How to STRENGTH TRAIN in the weeks before YOUR TRIATHLON race

– [Instructor] Morning trainiacs, that was a 3600 meter swim,
cut down from about 45, cause I’m in a rush; I gotta get home. My brother’s lady is coming over. She just got her massage
therapy certificate. I’m gonna get me a rub down
before race season starts. And then later, speaking of race season, we’re doing a strength workout, but it’s not a strength
workout like strength workouts that I’ve been talking about, it is a race season
specific strength workout. Let’s do it! (upbeat techno music) Whoo, whoa, I feel all loose and limber now, like a wet noodle. Massages, easily one of the best things you can do for your overall
health, your sports performance, your back health, your
neck health, oh, it’s good. Alright, so we are now
two and a half weeks away from half Ironman Coeur d’Alene and we are still doing
strength workouts here. However, the strength workouts
are quite a bit different. And I know that there was
really big heavy strength in the off season and
there’s mobility strength close to race season, well
now in the last six weeks before a key race, you
wanna switch it up to power and speed building mobility
workouts, like this one. (soothing techno music) ♪ She turned your world upside and down ♪ ♪ And I don’t feel like
I wanna wear the crown ♪ ♪ Oh have you heard about the free world ♪ ♪ Is it true, what they say ♪ ♪ Oh, can’t help I’m feeling so low ♪ ♪ And I can’t seem to go
on without your love ♪ – [Instructor] Okay, so
in the last six weeks before a big race, and
this isn’t six weeks before race season, this is
six weeks before a big race, you wanna taper down from the
explosive strength building. Actually, let me back it up. In the Winter, main off season,
you’re doing really big, heavy lifts; you’re building raw power. Then, we start transitioning into strength building workouts, where we’re trying to bridge the gap between that raw power with say, heavy deadlifts, and explosive movements, something a little bit more functional. So at that point you’re
talking about box jumps, you’re talking about one-legged jumps, we’re talking about some TRX work, we’re talking about band work,
little bit more functional. Feet on the ground, a little
bit closer to running. But in the last six
weeks before a big race, even those become too catabolic. Strength training breaks your
body down to build it back up. As you start getting
within the last six weeks before a big race, all of your running, all of your swimming, all of your cycling is really increasing and to increase that, while at the same time
trying to build strength, you’re not going to be
doing either very well. So in the last six
weeks before a big race, you wanna be increasing all
of that endurance activity and you wanna be tapering
down all of the strength work that we did and increasing,
still a little bit of strength, but it’s
a lot more functional. So as you saw out there,
everything is very explosive-based. It’s pushing and then jumping; it’s pushing and then sprinting. We’re getting really close
to strength-based movements that mimic running, that mimic cycling. But it’s light weight; it’s
a 10 pound medicine ball. It’s maybe just some body
weight on a TRX machine. It’s the lightest of light
stretchy bands that you can find. What are the workouts that you should do? Well. You can do variations of box jumps, even starting from a
seated position, like that. You can do bar bell
workouts, but it’s gonna be a fast up and then a slow down, really lightweight,
fast up and a slow down. You can simulate a little bit of running with a resistance band and get you in the habit of that forward leap. Damn, that looks good, so fast. You can do really, really light
kettle bell work, focusing on that nice snap into good
upright posture, oh yeah! But really, if you want full routines of all of this, what I’d recommend is getting Running
Rewired by Jay Dicharry. This is the inspiration I use for a lot of the strength workouts
that I’ve been doing since I’ve tapered off of
doing the really heavy stuff. This is really good for mobility, for body awareness, for fixing
faults that you might have, so I will put a link in
the description below to where you can get this on Amazon. It is an affiliate link,
so if you buy this book or anything on Amazon within the 24 hours after clicking through that link, it doesn’t cost you anything
extra but it really helps us out because we get a
small commission from Amazon. And I’m still trying to
get Jay on the podcast. Damn guy with his kids,
ruining schedules, god! So there you go, trainiacs. Within the last six
weeks before a big race, taper off of the really heavy weights, go to lighter weights, higher reps, very explosive, and you know what? Right before a race, like the week before and the week after, do yourself a favor, give your body a break. Be friends to your body. There you go, trainiacs. If you aren’t already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below, and if you are subscribed and
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with these nine-inch guns.

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