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I am a marine biologist. I gave up my job, after marriage. A lot changed after changed that. I felt disengaged with myself. I was brainwashed to believe that I can’t get anything right. My thoughts, my dress sense, my opinions, were not good enough. In a marriage, emotional abuse of so many years can break someone. It broke me. I couldn’t recognise my own reflection…at all. My husband’s unfaithfulness was the only nudge I needed to get a divorce. By the time it was too late. I was already under depression. In that phase, I began feeling stagnant. I got lectures on positivity from Facebook memes to quotes by Oprah, mom’s head massage to 4am friends. But getting out of bed was a massive task. After staying still for a long time I thought that it would be unfair to the Avani who lived a great life before she got married, to just,
lose hope. And then, I decide to just moved forward. It was difficult, but it was a little easier than just drowning neck deep in depression. I ran. I cycled. I trekked. I took my broken heart and turned to ‘Broken Compass’. A travel agency I started with my friend 5 years ago. And now, my goal is to be unstoppable. Just unstoppable. To all those people who are watching this, listening to this, All I have to say is, I found myself..at the 50th Kilometre maybe you find yourself, on the first.

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  1. waiting for a video from BLUSH where men are not villain, where they don't need to prove their point by bashing men…

    by the way, a good video otherwise

  2. Each and every life is precious ,we have to mend the broken parts the worn out ,ups and downs are a part of the process..
    never bend just mend it ..

  3. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing your story Avani. I went through a similar past and your story gives me hope. Sharing it in FB, with all my friends and family….#iMendMe

  4. I'm just a teen who is going thru the same phase and instead of a being with someone u are not passionate about I am making a career path that I am not passionate about
    This video is like a mental shake that I desperately try but disastrously fail at
    I needed it
    I got it
    Thank u
    Now let's see if i make any amends

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  6. Hey @Blush can there be a complete hindi version to this video so i can send it to my mom and other women to whom this video can inspire but dont have knowledge of english.. Or atleast a Video with hindi subtitles. This video is very good..

  7. This is actually the best channel on YouTube!! More people need to see this! Absolutely love all the raw and evocative content!

  8. Just Move on. Plain and simple. Move on. Do not let anyone else control your Happiness. Its your right. So be Happy.

  9. its just awesome, no words to describe her boldness, just hats off to all those women who change and help people change their lives by motivation.

  10. I wonder who is teh CEO of Blush…who runs it…..extremely progressive and thought provoking ideas have come up from them in the last 1 year

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