Improving Healthcare Systems | Research Topics 2017 | AXA Research Fund

10 Topics to care about
in 2017 Improving healthcare systems Globally ageing population, The rise of chronic diseases,
or even new technologies are among major global challenges
facing healthcare systems At AXA we believe that access to
quality care for all is essential How to ensure healthcare
system’s sustainability, and allow each of us to live
a better, healthier life? To answer this question
the AXA Research fund has granted 5 new
research projects in 2016, with a total commitment
of over €1M Dr Pavlova’s research will identify
the best innovative practices in europe Dr Günes will help identify
the best care models for chronic diseases Dr Grépin will help
improve healthcare systems in low and middle
income countries Dr Kim will help
eldercare systems in East Asia be as robust as possible Dr Pivodic will focus
on improving the management of chronic diseases in old age Click for more information AXA supports research on questions
that matter to all of us Through Research, Progress
AXA Research Fund

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