How To Stop Premature Ejaculation | Premature Ejaculation Cure | How To Increase Stamina In Bed

You’re about to learn how to stop
premature ejaculation so you can satisfy your woman
so imagine right now you’re having sex you’re Sailaja cock inside her oh it’s
beautiful it’s warm it’s wet you start thrusting and feels amazing that magical
feeling rushing through your body and then almost instantly you start to feel
that sensation you’re about to cum you’re about to cum far too quickly you
lose control shoot your load you try and block it out but no splash ejaculation
everywhere you’ll feel embarrassed so you’ll say oh I’m sorry oh doesn’t
usually happen or some bullshit she says oh that’s okay
but you can see how disappointed she is she kind of looks down looks away oh
that’s okay now of course over time she’s gonna feel not very satisfied with
you and she’s not gonna feel very happy with you or your relationship and then
what happens of course is she finds another guy now imagine if the shoe was
on the other foot imagine if she stopped sex after just 30
seconds or after does one minute and left you horny as with a throbbing hard
dick and blue balls on the next level you’re gonna get pretty pissed off and
you’re gonna start screwing other chicks so here’s some basic ways to queue up
premature ejaculation there’s two basic reasons why you come too fast
one is physical because it feels good in particular on the head of your penis and
the other is psychological cause you’re so mentally and psychologically turned
on by your sexy girl so you’ve got to either decrease the physical stimulation
or decrease the mental stimulation first let’s talk about decreasing the physical
stimulation so you’ll notice when your girls on top of you and she’s riding
away that she doesn’t go up and down in and out like you do she kind of grinds
back and forth keeping the full length of your cock inside her and she’s either
rubbing her clip on your pubic Mound or she’s rubbing your cock against her
g-spot and you’ll notice that it takes you a lot longer to come that way so
when you’re in control keep the full length or at least most of the length of
your penis inside her and grind in the same motion that she does this minimizes
the stimulation on the head of your penis also you can
actually learn something from porn now porn is a terrible teacher
it does not teach men the right thing it’s very good for women women should
watch it to learn what men want but for men it’s a very bad teacher however they
do one interesting thing between positions when the guy pulls his cock
out he often slaps the cock on the woman now this is it looks kind of erotic but
there’s actually a reason behind this if these sensitizes the penis kind of
shakes it up a bit and desensitizes it and takes him a further away from
ejaculation so you can do something similar but obviously don’t do it every
30 seconds cuz you look like a real dickhead
now on the psychological side of things if your mind is preoccupied with another
idea something else something not sexual you’ll be less aroused so you can try
thinking of non-sexual things now this is obviously not a very cool thing to do
and it’s a bit of a cliche and it is weird however it works now you’re not
gonna enjoy it as much and neither will she but typically what happens is the
more you have sex with a girl the easier it is to last longer when you’re inside
her so if you just do this the first few times no problems and also try and do it
when you’re in a position where she can’t see your face because she’ll get a
sense that you’re maybe not quite in the moment you know so doggy style or
spooning position or what-have-you don’t do it when you’re looking right
into her eyes now aside from all the the psychological stuff and the physical
stuff you can also just have more foreplay
that’s one of the number one complaints I hear from women is there’s not enough
foreplay from men so you can learn things like how to make her orgasm with
a clitoris with a g-spot while eating her out
give her a squirting orgasm you know all these wonderful things with your mouth
and with your fingers and something really cool happens when you do this
you’re hard the whole time so your body starts to get used to being hard but not
ejaculating so if you’re playing around with her for half an hour 45 minutes and
not coming you’re really training your cock again to stay hard but not to
ejaculate I have many sex education videos related to women’s orgasm check
them out clean orgasms g-spot orgasms oral sex squirting orgasms for the most
advanced the material that I’m not allowed to
show you here on YouTube you can go to my website my blowing lava calm the link
is in the description below

27 Replies to “How To Stop Premature Ejaculation | Premature Ejaculation Cure | How To Increase Stamina In Bed”

  1. How can the woman be disappointed if they don't orgasm from intercourse ??. LOL. and most of your video,s are about fingering and licking. so you confirm what I say.

  2. When I met my wife ten years ago the first five years used to last 4-5 hours and now it more like 30 mins to 45 mins

  3. Gotta add here that my fiancé struggles with this massively and I’ve been with him for 9 years … wouldn’t leave him for another man no matter how sexually frustrated I get

  4. You are brilliant sir… Thanks, it most definitely works. Although when i hav sex after a long time i blow my load quicker but overall, your technique has helped me alot. Thank you.

  5. Love your vids man.

    Premature ejaculation is more of a sign of a weak foreplay game.

    A women actually orgasms faster or just as fast as a man. It’s just that the fore play and teasing needs to be a solid 20-45 mins. When they are begging for the D, they come fast.

    Makes sense from a biological evolutionary point of view also.

  6. Honest question sometimes after too much foreplay I tend to go soft usually after a few minutes of intercourse ive always kinda assumed when it happens (not very often) its because penis gets numb or something… and then she has to stop and give me oral to get it going again… and sometimes when she's on top going to fast or when i am pounding away fast (per her request) it goes numb after a few minutes and she has to stop and get it hard again….not always but sometimes… the good thing is that she can cum within seconds over and over… and even after i finish she can keep cumming as long as im still inside of her even if im limp…
    Another thing I Noticed in this video about trying not to ejaculate too fast is sometimes when I get too close I'll stop to try to do something else like for play but it seems that if I get too close and then stop to switch it up itll just go soft and that's it…. I don't usually have these problems but sometimes it will happen and I'm not a premature ejaculator and my woman is a very wet very sexually driven horny woman in a lot of the time she likes her clit to be rubbed really fast not all women are the sameObviously… But I'm glad I stumbled on this channel I can't wait til she gets home tonight haha

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