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  1. I'm an RHIT and haven't done coding recently (since before 1992, in a private physician practice) so while I won't be confused by the switch, I need a lot of training to learn how to do the ICD-10-CM coding correctly!

  2. CMS has multiple awesome training video's to assist HealthCare Providers to seamlessly implement ICD-10-CM by providing educational tools for staff that translate narrative diagnoses received by Providers or read and diagnosis pathology or surgical reports.  Lisa Lauren

  3. who should take this training? I was recently told to take this training and I don't understand the reason behind it?

  4. This is what I want to take up this year. I want to achieve a medical coding certificate. I hate my job now, I have worked for 16 years in a stamping plant. I need a change something terrible lol. I know this is going to be a lot of studying but I want to do this.

  5. hello, this is good for learning, and I would understand, if I could hear, what's being
    said. I have turned the volume all the way up. and I still can't understand what she's
    talking about.

  6. The lecture is clear although the lady has no personality to her speaking. She speaks at an understandable pace although she has a monotone voice that could be capable of making someone want to not listen or go to sleep to what she is saying

  7. I am so annoyed with the people who wrote the ICD I would kick all their teeth out. I took that course and failed the exams you can never get the right code no matter what they want. I hope those people who edit it die of the flesh eating disease

  8. Very helpful video in terms of content, but they should've just kept the camera on the slides and had the second lady talking.  It was very distracting watching them "talk to" each other like that.

  9. not very clear. The camera should be on slides all the time.  More time is spent on the speaker and  very little time on slide.

  10. Hi I am the Office Manager for CHS… Beth… I am certified by AHIMA in ICD 9.. this video was a great start…. I agree… do not need to see the speakers… just the slides…. great information… on to the next video… Don't get frustrated…. Knowledge is Power!!!!!

  11. The ICD sucks because they are always upgrading it. The 9 lasted since 1979 and the 10 was not around much long and now they want further editions. The reason is because the changes in technology have been rather rapid with computerization and the CCI is even more confusing as it is difficult to know which procedure is correct. They want more specificity these days and new procedures are being included although it could be thatthis will make it tricky for the HIM worker/student to find the find the correct codes especially when a number are very similar. In this scenario it is a good idea to maybe to use SNOMED – which is more straightforward to learn and apply in the work setting for complicated procedures where there could be many codes

  12. Also…need to add "subclinical" and differentiation between "acute" and "chronic" poisoning/effects please. Thanks.

  13. Ladies! Ya'll need to add some spice to ur life! Judging by your accent, I'm guessing Cali isn't updating their Fro Yo flavors as much as ICD is updating every 5-10 years. Add some emotion, joy, life sucks but it doesn't have to suck as much. I'm a coding student btw.

  14. So I'm an anesthesia student. At first I wondered why my professor would assign this video for our class. Now I understand that it's a non-pharmacological method to put people to sleep…

  15. I respect anyone that can code in the new and more difficult ICD-10. Listening to this sooner would have saved me days of reading and trying to figure out how to use 2018
    ICD-10-cm codebook. I had to read 8 chapters a week in my college class and was suffering a migraine. And then this video made it seem so easy and was able to finish the course. It would have been nicer to have explained a little more about the combination codes and included the drug codes too. Otherwise, great job. Just please make it louder next time ladies.

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