I Have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

– PCOS stands for
polycystic ovarian syndrome. It’s a very common hormonal disorder, in fact one in ten women probably have it in the United States. – For this past month,
I’ve been working out every single day. And the devil is trying to test me. This has been such a journey. – It’s all about education, it’s all about learning what it is and how to improve your
overall quality of life. (comforting music) – The hallmarks of the disease are irregular periods and elevated
levels of testosterone that can manifest in one of two ways. Either you have symptoms, so
you have the hair and acne. – So about a year and a
half ago, I had noticed that I wasn’t getting my
period every single month. At first I though it was my birth control so I kind of went off of
it, still wasn’t getting it and so I thought it was stress, because I was graduating from college, I was getting ready to move to L.A., when everything kind of settled down, I still wasn’t getting it. I went to the doctor one day and was just getting a normal check-up, and she had noticed that
I had hair on my chin, and she said, “Oh you probably PCOS.” So for the next month,
I’m going to be meeting women’s health specialists,
other women who have PCOS, and a doctor who specializes
it in women’s health, and pretty much doing 360 on my lifestyle. Is it treatable? Is it curable? – It’s not curable per say. You can do things to treat it, in terms of just actually you
doing stuff with your body. – I read that you kind
of reversed your PCOS with holistic practices. – I was able to reverse my
diagnosis in about four months, through focusing on
digestion and building blood. Since we’re only doing a
month-long kind of trial, you set-up a special program for me. What does that consist of? – So your program’s gonna
consist of a supplement routine so you’re gonna have detox to cleanse the kidney, liver, bowel. You’re gonna have a Candida cleanse, we’re gonna do it with
the apple cider vinegar. Then you’re gonna go into
foods to eat, foods to avoid, so some of those foods are
gonna be carbonated drinks, processed foods- – [Nyla] Damn (laughs) – [Programmer] Alcohol,
high levels of caffeine. – My heart is like breaking (laughs) It’s my last night of drinking before I start my health plan tomorrow. We got some wine, we have some food, let the shenanigans begin. – Why don’t we go ahead and
do that ultrasound right now and so I can actually show you
what the ovaries look like. – Automatically assumed that ultrasounds, you know, you have the jelly petroleum, and then you have the little machine and it goes around your
uterus and your belly and then boom, but knowing
that there’s something that actually goes inside of you to see things that are
happening on the inside, that’s crazy to me and I
didn’t know that was a thing. – You’re gonna feel a
little bit of pressure. You okay? – Yeah. – Women with PCOS , they have
tons of these little follicles they’re all really small, I
don’t see a dominant follicle, it looks like you’re gonna ovulate. And they’re all kinda
just ringing the outside. Your ovaries have the classic appearance of someone with PCOS. – When I met with Dr. Bendikson, it was extremely overwhelming. All of these things that I
didn’t really know about PCOS, and it was a little scary,
I was just kinda like, “Oh, God.” And then getting a vaginal ultrasound and seeing my cysts and my ovaries and then learning that I have fibroid, that was the validation that
this is really life for me now. – The diagnosis is truly the crossroads. Because then you are able to say, “Do I want to treat this naturally? Or do I want to treat the symptoms and go with what the
doctor wants to give me.” – I can only go to specific
people who take my insurance, or else it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg. I ended up going to one
who’s close to my job. Told him, “Oh, I was recently
diagnosed with PCOS.” He walked outside, took out
some generic-ass birth control, then was like, “Take
this and you’ll be fine and watch what you eat.” It was so frustrating. I’m already like scared,
you have these symptoms and then they’re telling you, “Oh, like it can cause
diabetes and uterine cancer.” And I walked out of that doctor’s office feeling so defeated. – It took me five doctors
to get answers about this. Don’t settle for one answer,
figure it out for yourself if you have to. – It was important for me
to meet with other women who have PCOS because I
have a great support circle, I have a great support group,
but nobody else has PCOS. They say it takes a
village to raise a child, and I think coming into
this and just realizing and being diagnosed
with it, that I have it, I feel like a child and I felt like I needed my village to raise me. So I’m gonna make my
apple cider vinegar drink. That’s awful, but you know what, it’s gonna make me feel better. (scoffs) – It can’t really be something that you just follow to
lose the twenty pounds that you’ve gained with it. It has to be for the rest of your life and that’s intimidating. – There’s certain things that when I eat, I know that’s my body kinda
imbalanced immediately. Like sugar for instance. – So we’re waiting for the shuttle and the devil is trying to test me. They smell so chocolaty and good. I learned the first week that your mind has control over a lot of things. And so I kept telling
