I’ve ascended I was signed it I finally have conquered the Holy Trinity what I didn’t know what this move did until now and uh Everybody’s dying pretty much nuts. It doesn’t work on it doesn’t work on him it doesn’t It was the youtuber welcome back to the coda say it’s a book. He sure today We’re playing Dark Souls 3 because I’m anticipating Code vain so much and I really really want to play code vain right now My next best bet was to just get back in the Dark Souls Only thing is I don’t like playing Dark Souls because I get really angry when I play you Know why are you healing? Okay Already off to a bad freaking stars Almost I’m not Guardian. Stop healing why am I healing so much? I keep hitting squares. Ah I missed oh Well, we gotta wash it dude I Stop. So you say it you squared B irritant. I’m a lot of humans now. Oh my gosh I’m already getting pissed off. Where am I going? Dude? I’m not already gaining he D that’s out that just alright do wheelies, you know Such a long time dude boy If you don’t spit out what I really should go back to the of the altar and you we’re about to see how this goes I’m really not trying to talk. Give me that I need all that Oh Shoot where’s the sword? I just stood oh We got a fight I am so dead. I’m so bad Dark Soul turn around. This is gonna gonna be iffy at first and I’m dead. All right Uh-oh. We just got thrown right back into it. I don’t freak Do I run my god, dude in the gauge in the games go let’s go. Let’s go No, I use all my I keep forgetting squares not to attack What the hell is that I remember that oh my god I’m dead. I just do a game face. I cough. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know hisses fight pattern It’s go one two three back off. There we go There we go – ah, sh t like I don’t know how to guard against that like what the hell is that? Oh my god, I can’t even a stamina back rest up boy Oh Giggy Giggy gig to get hit at once Dude, I’m freaking. Well, I only found three times but it’s like it felt like that took forever Hey Oh What from where Okay Betty coming straight for you going with that bull boy. I’m a straight for you. I’m an me when I hide in crap I shush Me for no reason come in for that big guy cuz that big guy think it’s a challenge Oh, yeah, this do I go back. Oh god, bro. I just feel like I can never dodge on time in these games were Them both of us and him again Yeah, I just did that I need all right, let’s go back up and that’s actually real quick before we pursue you See, that’s the clutch thing. That’s a clutch part about uh, and am I tripping or do these dogs just keep spawning? Yeah, they’re spawning. I got slept on my back up show I’m missing Hardy Magus Guardian. Not exist. Like I don’t get it Oh, you know what? I think I think I’m not paying attention to my stamina I think that’s why I think these busted brothers spawned you come over to my liver. Can we guard that? Baby, take it home at the time easy. Easy. Does it dark out here? Excuse me Paul he turn he turns holy crap. I just got to time. Are you kidding me? I’m gonna have to kill him like I thought Daughter transforming on me and whatnot. Oh When I rest on a bonfire, they all respond else is in here that wants to get put down on Me There’s a lot of things that I don’t even remember, oh the Dragons already active Holy crap, that is scary dude, don’t turn around Oh my god No way. I’m dead Oh my god It’s the extra ones that are killing me Mike relax Dragon dragon, where are you? I’m dead. Oh my god. What is this? Why was it like Bobby’s brothers, bro? That’s the only thing like I would have been perfectly fine. If you go keep throwing all combos like that This is gonna be practically impossible gap. I’ll run right into water. I run right in someone I’ve ascended I was send it I finally have conquered the Holy Trinity what I didn’t know what this move did until now and uh Everybody’s dying pretty much what it doesn’t work on. It doesn’t work on Right, I swear y’all I’m not I’m not doing this crap on purpose bird How does he like a mini boss like the freakiest games problem? I think I know what it was. I wasn’t Oh, I wasn’t in timing it right I mean like I was I think I was getting it off, but I wasn’t using the counter I don’t know you son of a bitch. Sorry, I guess I get blindsided That’s what I’m so like nervous to go through these little crevices, but I’m not trying to get blindsided Do we want to rest at it now, not yet Cuz if we rest they’re gonna respond and then we’re gonna have a bad time my hair thinks No, I’m not Dude oh my god, bro. Why they we can jump scary me. I’m dead What let’s it hit through the wall see the thing is thing is dude I’m paper right now Like I’m legit paper like I don’t have the durability to take these hits. So I need to level up my my defense I’m a glass cannon bro. Like that’s legit. What I am a freakin glass cannon know what the hell he was planning on throwing We’re gonna shut that noise right now Oh And I’m out air coach Can we open this or know That we can oh, here’s the freaking door. We couldn’t open up from earlier Hopefully no, it’s not it’s long. All of you quips are dropping or tear. They’re all terrible. They’re all trash I knew easy to transform dude. I knew it. I knew it my god I couldn’t get back up in time. I Was dead before it even Started do it. Yeah, I’m gonna stop it here dude. I can’t I can’t dude. I can’t do this on camera I can’t do this but politically on camera bro if you guys enjoyed this freaking video Hit that like button comment down below simple few thoughts on if you want to see another one of these also Let me know too. Honestly, you guys really don’t have a choice in the matter. I’m gonna keep uploading these videos Alright, and so that code van comes out this in another game I got playing it maybe some other like games that come out in the works from Like what the hell was that? I Couldn’t even get back up in time You

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