In 4 Wochen eine KRASSE AUSDAUER aufbauen !

Today we will show you, how you can incredibly improve your stamina in just 4 weeks Let’s start with the first week WEEK 1 3x 45 minutes basic endurance run 45 minutes at the same pace and always take a day break in between. These runs are not soccer specific, but they will help you build the basic stamina you need to cope with the more intense runs in the following weeks. In the second week we start doing intervall jogging WEEK 2 3x Interval run approx. 45 minutes Total It’s very important to warm up for 5 minutes and then run 5 minutes very fast followed by 2 easy minutes. Repeat the whole thing 5x followed by 5-10 minutes of cool-down (slow jogging) There must be a clear difference in speed from “fast” to “slow”. WEEK 3: We have built up the basic endurance, and now we will go on the pitch to do shorter and more intense runs to increase the heart rate quickly, and decrease when we are recovering, to be ready again to go fast WEEK3: In this exercise you jogg diagonal at 80-90% of your max speed and then you jogg very slow to recover, until you go diagonal again repeat that, until you have done 4 sprints followed by a break of 2 minutes In total you do this 4 times (16 sprints in total) If 2 minutes break are “too easy” for you, decrease the break time to get challenged In the fourth week it’s all about reaching your limits with very intense drills! We show you our favourite WEEK 4: The following exercise is really one of our favourite exercises, which we also perform ourselves a lot. You run almost the full width of a soccer field at 90-100% of your max speed followed by a break of 10 seconds and then do the same thing into the other direction at full speed Do 4 sprints in total (with 10 seconds break in between) in total you’ll do 4 sets of those (so that’s 16 sprints in total) and it’s really about reaching your limit in this exercise! So go all in:) Additionally we give you some general training tips. You should do intensive endurance training before your season starts. So that you don’t have to do any specific endurance training during the season. This means that in the summer and winter preparation you should work all the more intensively on your endurance. Also: there are different ways to reach your goal, but we wanted to show you a bomb-proof variant how you can build up a great endurance in 4 weeks. After each session you should increase your speed to reach your limits. Now you know how to increase your stamina in 4 weeks that means no excuses! So start doing it In addition, in the video description you’ll find a free soccer strength training program to download so that you do the best exercises in that area of soccer strength training as well 🙂 Yes guys, don’t forget to activate notifications so that you don’t miss any of our videos #LevelUpYourGame, thanks for watching and see you next time!

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