myself, this is good for me, this is healthy, I’m gonna get used to it. Anytime I craved something,
I would just drink water. Do you recommend any
specific physical activities. – Yeah, I don’t recommend
high-intensity workouts. Walking for an hour a day
is really, really good. – I’ve been working out every single day, and one of the beauties behind it, is that I get to experience new places. Right now we’re hiking in
Solstice Canyon in Malibu. I don’t know if I’ve lost weight, that’s not really my goal. My goal is to just feel good. So we get lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays and we had pizza. Hey, can’t eat that. Luckily though, they had salad. So I ended up just taking,
like, a bunch of cucumbers. This is literally what
my fridge consists of. Kale, brussels sprouts, some
type of salad stuff, carrots, eggs, avocados, ground turkey, look at me. Sweet potatoes at first were kind of just like another food for me. And then by week three it was like, “Oh, I’m gonna treat myself
and have a sweet potato.” And like, all my friends would be like, that’s not treating yourself, a glass of wine is treating yourself. So we have some cauliflower
with drizzled olive oil, salt, then we have all the ingredients
to create the hummus. These things ended up becoming, like, treats for myself, eventually because my body was
getting used to the idea of feeding like all of
these good proteins. It’s actually not that bad. Mhmm. You wanna walk through
life with the confidence that you are the HBIC,
head bitch in charge, until something happens with your body and you’re like, “Oh I
have to do a complete 360.” And so you do, and then
you’re kind of like, “I’m gonna cheat since my body thinks that it can control me.” And then it reminds you, “Actually, no. You’re just walking through
this thing called life, for me.” So I ended up drinking. I don’t have a hangover,
but I do feel crappy and it made me realize
how much I don’t miss like the aftermath of drinking. So I came home a little
early from work today because I’m feeling super, super crappy. My stomach hurts, I have a headache, but I’m thinking that maybe
I’m gonna get my period soon. – I came to realize that
a lot of the reason why we’re not actually getting
our period is because we don’t have the nutrients in our body based in not eating properly
or supplementing properly to produce enough blood
to actually have our body be able be like, “Okay, I’m
gonna give you your period.” – I got my period! I thought like, “Oh, when I
do get my period eventually hopefully, A, it’ll be regular, and B, hopefully I won’t be upset.” But I was actually like, very happy. Because I didn’t get my period last month or the month before that. I thought that I would have
to go on all these, like, pills and medications and stuff. You know, all I’m really doing
is taking my birth control, working out and eating healthy. Every week I’ve had to do and
apple cider vinegar face mask. Your face is gonna smell
like apple cider vinegar so I suggest doing this before a shower, lay back flat on the ground
with your feet elevated, for ten minutes, bye. And this is what your face
is supposed to look like, Cleopatra, maybe not so much but I do look like a ray of sunshine. People are snap chatting
me and they’re like, what are you using, your skin
is so clear all of a sudden, and I’m like, I’m using Nicole
Granato’s essential oils, healthy eating, minding my business, working out and drinking just water. That’s it. – So as soon as I found out about PCOS, I went into Facebook and I typed it in and some of them have upwards
of like 60,000 members, so you’re constantly hearing
other people’s stories, you’re hearing symptoms that they have, so you can go in there and say, “Okay this is what I’m
experiencing right now, is this normal, is anyone
else going through this, is this a part of the condition?” And within minutes you’ll
have 30 comments of what it is or what it isn’t. It’s almost like there’s
not enough resources for us so we’re making our own altogether. – Oh my God, can you add me. (both laugh) – I look at what I’ve been through and I look at my story and I think, it’s for a purpose, it’s
to help somebody else. And to let them know, you’re not alone. – This has been such a journey
and it’s been so exhausting. And the entire time, I
felt like I was so alone to talk to these women
who not only gave me hope, were so realistic about their symptoms, and then invited me to these safe spaces where thousands and thousands
of other women have PCOS, gave me so much hope and
it was so liberating. And it felt like, a weight was
lifted off of my shoulders. – If you’re having symptoms
like acne or hair growth, don’t just assume that it’s you. If you have irregular periods, don’t assume that that’s normal. Those are things you should be talking to your gynecologist about
because those things, they may or may not be related to PCOS, but it’s possible, and if
they are, they’re treatable. If I could have a conversation with myself before I was diagnosed. I would tell myself to listen
to my body a lot earlier. I would tell myself that, you know, when my body says that
something is going on that’s drastically because I’m not getting my periods every month, I’m gaining excessive
weight in such sort time. To go to a doctor and then if I walk out of that doctor’s
office feeling defeated because I feel like they
didn’t give me the answers, don’t stop going to doctors
until you find the answer. (uplifting music)

