1. Also lost 3 kg with oatmeal for breakfast and dinner. I ate a lot of vegetable spring rolls, boiled egg, and fruits whenever I'm hungry.

  2. you want to lose 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in one week, then you need to like they've been on a three- or four-week diet after just one week

  3. our most popular diet plans. Easy to follow, from 1 week to 6 weeks, recipes and instructions included for each plan.


  4. Do not drink green tea while eating cause they will absorb your food nutrition. Drink it at least one hour after you finished your meal.

  5. What about later weight? I mean did you gain this weight back or after eating normally again you didn't go back with your kilograms?

  6. I am going to eat only oat meal bread for a week to lose 3 kg which now i am 54 kg. I will come back again to tell the result heheh

  7. I guess sense it's so damn popular next time I go out to eat I'll chew as loud as I can with my mouth open and say MMM after every bite.

  8. I have a question , cause I myself would like to do this . But I want to know did you exercise and if u did what was it ?

  9. You need to ground those flax seeds if you want to be able to digest them. Blender or food processor would work fine. You can get them pre ground and then just keep them in the fridge. Chia seeds are cheaper, don't require grounding, and just nutritious is you prefer.

  10. I tried the simpler version of this diet (the version that relied a lot on eggs)! I had to modify this though, because I do intermittent fasting as well:

    Brunch: 2 scrambled eggs with about a small spoon's worth of ketchup, 250ml green tea, 1 plum

    Snack: 1 plum, 250ml green tea

    Dinner: 1/3 cup oatmeal made in 1/3 cup milk and 1/3 cup water, mini-cup of guacamole (about 57g), 250ml decaffeinated green tea.

    I had to modify it to add more nutrients and calories (since I cut out breakfast, lol).

  11. I did this diet too but for 10 days . I ate about 3-4 spoon oatmeal. I lost 3 kg from 54 to 51 and still continue till now( but sometimes i eat rice and high calories food 1-2 times a week 😂 sorry i just cant help it) it's almost 2 month i eat oatmeal last time my weight is 50 kg, 162 cm. Girl 19 years old

  12. Iam doing intervallfasting & eat only 2 meals a day. Can i eat 12. Noon & 6 pm
    Of the breakfast oatsmeal?

  13. I ever try this diet but i just eating oatmeal not with any ingredients except abon in one weeks i lose 4kgs and after i'm not eating oatmeal again as my lunch i gain 5 kgs this diet just temporary if you guys don't want this type of diet not temporary then just eat oatmeal every day so it will be your life style

  14. Since I had a really bad breakouts a month ago, I stopped eating diary and eggs. I used to be a dairy freak tho. I love milk, yogurt, chocolate, etc! But when I stopped eating diary for two weeks, I realized the acnes on my face started to disappear. So I literally had to cook oat with just hot water with brown sugar so it could have a little bit of taste. Jealous of people who can enjoy diary with no problem 😭

  15. doing this for 1 week
    day 1 june 26 2019
    weight: 163
    some plz remind me so i can update
    Day 2 June 27 2019
    Day 3 June 28 2019
    Weight: 161
    Day 4 June 29 2019
    Weight 160.5
    Day 5 June 30
    Weight 160
    Day 6 July 1
    Weight 159
    Day 7 July 2 157.8

  16. You lost 3kg in a week with no workouts!! and eating 3/4times of good food!!! damn ill start doing this diet!
    it's so much healthier than my diet 1meal a day (just end up eating once a day cuz of busy school days😖) !!!!!
    But I will workout for bonus cause I need to lose a lots of weigh!
    thank you for this amazing video😍❤and good luck for all my friends out there who's tryna lose some weight !!💛💛stay healthy and be happy🧡🧡

  17. When i wake up, i feel more like "Marilyn Manson" "The beautiful people". But your music is ok, too. hehe

  18. i know this is old video but i just want to lose 3kg of my current weight.. i hope this diet can help to achieve my goal.. right now i'm 50kg.. i was 47kg before but i gained weight bcoz i ate unhealthy foods for a couple of weeks.. i was on keto diet before n i lost 24kg but i decided to change my diet plan to maintain my weight forever.. but haven't found one just yet that can fit my taste. i want to try this diet plan for a week or so to see if there's any weightloss happen..

  19. Today I started trying this and I found this video because I wanted to know if it really really works and damn 3kg in a week? The diet I did before I only lost 2,5kg in a month.

  20. By what can I replace flax seeds, Ginger
    , Mint leaves, Cinnamon powder, dill leaves, corn flakes, bell pepers and gherkins ?

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