How two female Republican senators stood their ground and shaped the health-care debate

The Republicans hurried and harrowing effort to pass a bill repealing, and ideally replacing, the Affordable Care Act, faced persistent opposition from two Republican senators: Lisa Murkowski from Alaska and Susan Collins from Maine. Sidelined from the Republican leadership’s main working group at the beginning of the process, the two lawmakers repeatedly voiced their concerns about the bill – Murkowski: Give us the time. Collins: I don’t think that’s a good approach – in the face of growing pressure from their party and Increasingly personal, sometimes gendered attacks as the vote got closer. Collins and Murkowski’s main concerns with the Republicans’ multiple health-care proposals were related to the lack of transparency and bipartisanship in the drafting phases and the funding cuts to Medicaid and Planned Parenthood. Protesters: What do we want? Healthcare! When do we want it? Now! When voting started, Collins and Murkowski were the only two senators to vote against every Republican measure proposed – Vice President Pence: On this vote, the yays are 50 and the nays are 50. the motion to proceed to debate Presiding officer: the motion is not agreed to and all three GOP health-care plans – Presiding officer: the amendment is not agreed to … the amendments not agreed to even as multiple Republicans tried to convince Murkowski to vote for the final “skinny repeal” bill on the Senate floor. Ms. Murkowski? No. With the Republicans’ seven-year push to erase the ACA halted, the senators may get their wish to work more deliberatively on a bipartisan health-care bill.

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  1. Trump should sign an EO forcing every member of Congress and their staffs to come into the Obamacare system…

  2. Trump should have let obamaKare die….from the onset….let the Dems eat it. After all, it was designed to fail.

  3. Two bought off whores! How do they have net worth of millions on Senator salary? Lied to their constituents. We will have to wait for the "affordable" health care act to implode. We could have avoided the pain and suffering on the hard working people who will shoulder that burden until that time. I say let all government employees and public servants pay for "Obamacare" out of pocket as the rest of the private sector. Why should the tax burden of all subsidize the healthcare of the few? There will be some squealing that day!

  4. Very few Senators & Congressmen really know much regarding health care. That's why they continue to bark up the wrong tree. Going after Insurance does almost nothing to reduce costs. It sounds simple but it is, nonetheless. true. Reducing the costs of HEALTHCARE is the way to reduce the closets of health care. Insurance premiums will go down if health care costs go down. I really know how but who the hell in power would listen to me? The only people who can afford OBAMACARE are those with total, or almost total, subsidies.

  5. Trump thinks Americans are stupid… or he is! Does he really think people believe that no health-care is better than what they have?

    Psychology Today has an article about his probable mental condition which puts him out of touch with reality; maybe that is the problem!!! There is obviously something wrong with him.


  7. The Republican's made their attacks personal. Would anybody with any sense of pride give in to such attacks? Do that to me and I'll be your worst enemy. I don't blame these women from doing the same.

  8. THE aca ISNT WORKING FOR EVERYONE. the left will tell you Trump wants to take away healthcare and kill millions blah blah blah…. why the left cant admit the ACA could use some work and changes is beyond me. instead of working with their colleagues to MAKE IT BETTER!! THEY OBSTRUCT this administrations every move. WHETHER they are Republicans or Democrats, THEY WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! not themselves and their own agendas!! we pay these people to represent us!!

  9. I love how some Americans are stupid enough to think that just because the Republicans have a majority, they all want the same thing. Like seriously how naive can you be.

  10. All these little Nancy-boy Republicans bleating that ObamaCare is "dying" with no proof. Why do they have no proof? Because, as idiots, they just memorize what they are told without asking any questions…

  11. These two are RINO's. Not to mention that Murkowski voted FOR repeal when she knew Obama would repeal it. What a self-centered opportunist – she needs to GO!

  12. Murkowski and Collins have more balls than all these old white men put together. Vote them in for president and VP 2020.

  13. RINO for sure. President Trump needs to make an executive order that all Dem and Rep be forced to have Obamacare and see how they like what is being forced on the public. I hear horror stories of this nightmare being forced on Americans that seems to be nothing more than a back door to redistribution of wealth. Do the math, listen to the people that had decent insurance before, premiums and deductibles unaffordable, lie after lie told to the public.

  14. Stupid ass paid under the table peeps… There were no gender attack on these two women stop spreading hate towards women.

  15. I remember when they were Enemy Number One when they voted against the Affordable Health Care. Oh how fickle the media are.

  16. They're not Republicans…they're worthless pieces of shit and they should be taken out back and dealt with.

  17. Both of them don't care about America they care about Homosexuals having their own agenda in this country , both of them are lesbian traitors and must be stopped, they don't deserve to be anywhere in our Gov.
    May God and his son Jesus Bless everyone who reads this message Amen;Amen

  18. 2 women with always something to prove and an old fart with a brain tumor is whats keeping Americans uninsured with medicare. smh……… fucking liberal left shits are destroying the world. fucking liberals want their children to be transexual snow flakes with their safe spaces. wish we could kill them all.

  19. That's just great, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Susan Collins! You're the only 2 Republicans who really are thinking for the welfare of the people! Thank you!