100 Replies to “I Have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome”

  1. I have pcos and seeing this I can relate to how devastating it can be. I couldn’t understand my weight gain my hair growth and why I couldn’t get pregnant naturally. Knowing I’m not alone gives me comfort.. ty for sharing ♥️

  2. Subliminals healed my pcos , it's the only treatment that no doctor actualy knows yet , you'r body will heal it self ( sorry for my Bad english )

  3. Wow pcos is really draining everything in my life. I went from a really skinny girl to borderline obese. The weight loss part of it is so exhausting and heartbreaking. Weight loss is a uphill battle for me.

  4. soo I’ve NEVER had irregular periods but I do have a lot of acne and make patterned hair growth … do I still have pcos or something else ?

  5. I hope I don’t have this I’ve been seeing the gynecologist because I haven’t had my period and I’m 18 plus not growth what so ever on my body my gynecologist said it has nothing to do with chromosomes but now I have to have a ultrasound to see if anything is wrong and now I’m being put on birth control soon

  6. This video helped me find my own PCOS diagnosis! Thanks for sharing your story. I learned that all of my health issues for nearly half my life (even my gluten intolerance) was related to PCOS.

    It’s tough but I’m so glad I know and can make better choices now.

  7. I was diagnosed at 14… I feel my life is over. Like I can’t have kids and no man will want me now. I’ve always wanted kids. Now going into high school and trying to figure my stuff out I feel lost. Thank you for this

  8. I was diagnosed 6 months ago , I always had irregular periods , and extreme pain .This effects my future kids , if I have kids … it’s just annoying and bums me out .I don’t wish this on anyone .

  9. I was diagnosed with PCOS recently and have a doctors appointment tmr to start metformin. should i take metformin?

  10. I'm pretty positive that I might have pcos but I'm just happy I dont get my period and I dont really care because I dont want kids and really dont want my period. But this hair growth is the WORSE.

  11. I really think it's SUPER awesome that she feels so much better now, and is clearly healthy and feeling more in control of her body. <3
    However (I too have PCOS so I'm really trying to be helpful and I'm really sorry if I come across as demeaning in any shape or form), I really wish that Buzzfeed would better look into the accuracy of the information promoted as contributing to her health journey, because they have a large platform and this can lead to misconceptions.
    I want to stress two things: 1) Your body does NOT need its pH balanced by you – there are various buffer systems in your blood, stomach, and other places that help regulate your pH, which is super important because if your pH is messed up even by a very small amount, it can denature (which means unfold, and therefore take away the function of) proteins (and you need proteins for your organs, for your cells to function, your immune system, healthy skin and hair, etc etc….like everything), and your body is pretty good at keeping your pH constant at various numbers in different organs and vascular spaces. This has been known for quite a while, and drinking things that you don't really need could waste your money (because if you have a pH issue, alkalosis or acidosis, you would be diagnosed and need legitimate medicine…juice wouldn't do anything). (You can find all this information online from medical textbooks, research journals, and other reputable sources). 2) If you don't have a balanced diet, that's obviously problematic, for ex. B12 is really important for preventing fatigue and you can physically feel the difference. But that doesn't mean you won't have enough blood for your period. Often PCOS patients don't have their periods because they never ovulate, whether from excessive androgens that mess up the menstrual system (your uterine lining is built up in anticipation of the ovulation and fertilization, so no egg released, no need for that) or other reasons. Your body's blood levels can't be impacted that much by imbalanced diet if significantly at all (and a lot of us remember how much blood is lost every month lol). It sucks that we still don't know exact causes of PCOS (but there are various theories that you can read about in research journals), but I think part of knowing and loving your body is educating yourself on how it actually works, so you don't end up doing things that waste your money, time, and potentially harm your body. I do agree that there are many issues with the healthcare system, but it's really difficult to determine the intricacies of how your actions, genetics, and other predispositions specifically affect your body (for ex. pH of food does not directly change your blood pH), and I don't think having issues with the healthcare system should lead anyone to dismiss trying to educate himself/herself/themself on how his/her/their body really works.
    anyway, to anyone reading this I wish you the best of luck if you're struggling with PCOS <3 It's always amazing and inspiring to hear about every single person's health journey 🙂

