent amount of
time which honestly gives me a lot of anxiety I get just really nervous about
running in unfamiliar places like they’re going to be hilly over the
course I just get to be my little comfort zone and I feel much better
obviously running in that the clintons that I’m familiar with because I don’t
expect so that definitely gave me a little bit of anxiety but I’m just going
to like try and be really chill about it and just don’t worry about too much just
get my runs in and it’s probably kind of good things that will force me to
exercise and not like drink too much or too much on vacation because I got to
get up at broad cuz I’m the kind of person where I will stick to the
training like I am NOT just going to well I’m on vacation I’ll figure it out
my like that would give me so much more
anxiety to like to totally have the vacation vacation be a wash as far as
training go so I am definitely going to be sitting to the training while I’m
there that’s just my personality I’m very determined when it comes to that
kind of stuff so hopefully think so well the forces aren’t too difficult in hilly
Shores belt so you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out how that goes because
I’m sure I will definitely talk about it in the next video but that is all I have
for this video today I hope that you guys enjoyed watching it I hope that you
were able to learn from it if you are currently training for a half marathon
or marathon or 5k whatever it is I hope your training is going well we’d love to
hear about it down in the comments below but that is all I have make sure to
subscribe if you’re enjoying my videos follow me on Instagram and snapchat so
we can hang out on there and I hope to see you guys in the next video bye you

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