Hypothyroidism- Causes & Management | Women Health Series – Video 2

Hello friends, welcome to Fitness with Kapil This is the first video in women health series after the introductory video where we are going to talk about Hypothyroidism there are a lot of myths associated with thyroid like it causes difficulty in weight loss and many other problems we will understand this in detail its functions , sympotoms and treatment It may get a little technical in the beginning because i will explain how the hormones are released lets first understand the functions of thyroid gland Now we will talk how thyroid hormone is released firstly ,hypothalamus a region in brain hypothalamus senses the level of thyroid hormone in the body According to which it releases the hormone TRH Thyroid Releasing Hormone TRH signals the pituitary gland to release TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which signals the thyroid gland which is loacated in the neck near the adams apple to produce thyroid hormones T3 & T4 in the presence of iodine and thyrosine T3 and T4 is produced this is how thyroid hormone is released in the body When T3 is produced less than the desired quantity hypothalamus is triggered to produce more thyroid hormone in the blood test, TSH level are increased your doctor tells you that you have Clinical Hypothyroidism and 1 medicine empty stomach is started Now we will understand the connection of hypothyroid and its connection to weight loss To be very honest, there is no connection your weight loss may get slower every person has a different metabolic rate i have shared a lot of results on my instagram page of weight loss which are related to hypothyroid and the results are good so it is not that weight loss will not happen at all if a normal person loses 3-4kgs per month in the case of hypothyroid, weight loss can be 1.5-2kgs what are the conditions in which the chances of developing hypothyroidism is high 1st condition is Lifestyle lifestyle consists of 3-4 things exercise sleeping pattern eating pattern stress level this is the most important factor and is most prevalent in today’s youth due to which hypothyroid has become very common in young girls of age 16-18yrs so its not restricted to a particular age earlier the condition was more prevalent in 30s or 40s but now it can be seen as early as 15years also, late nights affect our metabolism sleep cycle is also affected to compensate the lowering metabolic rate, more TSH is released more junk food is consumed these days home cooked food is consumed less and less food from restaurants give calories but no nutrition highly stressful conditions like studies relationships can precipitate into developing hypothyroid as we age or in conditions like pregnancy ,menopause these events make us more susceptible to hypothyroid if you already have hypothyroid what should we do to improve as i told before, the 4 most important things to take care are Iodine is important because it is required in the production of thyroid hormone Salt in the market these days are fortified with iodine Also, thyrosine is a protein so take adequate amount of protein Sources of protein is already described in another video, link in description box below avoid junk and processed food because it does not give nutrition only empty calories keep caffeine intake to the minimum as it may hamper sleep restrict caffeine to first half of the day include ghee in your meals as the fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E ,K in the absence of these vitamins , thyroid hormone production is hampered 2nd is Exercise there is no alternative to exercise exercise should b e apart of your lifestyle I am going to make a separate video on Exercise But for now, understand this that strength training and cardio , both are important 2-3 days / week of strength training and 2-3 days of cardio per week SLEEP I have a complete video on sleep, link in description box below sleep is important because all the anabolic hormones are produced when the body is in deep sleep but in today’s lifestyle, sleep pattern is very disturbed because of work pressure & study pressure specially in young children who stay up late to study till 2-3 am but have to get up early to go to sleep the stress that it causes is not balanced with adequate rest and sleep therefore the body goes into a slow metabolic state and there comes a point when your metabolic rate crashes and you are declared to have hypothyroidism last but not the least you have to work on your stress levels lesser the stress you have, better your thyroid will function i know its easier said than done because those who suffer can better understand By managing your stress levels , you support your thyroid gland Thyroid is a lifestyle disorder this is not permanent it can be corrected but with time because the condition of hypothyroidism develops over a period of time 3-4-6yrs in the absence of proper rest , this condition develops so to expect the condition will resolve in just 2-3months of lifestyle correction, is incorrect you need to give it time So i hope this video helps you understand thyroid better and to understand that it can be treated Hypothyroid condition can be resolved and there is also weight loss

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