  12. #pcoscon #pcoscon2019. Check it out. A conference for awareness in VA in September! We got this ladies

  13. Hey Cysters! I was doing some research and apparently this has become common in girls/women in their reproductive age due to the lack of iodine in your diet, specifically American women(cant speak for anywhere else) iodine helps your thyroid, and your thyroid produces all the hormones in your body. We do not create iodine naturally so we're supposed to get it from the foods that we eat (seafood, kelp, seaweed[only if the seaweed is from a rich iodine environment]). If there is a deficiency, it can cause reproductive issues in women along with lack of energy, depression, etc. I remember when I originally learned about iodine I did start taking kelp supplements and I ended up losing weight and having energy for the first time in YEARS. I still take kelp but I just purchased a straight iodine supplement because I feel the kelp isn't doing enough for me(I dont think theres a high enough dosage to really help my hormone dysfunction). This article discusses the link between iodine and pcos:https://pcosdiva.com/2016/05/hormone-link-thyroid-and-iodine-pcos/. And this is a study that was conducted for treating women of ages 18-40 who have reproductive issues including PCOS with an iodine supplement (it's a small study, but the results are pretty interesting..) https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/3c0e/8b659fff65f283dc753ebe958c3a26d2c201.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiWofmBgsbjAhVEUK0KHdqeAtgQFjAYegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw0QDtjfdqbF2Hp1zGxZ8-E8. Please talk to your doctor before you make any changes, I just wanted to show you guys there might be hope for us!! I've been on some forums and there have been a lot of positive results as well💜

  14. I cried too when I was diagnosed with PCOS, stay strong❤❤ I'm going to have to take mattera into my own hands because the doctor I have just gives me birth control pills and says watch your weight but Im like okay but help me, what do I do? I was taken off the pills because they were causing me high blood pressure and since then my period hasnt come this is 3 months now…

  15. I was just diagnosed about 4 months ago. And I’ve been put on so many medications it’s not even funny. They have me on birth control, testosterone blockers, metformin (not a diabetic), and I’m fixing to be put on thyroid medicine and 5000IU of D3 because apparently I don’t have enough. I have been a human pin cushion. And I still get overwhelmed and cry. It took multiple doctors to take me seriously and actually tell me about it. The first 2 kept telling me that I don’t have a period because of my weight.

  16. hi I was grade 7 student my mensuration is not okay until now I'm grade 12 I don't have mens, and I have syndromes of PCOS

  17. I have acne, obesity, unregullar periods, some annoying black hair on my cheeks and also deppresion anxiety disoroder, ibs…. I am so afraid that i may have this. But I am so scared to go to gyno because my past experience was aweful and not helpful at all 🙁

  18. Today, i should've done already my pelvic examination ultrasound unfortuantely i did not able to make it i had to u-turn due to not being able to hold my wee☹️.

    While i was driving on my way to laboratory center i ended up hurting my lower back so bad and terrible sore tummy, and shaking while driving, barely talk because of the pain i literally wee on my driver's seat. I really can't hold it. I hope there is an alternative way for the pelvic examination ultrasound. 😔

  19. I am 17 and I also got diagnosed with pcos few months ago. I have been taking pills oosure m with breakfast and dinner and dormis 30 before going to sleep.ihave lost 8 kg of weight .now I get my period but still I have some cysts.

