How To Talk About Your Strengths and Weaknesses | Mock Interviews | How to Prepare for an Interview

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  1. I need a partner for improving speaking skill. Any body want can contact on whatsapp number 0093793346999

  2. I've been thinking about a SECOND JOB lately. I'm not unemployed, and I'm not intending to quit my current job or even retire, obviously, and above all I like to do what I do for a living, but detailed information about job interviews is something that I really need to learn, in case I need to use it for a second job, in the future, who knows (???). The point about it is that I wanna do something bigger, something like speaking a foreign language or stuff, something related to a foreign language, you know, 'cause helping others by speaking English for example gives me a lot of pleasure and making money by doing something I enjoy doing is a dream that I really wanted it to become true. And looking at it from a different perspective, I'm sure this video is a lot helpful. Thank you so much indeed for this awesome video. I really appreciate it

  3. Thank you Rachel!
     Could you please make a video about the pronouciation of -s or -se at the end of the English words? Because sometimes it read -z, and the other time it read -s, which make me confused. Thank you!

  4. Hi Rachel, thank you for your awesome videos. I have a question about ''feel like'. You mentioned in one of your morning routine videos that it means 'want', but in this video, it seems that 'feel like' has a different meaning in 'she doesn't feel like she has to dive into all of them right away' (6.47'). Does it mean 'think' here?

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