Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research

We’ve all come to expect a lot of modern
health care and medicine in the 21st century. But how can we be sure that all
these treatments actually work? And that they are safe and reliable? And how are new treatments developed in the first place? The answer to all those questions
are simple: Research. Everything we do in healthcare, every tablet that is prescribed, every treatment that is given,… …every aspects of the care that makes
modern medicine so remarkable,… …has first to be discovered and then thoroughly evaluated before it can be put into practice. This discovery and evaluation is done in a variety of ways,… …which collectively we call research. This free online course is all about that process of discovery,… …and how it is used to improve healthcare. Together, we will look in detail at why we do research and how we do it. We’ll focus on the important ethical questions raised by research,… …and we’ll take a look into the future. Over the 4 weeks of this course, we’ll meet a wide variety of people who play a key role in research. We’ll learn how they all make invaluable contributions to this process of discovery… …and by the end we will have a much better understanding of,… …not only the challenges of conducting
research, but also the enormous benefits… …that it can offer modern medicine. The course is aimed at everyone who wants to know more about modern health care,… …and the role of research and discovery within it. It may be a special interest to senior pupils at school who are contemplating a career in health care,… …as well as those already working in those fields… …and who would like to learn more about the research that is happening around them. I very much hope you’ll join me on this course and I look forward to sharing this fascinating subject with you.

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