HULK Vs. SAITAMA Animation (Full Version) -Taming The Beast

This city kinda empty Why hes running? What the hell is that?! Is that a werewolf!? Is it real?? What? Thank you sir, thank you, thank you Stop!! I thought you are a hero Are you monster? He survive Interesting Hes strong My turn! Very good Alright Heh heh heh He broke my arm Not again!! Hes falling back Oh no Hes gonna fall on the city Just like before Errggh Hes a live Youngman You are strong, you can kill me.. You have to Hes back I can’t hold him much longer Please.. do it now.. You are not a monster Lets fight again someday Green man

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  1. Don't miss after credit!!!
    Edit, March 2019 : Wow, so many people don't know Hulk have this kind of power. I guess not every one read comic Hulk. I'm currently working on Guile Vs Bucky (winter sondier), visits my community tab to see some bits.
    Done all this by my self guys, yes include that shitty voice, its my voice = =! Support me by hitting that SUBSCRIBE button will ya!! or i'm gonna……

    cry….. maybe……..

  2. All would of ended if saitama used “series of super serious punches”

    Edit : saitama moves over like 10x the speed of light so hulk must be god speed or this is inaccurate.go check out film theory’s “saitama vs caps shield” that will tell u.btw this is 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% of saitamas power lol.

  3. Hulk is so DUMB


    1 thunderclap and 1 punch man is pulp🙄😑👽

    (Edited:) But great job to whoever made this cool vid:) 😍

  4. Your missing the point of saitama….. It wouldnt even be close. It would be 5 mins of the hulk doing his thing only to get one punched. Get it….. One punch….. He literally wouldn't be one punch if he couldnt even beat the hulk with one punch

  5. Шо за пиздец тут тварица
    тут даже б персы из драгенбола б нихуя не смоглиб сделать

  6. What is this? Saitama got punched to the moon unphased and you're telling me getting kicked through a mountain hurt him?

  7. The premise of One Punch is that he's supposed to be OP and can kill/destroy anything in just one punch so yeah. The first punch should have been Hulk's death.
    I'm not aware of Hulk's canon but of course he's still OP but that one punch can destroy him.

  8. Вы чо дураки сайтама всех убёт кроме бога а халк для него как древний многоножка!

  9. I just need to get one thing straight, Saitama would win this fight easily no doubt about it. He was able to defend from an attack that would destroy Earth with the WIND from his punch. Not even the punch itself. Hulk would not survive that. The animators made Hulk live this long because the actual fight wouldn’t last this long. Hulk can not move at the speed of sound, but Speed-O’-Sound Sonic can. Saitama is way faster than Sonic. Hulk wouldn’t even be able to see Saitama. Saitama. Killed. A. God. With. One. Punch. Hulk is NOT a god.

  10. Hulk must die with one hit. Sorry funs but Saitama kill any enemy with one punch. It's general gag a hero. And Hulk no such strong and regenerative for example Boros for alive after this and give even little damage for Saitama.

  11. Hulk is strong but saitama literally jumped from moon to earth around 12 second which makes him close to the speed of light yet hulk maybe run with speed of sound and saitama is stronger than hulk can

  12. I have a feeling carnage kabuto is the same strength as hulk, and considering genos is stronger than iron man, and Saitama absolutely obliterated Kabuto, hulk would probably die, and OPM wouldn't need to try. If iron man beat hulk, and genos is way stronger, then uhh.. sorry hulk? But you're dead instantly

  13. actually the hulk is weaker than those monsters who survived after Saitama’s strike. So the Hulk should have been torn to shreds.

  14. hulk has really stupid insane powers and shit but like

    saitama is just stronger in general? like he's shown much greater feats of strengths, and the best thing we can compare hulk to was lifting a mountain. Saitama busted through a meteor, whiffed a punch so hard it carved through a mountain, and punched through a move that BUSTS PLANETS . Most of the fights in his series, (including the big boy battles) are hardly taken seriously, and now hulk just kinda decides he wants to ignore that and punch the shit out of saitama.

    great animation, pacing and action was great, dialouge fits the characters, but I just don't think Hulk would survive against the One-Punch baldy. (Unless he was already mega angry, which he wasn't at the start of this.) So, perhaps study the feats and actual abilities of the characters.

    EDIT: i realized how boring the fight would be without this so actually discard everything i just said but remember it for future usage

    EDIT 2: dont get me wrong i love the shit out of this animation i absolutely adore it and i wish you had more subscribers, its just :[

  15. Not bad. Better than a Marvel "Motion Comic". On par with Matt and Trey when South Park Season 1 first came out. Keep it up. Now… 'Screw you guys. I'm going hooome'- Cartman. 😅

  16. Если ,бы в аниме Сайтама с Халком встретился ,халк бы отсосал Сайтаме, при этом наглатывая .

  17. Overall good, a bit repetetive, but the biggest gripe i have with it that Saitama's character hardly anything like he is in the show.

  18. Тони Старк ему зубы выбил в фильме и избил сильно, а тут он от удара Сайтамы вообще должен был не встать больше

  19. hulk strength but the site is many times stronger and the Hulk has no such regeneration and Saitama with one blow took down more than a dozen mountains

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