‘I Just Wanted To Wake Up In Heaven,’ Says Woman Who Claims She Was Abused By Parents

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  1. She’s literally sitting there trembling talking about it. oh my goodness this just breaks my heart I can’t imagine what she went through. Thank goodness shes out of that.

  2. I just want to wrap her up in my arms and hug and kiss all over her. This poor woman. She’s still a scared little girl, this is devastating.

  3. She’s so scared and anxious, rightly so. I hope she gets all the help she needs poor woman. She has a lot of healing to do. ❤️

  4. Yes you can see the fear in this poor woman's eyes
    God help her
    I don't know if she will ever recover
    She would have to have intense Therapy
    How long ago did this happen?
    This is only the tip of the iceberg
    This goes on all over the world
    And still to date

  5. animals are more human than human beings….i have no words for this….i hope you get the help you need to move away from this nightmare

  6. It's actually quiet common for abusive parents to ONLY beat, and abuse ONE of the kids. 😢 I don't understand it, and will NEVER be able to understand HOW a person, especially a mother, can hurt their child.
    I remember reading the book series 'A boy called It' that covered his child abuse stories, and it just absolutely broke my heart.
    The sick, sadistic, psychotic, torture these "mothers" (and I HATE to call them that) put their children through…. I couldn't even do these things to my worse enemy!

  7. I find this woman extremely strong. Having gone through all of that and still being alive is amazing and inspiring. I know she looks so scared and hurt but still being here with us takes such a strong mentality. I have also been through abuse from birth all the way to adulthood but nothing to that degree, and I feel like everyday is such a struggle to choose LIFE and not give up.. I have so much respect for her, I hope I can find a way to wanting to live eventually. Wishing all the best to her.

  8. This is so sad. I will never understand how many horrible people are in this beautiful world. Prayers for this sweet woman.

  9. I remember this story on 60 minutes or 20/20 And it haunted me so bad. I was so glad she got away. I pray she'll live her best life inspite of them all.

  10. I don't know how she survived, I would have never made it thru early childhood. How? Does the body develop some sort of tolerance? I just can't imagine…

  11. These people should have never been able to care for or have children..Life in prison is not a severe enough punishment for those monsters.. I wish her peace

  12. I wish nothing but the best of life for this woman for the rest of her days. I have never in my life, heard such horror done to a human being. Absolutely heartbreaking. I wish that I could get 5 minutes in a room with those hideous "parents"… i would WEAR THEM OUT…in cases like this, the perpetrators should get tortured in the same way that they did their victim.
    The damage that they caused this young lady is horrific, and so very sad.

  13. I wish her the best. Every ounce of her screams of trauma and I pray one day she stands tall and is not held back by this anymore… You can't help but want the best for this woman

  14. I'm from kingsport and I remember this trial. This was a huge trial. These people didnt get nearly enough jail time. The people at that church had to know something was wrong…..this is the worst thing I've ever heard of

  15. To the evil people who did this, I am talking to you. May you never know kindness, compassion and love. You will reap what you sow. What you did to this woman is so disgusting and infuriating 😠.

  16. She’s so strong for getting passed all the vile things they did to her. I hope her life now is full of happiness, warmth and love. She needs so much love.

  17. Yup. Jesus Christ himself definitely wanted people to beat their kids to the verge of suicide to show how much they loves Christ.

  18. Dr Phil is nasty 🤢. Asking that poor woman questions that he has no right to ask. Just for the ratings. Shame on you Dr Phil.

  19. The story hurts me so much I pray to God that she has a better life now and she find solace and she gets the world and every good thing that comes on it

  20. This poor poor woman by God she is so so strong. And brave. Wow she is so incredible that she is still here, beautiful and sharing such a dark and unfair childhood. I have an endless amount of respect for her. I wish you nothing but the absolute best

  21. This is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen on Dr Phil, her supposed "parents" should be executed, they are pure evil and don't deserve to exist!

  22. Does God even exist people??? why so much pain and suffering under his eye??? im saying this if human beings have failed this child why supper natural power did not help..for so many years???? this disturbing…my faith is shaken here…

  23. Why is the title ‘claims’. If they were convicted in a court of law, they are guilty. The evidence doesn’t lie. Saying she ‘claims’ they abused her is almost like saying there’s a chance it isn’t true. Kind of brutal.

  24. When I see this woman she looks so shaky and it’s sounds like she’s afraid to talk I wish this woman a more peaceful and happy life and to have the best of it

  25. This poor lady. She’s traumatised. I hope you have found some form of peace. I’m sending you love and hugs 💖💖💖

  26. I never clicked on this episode because of how graphic the other thumbnails were and how traumatising it would all be but I decided if she was courageous enough to share her story then I should be brave enough to listen to it but my God! I never expected such a story, beyond my wildest expectations, how cruel can humans be.

  27. Kids who are homeschooled should have some type of unannounced visits to check up on them. They are usually forgotten and I believe this could save a lot of lives

  28. I’m am absolutely sick to my stomach… this poor woman is so strong for being a survivor, I Just hope she can recover from this

  29. I can’t believe she’s only in her 20s. That trama really ruined her mentally and physically. I hope she can find peace someday

  30. First off I'm surprised we can comment on this video.
    2nd her brother's name is Christ.??
    3 the parents deserve SEVERE TORTURE AND DEATH

  31. I want to hug her. Makes you terrified to think about how many other children out there might be going through the same thing and no one knows or someone does but is too afraid to speak up. Horrible horrible sick world we live in. I can’t even begin to fathom the pain both physically and emotionally. I pray she receives nothing but love from the world here on out.

  32. I think this is hands down the realest, yet disturbing story ever to be on dr Phil! You can tell she needs real help! God give her strength!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  33. Reply below ur best method of slowly torturing & then killing these parents. Or at leat teaching them a lesson the hard way

  34. I cannot fathom that someone would hurt an innocent child. This woman is traumatized for life, they took so much of her life away. I hope that she can find peace.

  35. I feel so bad for her. I don’t know if she has gotten in touch with Elizabeth Smart or not, but she is inspirational and I think she could help her.

  36. I wish i could just pay for her to go and do whatever she wanted to experience some happiness. I'm sure she is forever haunted by all of this but i wish i could do something for her…this enrages me so much. Id love to torture those parents …

  37. My heart literally hurts watching and listening to this lady! You can see and hear her trembling. I’ll never understand how any human can be this sick and do any kind of abuse. May God bless this amazingly strong woman for the rest of her life!

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