  20. We fuking listen to our bodies but here in Sweden they will immediately send you some without even taking a bloodtest and say that it is normal to have acne extreme hair loss and hair growth in the face and refuse to listen to your symptoms you are struggling from

  21. I also cured my pcos by reducing my 11 kg weight in three month now i also have regular periods because I treating from Ayurveda doctor who told me to cut out all the processed food and junk food just eat all fruits vegetables and all things which we making in our homes regularly I also having a milk it makes me feel energetic and I also take all products of diary and today I feel better than before I diagnosed pcod since 2016 but today I have only little bit sign of pcod😋😋😋😋😋😋

  22. I got diagnosed with PCOS one and a half years ago (I was 12) I was one of their youngest patients. Luckily for me it isn’t that bad (I was only REALLY anemic no cysts) and birth control has helped me a lot. I actually only know one other person who has PCOS. So this video was really eye opening for me about how common it really is.

  23. I thought I was alone I don’t know if I have this but I have some problems I’m embarrassed to talk about and actually thought it was just me it got to the point where I’ve gone into depression and i don’t know what to do I used blame myself everyday and I still don’t know what to do since I’m just 17 😔 no one listens to me but I hope it isn’t bad 😓😔

  24. Does anyone else get so tired? With my PCOS The fatigue it’s a struggle to get through the day no matter what I do.

  25. Thank you for making this video. I was diagnosed a few hours ago and I cried my eyes out. I feel better now

  26. 24 years old and still don't know how long my cycle is. I was hospitalized 4 times the last time I did get a period. It was so heavy with huge clots that i thought I had a miscarriage. I was bleeding in excruciating pain for about a month. They gave me a large dose of depo and it stopped maybe a week later. Almost have more hair on my body than my head. This sucks.

  27. When I was first diagnosed with PCOS, I was scared that I will not be able to conceive in the future. I was prescribed hormonal pill and on the 3rd month of my pill, my period started to get normal. Every 28th day, I know it’s going to come! And yes, Im currently one year on pills and my period is regular! Yet I’m still struggling with the hair growth on my belly button and knuckles. And weight loss.

  28. Wow, I have PCOS and now I believe my daughter has it too. It hurts because I don't want her to go through the same thing that I did as a young lady.

  29. I was just diagnosed yesterday, and this was such an awesome intro into the struggles and victories of PCOS. For five years, my doctors did not listen to me, and it took me gaining 130 lbs for them to diagnose me and they're STILL blaming me and say they can't really help. Female veterans: the struggle is real.

  30. For my ladies that have PCOS:

    I’m 21, have PCOS and I’ve been on birth control since I was about 17. I don’t know why but I want to get off birth control because I hear good and bad things about it and I think it would be better to not put these hormones in my body.
    My question is, who here has PCOS and is or was on birth control, and if you got off it, did you experience any differences ??
    I’m scared I’m gonna randomly grow unwanted hair or acne. Things like that.
    Help a sis out 😩😩

  31. It took 9 years for me to be told I have pcos. After being in pain for years and told it’s ibs and your overweight. I pushed and had an ultra sound and saw the giant cysts myself. My first doctor after asking for more information about pcos just printed out information from a website she didn’t tell me anything and told me to read that. It was heartbreaking the guy that did the ultra sound told me more

  32. I just started my PCOS journey! I loved reading all these comments! I have hope my husband and I can start a family!

  33. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 and I had the same overwhelming thoughts, I had a cyst in one of my ovaries. After consuming pills and medicines for almost 2 years, I understood that the only solution was to bring a complete change in my lazy lifestyle. I start eating healthy, exercising regularly and overall good life choices. It took about 6 years for my cyst to go, but the efforts were worth it. I'm 26 today, leading a positive and healthy lifestyle.
    We're all in this together, Cyster! It will eventually get better.

  34. Eat flax seeds for hormonal balance, ovulation and facial hair. Drink chamomile tea 🍵 for relaxation, Insomnia and breaking the ovarian cyst and have a good day from my life experience.

  35. Diet : Avoid dairy 🥛 products completely. Any kind of dairy 🥛 products and remaking will be told in go_brain account on Instagram by president of Doha qatar 🇶🇦.

