Increase Strength And Hypertrophy With These Plateau Busting Gym Program Ideas

You start going to the gym,
and you rapidly get better. We call these newbie gains. Basically, your nervous system
is unlocking and taking off the handbrakes, allowing you access
to more of the strength you already have. Then, things start to level out until eventually,
they grind to a halt. And we call this a plateau. Now it’s possible
to live in a plateau or go up and down from one. But today, let’s talk about
how you can break through a strength plateau. This seems counter-intuitive,
but if you’re training hard or training frequently,
or training hard and frequently, your body never has the chance
to supercompensate and adapt and recover from the training stress. As a result you basically live
in an constant state of just low level fatigue. If you’re currently training
with high-intensity, 4, 5 or even 6 times a week, cut back to 3,
or maybe even just 2 sessions. Or, just do less
in each session in the gym, so cut the reps, cut the sets. Leave the gym
with a little bit left in the tank. Remember, the goal isn’t to do
as much work as possible in the gym, the goal with the gym
is to create an adaptation so you improve outside the gym. Sometimes when you start
seeing those PBs roll in, and you start stacking
more and more weight on the plates, it comes with the cost of reps. So sets of 10 become eights,
eights become fives, fives become threes,
and all of a sudden, you’re only ever doing singles
hunting and hunting for more PBs. But the problem is, you start to lose
a lot of volume in your training. So all that high-intensity work
is enough to stimulate the nervous system,
it’s not enough to stimulate muscular hypertrophy
or tendon stiffness and adaptation. Or try this porque no los dos method when it comes to
increasing your strength and keeping the volume
in your program. What you want to do
is work your way up to a heavy 3 or 4 rep set so you gain that nervous system load. But then drop back for 2 sets
in a sort of 75% to 70% range so that you can do some volume sets
in a 8 to 10 rep range. That way
you’re getting intensity and volume in the same workout. Now, I wouldn’t recommend this method
if you’ve already got a high-volume of training
either in the gym or for your sport, but for casual lifters,
it’s an awesome bang for buck way to get a lot of training qualities
into the same workout. Swap between dumbbells
and kettlebells and barbells and body weight for different stimulus
in the same exercise. Recovery can be passive,
things like napping, playing X-box or watching Netflix,
or it can be active. Doing low-intensity cardio,
foam rolling, stretching or getting massage, are all methods to promote
and accelerate your recovery both physically and mentally. More strength means more muscles,
means more calories. Most people think
they’re eating enough, but they’re just not. If you’re currently doing
3x10s, maybe change it up
and do some 4×6. If you’re doing a 5×5 program,
maybe do some higher rep work, or maybe take it even lower
and maybe do a 3×3 program. Or my personal favourite,
try an ascending pyramid where you go up in load
every single set as you go down in reps. So for chin-ups
it may look something like this. Do a set of 8
with assisted for a warmup, then do a set of body weight
for 6 reps, then you do 2 sets of 4
at 10 kilos each. Start warming up before you go heavy. That means a proper rolling stretch to loosen up those tight spots
in your muscles. Activation band-based work,
for your glute max, glute med, your core and your rotator cuff can really help wake up
those local stabilisers, unlocking strength. Start doing some speed sets,
either for warmups or for working sets Train the entire force
velocity curve to start shaping things up
and to work those motor units in a different way. Instead of doing two 2 of 8
for example for your top working sets,
cut it back to 4 sets of 4 reps, so you’re doing half the reps
but you’re doing more sets. That means you get double the volume
of sets, but because the reps are lower you should be able
to ramp things up faster. Add a little 1 second pause
to the bottom of your exercises to take out
the stretch shortening cycle. Switching up or changing exercises
is a really good method to shake through a plateau. But be careful though, too much variation
and too much change can actually distract
and become a problem when it comes to
progressing along. Keep 3 to 4 superstar
A-grade exercises all year round. Things like squats,
corelifts chin-ups, and then you cycle
through the other things. Things like single-leg core work
and the upper body variations.

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