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  1. And she still didn't make a video saying anything about why her break was so short, and why she filmed all those collabs.

  2. Ok, I know this was a month ago but can we just understand that maybe she did want to have a break but she still had all those projects to work on so she sorta had too, we shouldn’t just assume it was an excuse. I think we should at least look at a different perspective on it

  3. I love how these people choose to dedicate their life to YouTube and find the most creative ways to complain about it you got over a million subscribers you need to be happy there's people committing suicide because they only have 10 subscribers I just can't feel sympathy for these people in 2020 #worldwidenewschannel

  4. I've only just caught onto this video now even though it was posted 3 months ago but having just finished watching this video now, I'm glad she took a break. I've been watching her videos for years now ever since 2014 / 2015 and I will always keep watching her main channel videos as well as her vlogs. Yes I feel like the vibe of Lilly's videos have changed over the years but I will still watch them. I'm behind on her videos in this past year as things in the past year became hectic but lately I've started catching up on her videos again as I remembered how much I enjoy watching them 🙂

  5. I was at We Day in Ottawa, and when Lilly came out onto the stage and said she was taking a break from yt, I was so sad.

  6. Not to be rude. But can somebody elaborate to me about mental health not being proper. Dont @ me. Like the reasons of being mentally unhealthy?

  7. You've been an inspiration for so many of us and all we can do is appreciate you. It's ok if you want to take a break. You need to focus on yourself as well as take care love. We will be waiting for you ♥♥♥

  8. Thank You, Lilly Singh for making us all realise how important breaks and our mental health. Your content is much better now. We all have love and support for you

  9. Praying for you my friend. I hope you feel better soon. I hope things go well for you. I wish you the very best. God bless you my friend.

  10. i'm not in the mood for wankers. we'll discus trying to monetise pewdie and other users with youtube red and google + at a later date

  11. "Guys, real talk, I was sad for a single day, that means I have clinically diagnosed depression. Do you know what that means? I'm going to take a break but still post videos all the buttfuckin' time."

  12. You do you, Lilly! It’s hard for some people to understand what depression looks and feels like.
    It’s so much easier to judge and make assumptions than have compassion and give the benefit of the doubt.

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  14. Mental health is important. Take a break when you feel like you need one. And for the record: you should be proud of what you've created. Very much so.

  15. Lilly, I love you and your videos, they make my day better, And even though you won't be making a lot of them anymore, I respect and support your break because sometimes people need to.

  16. I honestly don’t understand what’s going on in this comment section. She took a month break, and you’re all getting pissed at her because she filmed a few collabs in this time?! Yeah, the series had 12, but that doesn’t mean she filmed them all in this time. Longtime fans know Lilly has struggled with mental health before, but when you’re ill and off work/school, you still do some work so you’ll be up to date and on the same level as others when you come back. She probably filmed a few collabs in this time, let’s say 4. So then if she posts one per week after she comes back, that gives her another month to make a second 4 or more. Lilly is absolutely NOT the type of person to film something like this for hype, views, or attention. And to be perfectly honest, I’m kinda disappointed in the members of #TeamSuper who believe the lies and I’m sorry Lilly has lost subscribers over this. Anyway, there’s my rant. Love you, Lilly!

  17. It is so important that you take a mental health break. You have been posting on Youtube, you have been having to come up with content, and you have been trying to please your fans, (which is every Youtubers goal) for about 8 years now. As a huge fan of yours, I would say that you have done an amazing job pleasing your fans. The thing is, you shouldn't have to constantly be worried about pleasing your fans, because you can't please everyone all of the time, but I personally get so much joy and laughter out of your videos, just sayin'. Anyways, mental health is more important than anything. You can't do well if you don't emotionally feel okay, and ready to take on new challenges. While you are trying let everyone enjoy your content, it is a good thing to stop, and look inside yourself, and ask yourself how you are doing. Also, the content you are posting should be made because you wanted to make it, not because anyone else forced you into making it. You are an amazing person Lilly, and I hope that your break leaves you the happiest you have ever been, because you deserve it. Stay strong and kind❤️

  18. I'm so proud of you Lilly for doing this! Can't wait for you to come back full time or whatever you choose to do 🙂 x

  19. stop judging guys. she did other viedeos sooooo.what do you care about it´s her lifeher channel and her choices so just leave her alone i still love you superwomanwho loves her too, say:iisuperwomanii


  21. … I'm still trying to figure out why people are upset. Lol. Long break or short break, why does that matter, though? I'm just failing to see the fuss around the whole thing. I mean, by all means, do you, but I think people are over reacting and assuming things based on what she posted supposedly in a week? – Non bias opinion.

  22. For everyone who says, why is she posting when she said she's trading a break: when someone works hard all the time, still working at a lower amount is a hustler's version of a break. As long as it feels mentally like it, then it is. Plus, the videos might've been premade and released before this resting idea/video came out.

  23. the fact that I've been watching you since I was 8 makes me realise just how much of an impact you've had on my mental health and helping me get through my sad times. I'm almost 14

    one love superwoman that is a wrap and zoop 💕

  24. 10 months ago was Lilly's fall, because of the FREAKING Haters, but you know what shout out to the haters because Lilly Singh have risen. She has now her OWN nbc late night show and is now 100× more productive and creative so yeah were are all the haters now, probably being ashamed that they tried to bring Lilly down😝😝😝

  25. There's a youtuber in my country who made a video like this, said she's done with youtube because of private life issue, mental health issue, and internal problem with her team, and then she's back making videos two days later.

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