IMPROVE STAMINA & ENDURANCE (Full Body Fitness) ⚽️Off Season Soccer Program w/ Lucas Kruel

Here we are, let’s do the 3rd training for the Beginning. Keep going harder yeah, don’t forget about that. Now we’re going to do Push-Ups 10 times. Let’s go. Let’s go. Perfect. Let’s start with Reverse Lunges Knees Up. So let’s go 10 times. Change your leg. We are going to go down now and do Bicycle Crunches. 10 times each side so totally, 20. We are going to do Jumping Squats now. So it’s very simple, you’re going to start from here and you’re going to jump and go down. Jump and go down. The most important thing is that your whole sole of the foot is on the floor. All of your sole of the foot on the floor ok? That’s it. Try to separate your legs a little if you need ok? That’s it. Lower yourself. Jump up now, explode. That’s it. Excellent. Try to open your chest. Open your chest. Excellent. And after, you’re going to do a Basic Plank. So let’s do this for 45 seconds. 10 seconds to go. Let’s go to the Superman Crunches. 10 times. Change. Excellent. The Burpee Push-Ups. So you’re going to do it 10 times ok? Just make sure you do it slowly. Your whole sole of the foot on the floor, that’s important. Push-Up Burpees, 10 times. When you are ready, let’s go. Yeah, that’s good. Go back slowly, amazing. Let’s go, let’s go. Concentrate. Yeah, that’s it. Much better. Let’s go! Keep going! Amazing! Keep going! Let’s go Halison! Let’s go! Last one. That’s it, well done! Let’s do a Vertical Stretch for 45 seconds. Change your leg. 15 seconds to go.

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