IdeaFeX presentation 01: Introduction (retake)

Hi, my name is Jiulin Teng. I’m the founder of IdeaFeX. IdeaFeX is a marketplace for fundraising and
investment in an auction format with bespoke support for presale units, shares, and exotic
assets, etc. The flexibility afforded by the DLT together
with our auction method drastically improves efficiency, while our integrated, manipulation-resistant
exchange combined with superior interest alignment of our method further enhances robustness. In this presentation video series, I give
our potential clients and investors a general picture to help you explore more. The topics that I will touch on include the
pain points that we address, our value propositions, the types of assets that we support, and our
comparison with existing alternatives, etc. In a future video series, I will deep dive
into key topics for firms and investors separately, including how each type of operation works
for you. We will also organize live feeds where you
can ask questions directly. So stay tuned! Thanks for watching. In the meantime, please visit
for more information. Have a great day!

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  1. This project deserves attention to itself, because it offers interesting ideas that will be relevant for a very long time. The team with all possible to develop the project fully

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