  36. Ovarian Polycystic is just like, an acne on face due to hormonal imbalance it seems. That’s why one ☝️ in 5 women has. God will never do injustice. God is merciful.

  37. I got diagnosed yesterday, I hate it I don’t feel worthy enough to even be with a man anymore being that I can’t give him the gift of a child. Everyone has been trying to put me at ease but I just can’t stop crying. Maybe God has other plans for me though maybe I can adopt and give someone the gift of love. Thanks for the video 😻

  38. I went to the dr a few days ago and discovered cysts and while I was in the waiting room waiting for my results I just bursted out crying. I’m 4weeks into trying to conceive and that was the last thing I wanted to hear.

  39. Man I needed this today. I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago and it’s been a struggle thinking that if I do this diet or that diet that I would lose the weight and everything would be fine but this is something I struggle with everyday knowing this will be my entire life I have to stay healthy and stay away from sugar and carbs and workout and eat healthy. It’s so hard to do.

  40. This video made me cry. I was diagnosed with PCOS a month ago, and I just got my period. Idk if anyone else has had similar symptoms as me, but I have been having excessively heavy periods, to where I've had to wear overnight pads all the time. Extruciating pain that would make me vomit and cry. Missing two-three days a month during school bc I just couldn't get out of bed. And yes, facial hair.😢 As soon as I went to the gynecologist and heard her say what she did, I felt understood. I'd been getting these symptoms since I first got my period. Its good to know that there are people who go through this too and know what it means to get scared by something like this.

  41. I found out with 16 that I have PCOS. Just because it is not so common in my environment, people don't understand that it can be really hard for me. I have so much hair, and my hormones are like on a rollercoaster. There is always the judgements but I can not see any support. It is hard to learn supporting yourself on this journey.
    I send all woman lots of love and hugs

  42. One of my family members got diagnosed with PCOS her to tosterone is extremely high but her estrogen is really low I thought with PCOS both were high is this correct

  43. PCOS and endometriosis 😥
    im 37 cant tell you how many times birth control was sugested . i dont even have a uteriouse any more im left with one very angry overy many painfule adhesions and still have endo along with many new cysts in my one breast and a lump on my throat😥 . i had surgery when i was 13 to have a cyst "sheled out" diagnosed at 14 with endo told i could not have children.😊 I did have two girls i was 17 and 18 3 months post delivery of my youngest i was rushed unconscious to the er and they hade to remove what was left of a contorted overy and fallopian toob. tryed at 20 and lost the baby and my uteriouse. and please dont shame the dr who took my uteriouse he took pictures and the endo had devoured it .im hanging on to my last lady part for dear life because its the only natural hormones i have left and im going to ride it out pain and all I pray for a cure for young women like this . for myself its mentaly damaging to see drs any more im tired .

  44. Guys its from masturbating , i know that cause its from a personal experience. These things they never tell you about. Taboo

  45. I watched this video 2 months back and feeling grateful to how I have normal periods. Then I had to make a gyno appointment with some irregularity, I was diagnosed with PCOS and things have changed. For a while after, I don't know how to explain this than feeling like you have this thing all of a suden. I never wanted to have a child, but suddenly that became no longer a choice for me. That's when everything hit, to be honest, sharing and getting more knowledge and reaching out to others with the same condition is the only support that's getting me going.

  46. I was diagnosed when I was 13 and it was harder to deal with emotionally than I thought it would. I felt less of a women because my body wasn’t doing what a women is meant to be able to do. Now I realise that I never should’ve made myself feel that way. My own friends would make fun of the fact that I may have complications when it came to having children. Even at 14, my dream is to be a mum as it’s truly a blessing and the thought of this not happening brings me back to square one. I have nightmares about it, and I wake up feeling sick to my stomach. My biggest symptom was that I had thick and dark body hair on the back of my thighs, armpits, stomach (around my belly button) etc. People would joke about it but it made me feel gross and disgusting. I’m nearly 14 and it’s almost a year since my diagnosis. I’ve gained a lot weight and it makes me feel like crap. Has anyone got any tips on anything mentioned above? Thank you ❤️

  47. With all the vaccines as a child and chemical in the processed fake food 🥘 we consume everyday , I believe that’s how us women develop hormonal disorders.Theres no cure yeah “Ok”!

