How to Start the Keto Diet: 18 Beginner Tips I Wish I Would Have Known! (The Ultimate Keto Guide)

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  1. Hey Malia can I please have a shout out your next video of this, and heart I love you guys so much you guys help me out so much with saving my money

  2. I know I don't typically do KETO videos.. but I did want to share this with you guys in case you wanted to do it too! Let me know if you want more KETO Diet videos in the future! 🙂

  3. I would love some healthy eating tips but not necessarily keto. I'm not interested in losing weight but need to start eating better.

  4. One pound of muscle and one pound of fat weigh the same. The density is different not the weight. Fat takes up more volume or space than muscle. So just like 1lb of rocks and 1lb of feathers weighs the same so does muscle and fat.

  5. Great video for people wanting to get info and a experience from someone who had tried it. , my brother is a nutrionist who swears by keto. We have lived keto as well. I would just warn that everyones body is different and reacts different to keto. So the ratio of carbs, fats and protein are different based on body type and metabolism. Everyone also doesn't go through keto flu or keto plateau like you stated.. People react differently.

  6. Thank-you so much this video was really useful to me.. I have gained 20kgs extra and was planning to lose weight… 😘😍

  7. I would love to hear more of what and what not to eat on keto. My husband and I just were just on it for only about 2 weeks. It wasn't too bad, the part that was hard for me was giving up of sweets. I wouldn't mind it so much, but all the keto sweet recipes were awful and left a horrible bitter after taste. I would love to hear what you did as far as sweets. Also, a hard part was a lot of the ingredients for all the new recipes were pretty expensive. If you would be willing to share where you got a lot of your ingredients would be awesome!

  8. Not on the keto but just diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I would be interested in food that's I can eat too! Please do the next video! Thanks 😘

  9. Yes yes and yes! Please do more keto videos! I would love to see a video of foods to eat and not eat on keto and also maybe a video of keto recipes or meals you were making for yourself on keto. I plan to start in these next 2 weeks, I'm loving this video!

  10. I love Keto and it definitely works. Only thing for me was I had to go lower carb rather than keto because it messed with my hypothyroidism. 😢 bummer

  11. I didn't know you were doing keto! Grocery haul?? I have done keto off and on for over a year. I feel so much better when on. I've never gone through the keto flu-yay!

  12. I love this video! My husband has been Keto for 7 months and has lost 70 + lbs 🎉🎉
    Also, there’s an incredible Instagram page for Keto meals: @ohmycozy_keto 😍🍽

  13. I would love to see more keto vlogs! Like meal ideas, dessert recipes, yay or nay foods and maybe a grocery shopping keto! Thanks Melea love your vlogs

  14. Hello ima beginner on keto and im also pre diabetic i would like more information on this particular diet so that i can see good results because I want to reach a healthy weight

  15. I am an RN and would not recommend people start taking potassium without talking to your doctor and having lab work done first. Over doing potassium can be just as dangerous to your health as not having enough. When giving potassium to patients their lab values are also closely monitored particularly if they have heart conditions- wouldn’t recommend people to start randomly taking potassium.

  16. Melea can you pretty please do a few days of eating?? I need quick easy meal ideas that are realistic on a budget and also realistic for cooking for my family as well! I’m struggling with coming up with meal combos that are just the right amount of macros… I feel it’s either too high in protein or not enough healthy fats
    I’m trying so hard to understand the diet and how it works but I need real life examples of how you eat everyday that isn’t processed Keto foods or powders! I can’t afford those! Thanks!!

  17. I think i no need any diet because i eat lot and lot but i never get fat stilll thin and lean as u can see in my profile but its a nice viedio i can recomend to my friends

  18. Dear melea
    How can i find out the requirement for potassium and magnisium, i want to start taking these supplements as i m On keto, plus also i am using stevia as a sugar supplemet. Is it ok?

  19. Yes, give us more on the Keto Diet. My doctor has put me on this diet and I am finding it extremely hard to stay in tract especially when traveling.

  20. This was great! I was on Keto for five weeks and felt amazing but I didn’t get enough electrolytes and I was eating a bit much of protein. I failed lol I am retrying. I haven’t done Keto since like in July this year 2018. I’m ready to start it again!! I loved it soooooooooo much!!!! This time I WILL DO IT RIGHT!!

  21. I am VERY INTERESTED in any videos about the keto diet, you look fantastic! Great job, you are very disciplined:)

  22. I’m brand new and researching this thanks so much for an informative vlog best I’ve found! Plz do more on keto

  23. I had to subscribe! I've loved watching your helpful Disney videos and now see you doing a video on Keto! Two things that are big parts of my lifestyle: Disney & Keto lol. We just booked a trip with Costco to Disneyland March 1st and it's my keto cheat trip. I haven't cheated on my keto diet EVER and I can't think of a better way to spend my cheats than with mickey bars, popcorn, churros, and mickey pretzels! So excited!

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