  20. I don't like trump but I am a republican but really Washington post of course you would exclude John McClain as he is a man and fuck men


  22. Those GOP senators who voted no saved their party's ass. If Trumpcare had passed and millions were left without health care the Republican party would've been in deep sh..t come November. That probably would've been the only good thing.

  23. I predict there's 2 old bitches that won't be in their office after the next election. Guess who they are.

  24. OMG! I just realized this is the Washington compost site! No wonder it's full of brainwashed fools! ARRRGGGHHH!

  25. Bullying should NEVER happen! All of the Representatives (who do they represent?) should vote the majority will of their constituents. These women have backbone! Too bad more Representatives do not.

  26. Look at that like/dislike ratio….. Looks like these republican motherfuckers really don't like women. I'm sooooooooo surprised.

  27. do you like making your self look dumb cause honestly at this point it just makes me mad there your still doing things that make you look dumb.

  28. The only two republicans with balls! 😂 honestly tho I LOVED Mccains dramatic vote casting. That dude is going out doing the right thing for his country…iconic

  29. How they stood their ground,the same way McShame stood his ground,they stuffed all that bribe money in their off shore accounts or maybe laundered it through McShames charity foundation the same way Hillary would of done.

  30. You guys are literally fucking retarded. Hating on Dems for their shitty healthcare but championing Trumps incompetent ass for a bill that's even worse? Jesus fucking Christ. The idiocy is astounding.

  31. Repeal and replace with single payer. Allow Medicare for all, and allow Medicare to barter with pharmaceutical companies.

    Then and only then, with the power of collective bargaining, will you see costs go down at a commendable rate.

  32. Illogic of default
    1 Theories A+B
    2 Theory A supported by evidence.
    3 Theory B supported by no evidence.
    I cant explain theory A because my dad bought my degree so theory B must be correct

  33. Merican's are being PLAYED by the insurance and pharma companies. If your senator or congress didn't have to spend half their waking hours kissing ass for donations for their next election, maybe, just maybe you'd get something the people want/need/deserve.

  34. What it shows, is if anyone has some guts it is the women to stand up against bully and tyranny. Among all the "congressmen" only two women had the courage to bring the change to stand up for the right thing against all odds! Kuddos to them! This is what is true leadership. Men have no right to claim leadership when they are gutless and cannot see what is right. It seems to me, very soon, if the world will be saved, it will be through women's hands. Time is changing…

  35. Fake News. Video should be titled: How two female Republican senators betrayed their constituents and ruined the health-care debate.

  36. These two have had the courage to do what's right despite political and physical threats. McCain then strolled in at the last minute and got credit for being the hero. Thank you, Senators Murkowski and Collins, for taking care of us regardless of the consequences to yourselves.

  37. Do you know what trickle down economics means? It means you should be patient and wait for the food scraps that Trump and his Goldman Sachs billionaire cabinet throw your way. Good dog…

  38. All racist people see and think is that welfare helps black people and minorities and Trump would stop that, even though majority of people on welfare are white. But when you'r dumb and racist you think a rich white guy president would help the white people and not the minorities. If he's going to cut welfare he's going to cut it for all not just minorities. Why would a rich guy give a shit about the poor, how gullible can you get.

  39. It's good that the multiple bill failures can lead to a BIPARTISAN bill, the GOP needs to learn how to share values with democrats and actually work with them on healthcare instead of hiding their plans and being sneaky like the last bill

  40. Its important to point out that these two senators are also fully exempt from the affordable care act.

  41. Thanks ladies. Maybe you can both pitch in and pay for my 1800$ fine from the irs for not having Obama care. I could barely afford my small business insurance before. Now that leaves me uninsured plus I get fined. That's awesome thanks.

  42. Fix: make all drugs behind the counter but legal without a prescription. for every abuser they will still pay tax and its better to get clean drugs than street laced poison and for smart people it saves thousands and dumb people; well their f-cking dumb and their a price for that.

  43. Butt hurt feminazi RINOS with bitchy little revenge agendas just like the 3rd bitch, McCain. Shameful treatment of Americans who overwhelmingly want this horrible Obama care crap gone!

  44. get rid of the penaltys and mandates, let us Americans decide what we want don't punish hard working families over $2000 we can barely afford rent and the cost of living keeps rising.

  45. Had SEVEN YEARS now well we don't know !!! Take their Ameracare away and give them Obamacare. If they had to live with Obamacare for a day they would repeal it now!!!

  46. REPEAL IT . Its killing AMERICA. Obama lied about every aspect of ACA an the media let him get away with the lie . My insurance no pre existing went from $455 to $1722 a month with a $5000 deductible. All the taxes and penalties kick in this year because Obama was to much of a coward to let the full weight of his signature "screw you " to America while he was in office.

  47. Jeff Flake has had plenty to say about Trump. So has Bob Corker. Both are not seeking reelection. Yet they voted for this sham bill. Republican men have become eunuchs, bent over, hands on knees, as Trump dominates them doggy style. So two women and John McCain had to show them what having a spine really means.

  48. America is the only country who actually has people who don't what universal healthcare and say that it is socialist, undemocratic and other bs

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