Hula Hoop Basics: Vol 2 : Tips on Hula Hoop Stamina

From lasso, sometimes your hand starts to
get a little bit tired. Let’s talk about what we can do up in lasso to relieve the hand.
The first thing you can do is when the hoop comes into the palm of your hand, you can
turn with the hoop, allowing it to just float. Turn floating the hoop. Now let’s try prayer
position in the hoop. This looks really, really great and it’s pretty simple. As the hoop
makes an opening in front of the body right there, there, there, you’re going to take
your left hand or second hand, and I hoop to the left. You’re going to lift it up and
make a prayer position. Then the hoop will travel between your two thumbs and your pointer
finger. You can move around in a circle. You can squat down low, bring it back up, and
then go ahead and transfer to the left hand. It’s really important to get comfortable doing
this move with both the right and left hands. Once again, starting with the right hand.
You see that opening with the front of your body. Lift the left hand up. Prayer position.
Take the right hand down. Left hand hoop. This time, when the hoop rotates to your palm,
lift the first hand up. Try going back and forth. Left, right, left, right. You can turn
with this. You can alternate the hands quickly. Kind of passing the hoop back and forth. You
can turn with this. Prayer position. Squatting down low. Have fun with lasso, play with it,
make it your own. This is a great trick to start with the off the body.

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