  48. The excessive body hair is the worst for me. I’m so tired of bot feeling feminine because of it. I have hairier legs than most men. My arms are so hairy and I just cover them up by wearing hoodies. I have hair on my stomach so I never wear crop tops. I hate myself.

  49. I've been diagnosed by polycystic ovary syndrome not long ago and I'm only 13

    Edit) I've had my 2nd period ever since December 27th it started 2 days ago

  50. Omfg are you kidding me. I have pcos and its not bad at all. Prriods are irregular, so what! Carry pads and tampons. AND IF YOU HAVE HAIR ON YOUR CHIN IM PRETTY SURE THE DOCTOR DIDNT SAY ‘OH THATS PCOS’! And it has nothing to do with the bowel or the liver

  51. I advice every other woman TRYING TO GET PREGNANT or fallopian tube issues, pcos and other infertility problem
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  52. It’s comforting to know that a lot of women share these same experiences. Aside from the physical stress my PCOS gives me, the unsolicited comments from people around me makes it more emotionally and mentally difficult to deal with the condition. They would not understand that my weight gain is because of my PCOS and they would not understand how hard it is to lose weight even if you have cut off your diet. The acnes and the hair growth also adds to the stresses. Seeing and hearing these comments from women with the same condition, I am now more encouraged to have that needed change in my lifestyle no matter how difficult it would be to at least reverse PCOS. I hope we all get through it and use this condition to achieve a much healthier lifestyle

  53. on a side note
    i got my period when i was 9, i cried the same day i got it because i despised it so much. i never got cramps, or moody, or anything. i just hated it. it only reminded me of the fact that i’m biologically a girl. i prayed every night that it would just go away
    a year later, it stopped all together. i was so relieved, and considering how young i still was, didn’t really care.
    it came back once, last year, when i was 15. i cried everyday because that same emotional disgust was clouding around me again. however, the entire time i had it, by ovaries and everything HURT. there was even a day where i could barely even walk. it felt like my insides were being ripped out.
    a few months ago, a NP told me i most likely have PCOS and that i should get checked. but how am i supposed to feel when i just hate having been born a girl? how am i supposed to feel when she tells me that birth control could be one of the only things that help me? how am i supposed to feel when i don’t even wanna get this check because i’m fine without having it? how do i tell my mom or a doctor that i’ve hated being a girl since i was 6 years old?
    i don’t even want to get this checked. i’d rather have a hysterectomy than go on birth control
    but what am i supposed do? and i’m only 16, they wouldn’t have to stick something in me, right?

  54. My doc gives me birth control for the cysts on my ovaries that cause horrible pain
    And other symptoms
    But I haven’t been officially diagnosed with pcos even tho I’ve had cyst on both ovaries for years:/

  55. I was diagnosed with PCOS. Meds and treatments didn’t help much. Unfortunately it brought no result. We decided not to waste more time and turn to donor eggs. We decided to go to a clinic in Eastern Europe. Our first meeting was a couple of weeks ago. We did all needed medical tests and our doctor gave us treatment plan. So now we are getting ready to embryos transfer! We chose package for €9.900. We chose it because we'll have 5 attempts of ivf. Also the clinic returns money in case of failure of all tries. I think that's perfect package and there will be no risk for us. The services were pretty good. There was an interpreter, who translated for us. There were really many people and it was exhausting to stay in lines for hours. But anyway I think that’s a good sign. The most important is ivf to be successful!

  56. Can you kindly please list out what you did on weekly basis. Coz I am missing periods and having intense hair growth in face and am afraid.
    Before 6 years coz I was missing periods, doctor prescribed a 30 day medicine and she diagnosed pcos. It was regular for some months. Then now it again become very worse. After seeing this video am very tensed and stressed out. Kindly Please suggest me what to do.

