Improving patients’ healthcare access with Microsoft Dynamics 365

– Good health care It’s one of the cohesive
factors for the whole society. Every citizen knows that
if I get really sick I have possibility to access
the best possible care. We have to do things in such a way that one provider can help many more people In that sense these kind
of digital health tools are extremely useful. (gentle music) – Helsinki University Hospital has been a longtime customer for Innofactor. They had that idea that they should do something
totally differently. – With virtual hospital there will be services
available from the home and outside of the hospital so it’s improving the access to health care services overall. (gentle music) – Behind treatment is training the patient helping them make a choice which kind of treatment is best for them. – Microsoft has been able to understand what kind of tool and
services you should provide in digital health care to be successful. – When we put all that education and training through our digital platforms we empower our patients to
take care of themselves. – They are looking to transform their processes
from the hospital-centric to the more customer-centric processes. And the Dynamics is playing a key part in managing the customer process. – All the the data is in Azure cloud and we use dynamics 365 services for customers so that every patient can see all their health care data. It’s really breaking down the barriers of the healthcare on both sides. – As consumers, our patients
are used to all these platforms so they are ready to
do that as patients as well. – Compared to traditional way one doctor can see five
times the number of patients in one day than they
were able to do before. – It’s driving results. It’s driving better healthcare services. It’s driving better outcomes. – There so many new possibilities
you can do in medicine which is a great thing. But to be able to provide those
possibilities to everybody we have to be very effective and we have to take care that everybody has good
access to healthcare.

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