IdeaFeX presentation 09: Asset category — Exotic assets

Hi, I’m Jiulin Teng. In the last two videos, I’ve covered presale
and equity. Be sure to check them out. Today’s video is on our third main asset category,
exotic assets. A firm or an individual may have an asset
that has investment value. Perhaps it is manufacturing equipment, perhaps
it is rent-generating real estate, or perhaps it is a piece of collectible art. It certainly is possible to use this asset
as collateral for a loan, which we also support and is relatively straightforward. Another option which attracts a broader investor
audience is to auction off a portion of the rights to this asset. Investors receive a percentage that the asset
generates or appreciates. In some cases, they can also gain proportional
usage of the asset: For example, firms that invest in a production line can have the line
turned to manufacture their own products; holidaymakers that invest in an exotic vacation
home may spend time there themselves; art galleries that invest in an expensive art
can have it on display at their own venue� Compared to a collateralized loan, there’s
no repayment or interest to worry about. Thanks to the flexibility and robustness of
DLT, fundraising with exotic assets smoothly becomes viable. In future developments, we will continually
improve the user experience so that investors who own the rights to part of the asset may
enjoy proportionally more of what it can offer. Hope you’ve enjoyed this video. To find more information on other types of
assets that our auctions and exchange service will be able to support, please visit Thanks for watching. Have a great day!

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