Hybrid IT – the story begins

The challenge that large organisations
face today is how do you strike a balance between what existed and what is new? How do you architect a
system that is scaleable, flexible, yet robust? What we realised is what was at stake is
this idea of balance. That realisation was the spark that has
inspired one of Fujitsu’s biggest global marketing campaigns of recent times. It centres on the theme of Yoga
masters maintaining balance in the most extreme positions. For me using Yoga was the perfect choice
and is somehow embedded in what the company is all about. You know this is for perfection but
also you know the the human side of things. I
used to get really bad anxieties. I suffered from panic attacks. Getting into Yoga completely
helped me even in stressful situations to be able to keep calm and focus, so it’s
definitely grounded me a lot. Felix, he’ll just slow move into it by
stage by stage by stage. And then finally gets into last position You know you’re kind of in awe of them, you almost want to watch but you’ve got to take the pictures. It’s amazing. What I find really works is that in my mind I’m literally repeating, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. Really want to get it right. It was an absolute pleasure all those professionals coming together
to create something that I think is going to be truly truly special memorable a much greater impact on the
market. Over the last few months some up the best brains at Fujitsu and at Roundtable have been devoting serious thought to
the question a balance and how it captures the essence of
Hybrid IT. The theme of balance really resonates with Hybrid IT proposition. It’s actually understanding what’s the
value that IT components are really going to bring to the business and choosing where to invest wisely, where you can take a bit of a risk. How do you make sure that you only invest once in a way that’s going to move you
forward as a business? We we’ve spoken to a lot of CIO’s out
there and they are walking a tightrope. They have to balance the needs of the
business with future growth and I think what Fujitsu are doing now has a different and very refreshing cut
through as a campaign. This whole concept a balance and the way the team has come up with
the visual around that that creates an atmosphere of human
interaction with getting that balance right is just
really phenomenal. It is really about technology it’s about processes, about the people,
about leadership, but that is all about how the organisation just gets a balance right for what its business units need compared to how is delivering. I see
this as being one of the most exciting things that Fujitsu
are going to take to market this year and next year and it will keep on going
because the message Hybrid IT isn’t going go away.

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  1. Hybrid IT
    Hybrid IT is all-encompassing. It also means something different to everyone. It varies because it is about the right balance of cloud-based and traditional IT services.

    At the core of Hybrid IT is flexibility and the ability to change the balance over time to mirror any organisation’s needs. That’s clearly been a failing of some past IT – where reliability and robustness almost preclude any real flexibility. This is something that Hybrid IT addresses really well.

    #HybridIT #cloud #technology

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