ImSim Project Agi – Improving Mental Stamina (Part3)

very intense very difficult a lot of
emotions mental stamina this is something I still need to work on
because on the first day of training my heart rate was very high when I was
spinning especially and getting angry I got frustrated because I couldn’t
remember the track I was angry with myself I was feeling bad that the guys
are here they want to help me and I cannot just drive because I cannot focus
I got distracted so easily I couldn’t concentrate so maybe give me some more
information about myself how I react stress management is something important
also how I need to focus because I lose focus but I finally coped with it we
found some other ways to drive finally drive so I felt really good I felt like
I could you know go all and over again so sitting in the simulator, yeah it
helped me Mental I’m fine, so far so good

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