  57. I had a doctor tell me that he assumed I had PCOS, although all of my hormones were 'within the range of normal'. At one time, I was 280 lbs and size 28. Now, I am around a size 12. For me, no medication really helped much, nor any doctor's advice helped. I took things into my own hands and I ate a plant based diet and walked at least an hour a day. This helped with my weight loss, moods, on-time periods, and acne. I've had 6 pregnancies– 5 miscarriages and one birth (my son). This included a pregnancy at age 47 which was a total surprise (and a miscarriage). Now that I am 53 years old, pregnancy isn't a worry. And menopause was a breeze. Most assume I am a decade younger than I am. Really…what worked for me more than anything was diet and lifestyle changes.

  58. My husband and i were TTC for 4+ years. After Dr.Azuba pregnancy spell and Herbs for a month & a half we were finally pregnant. I just wanted to introduce our new baby boy, who I truly believe we would not have been blessed with if it weren’t for the pregnancy spell and herb products! I also just wanted to offer words of hope for other couples struggling with infertility. It may be a long and emotionally draining journey, but once it finally happens all of that other emotional pain seems so far in the past. Stay strong and keep moving forward (heart emoji),you can contact Dr.Azuba via email:[email protected] or tel+2349080324322,website:https://azubaspelltemple.wordpress.com.

  59. I'm pretty young so I'm not worried about having kids right now BUT the weight gain is KILLING ME….I eat like a bird or the same foods my classmates are eating. AND it just sucks! I get hyperpigmentation and I have to Shave once a week. And I'm so stressed from school…But I can't do anything about that….WHat am I going to do? Drop OUT? …I'm heading 220lbs and I look 150lb.

  60. Thank you so much for documenting this, I felt alone too. I felt like no one understood. So thank you!!! Found fb pages for support!

  61. Just got diagnosed with PCOS today. The dr said I was a pre diabetic! Thank you so much for making this video so much. I’m only 20

  62. I think a misconception is that regular periods = no PCOS. My periods were regular most of the times, but I still have PCOS. Did the vlogger get her testosterone/androstenedione levels after her diet? Because that's what matters.

  63. Can pcos cause heavy vaginal bleeding every 15 days that lasts for min 8 days. ?? Anyone any info. I had copper t does that cause ovarian cysts thx

  64. I have PCOS too .. and hairloss . Hairloss is probably the most terrifying thing I have in my life right now, at the age of 18.
    It stops with one treatment and then starts again. Switch the treatment , stops again and then again falls off. Its like no matter what you do , your hair finds a way to leave . It is so damn exhausting.

  65. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with PCOS.
    I have patches of hair on my chin/jawline and I always though it was because I’m Spanish.

    I had very irregular periods, very bad acne and when I say bad it was really bad, I have very high glucose and having a hard time with my weight.

    I lost my insurance and finally this year I got it back and started Metformin, my acne is almost completely GONE ( I had terrible cystic acne ), I got my PERIOD, my dark spots are lessening, I had my FIRST cervical mucus since I was 16.
    My battle now is with my prolactin. I might have a tumor on my pituitary Gland of my brain, so tomorrow I’m off to the Endocrinologist to lessen the prolactin and manage my hormones and the next step after that is trying to conceive which is the ultimate goal that I hope and pray for every day. ❤️

  66. thank you for this, a doctor told me to get an ultrasound, and when I went to the doctor for that they just shrugged it off and gave me birth control that made me cry every day, i figured that was the only way i could treat it and gave up, accepting my chin hair as an unremovable part of me. it's good to hear i'm not the only one who had to deal with it

  67. I have PCOS and I'm 15, but I do not have cyst in my ovaries and it's really hard to deal with I understand you boo, we all here for you

  68. I just got diagnosed today. I’m sad but relieved to know why everything’s been crazy and why u have gained so much weight

  69. September 4, 2019 I was diagnosed with PCOS, I NOTICED that my period wouldn't stop so I was having really heavy bleeding it scared me at first but I just thought since I'm irregular it's just coming back heavier. It was about the 3rd week so I finally went to the hospital, doctors did a Vaginal ultrasound and told me that I have PCOS an its going to take ALOT to get my hormones back to normal, a week later I've been taking birth control an dieting an working out. Me an my husband wants babies in the future. Just making sure I'm doing everything that I need to for the baby making process. I understand how you feel an what your going through it's not easy but by the grace of God 🙏😇 we will get through this Ladies!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏

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