Hows Does a C-Section Affect Laparoscopic Hysterectomy? – Renee Cotter, MD – Gynecology

– For a woman who’s had a
prior caesarean section, it does not exclude them from being able to have a laparoscopic approach. It is somewhat dependent
on the skill level of the gynecologist
performing the surgery. A gynecologist who is
comfortable handling scar tissue and adhesions can easily
perform a hysterectomy on a woman who’s had two or
three caesarian sections. You have to have more caution when there’s been bowel
surgery, but frequently, you can find an approach into the abdomen, in going underneath the
rib on the left-hand side, which allows you safe
entry into the abdomen to visualize scar tissue and adhesions, to then determine if a
woman who’s had potentially, like, bowel surgery, if she can still have a
laparoscopic approach.

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